Letter to the Editor

Today the NSW State Government has announced its unintentionally ironic ‘Roadmap to Freedom’ which includes specific details as to what will be re-opening and for whom.

Brain-dead Brad wants to jab Christians and stop them from singing hymns. This poor bugger is as silly as a wheel and unfit to be in charge of the local library let alone the NSW Health Department

Among many other items of concern, there was a particular section that is alarming to me:

Weddings, funerals and places of worship (for fully vaccinated only):
– Up to 50 guests can attend weddings, with dancing permitted and eating and drinking only while seated.
– Up to 50 guests can attend funerals, with eating and drinking while seated.
– Churches and places of worship to open subject to one person per 4sqm rule, with no singing.

There will also be new rules for weddings and funerals, with up to 50 people permitted provided they are vaccinated. Churches can resume services, without singing, but must also enforce the the vaccination requirements and the 4 sq m rules”

We are opposed to the prohibition of singing which is a form of worship. We are also opposed to mandatory vaccination. The Bible teaches us that the Church and Christ’s love, extends to all races, all sexes, all identities and yes even the unvaccinated (modern lepers). Modern secularists have often refer to American Philosopher Thomas Jefferson for the ‘separation of Church and State’ without realising that the intention of Jefferson’s phrase was to separate Church FROM State.

In August Prime Minister Scott Morrison said “The vaccination service is free and it is not mandatory. That’s an important principle. We are not going to seek to impose a mandatory vaccination program by the government by stealth”. Was this a core promise or a non-core promise?

I am utterly opposed to any endeavours to make Covid-19 vaccination a mandatory requirement for Church attendance. I would question the legality of such a measure. To this effect, I am proud to support Sydney Solicitor Tony Nikolic who is challenging the legality of mandatory vaccines for NSW healthcare workers, our prayers are with him.

Please sign and share our petition to get the State out of our Churches.

Yours faithfully,
Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC
CDP Parliamentary Leader