The Chinese Communist Party brutally locked down residential towers while spreading virulent propaganda about their virus, as if it would instantly kill anyone infected. The Andrews government of Victoria followed suit by shutting down these towers and falsely imprisoning 3000 residents.


Lawyer Serene Teffaha, who has been leading the charge against the Covid scamdemic violations of Australians’ basic human rights.

CAIRNS News believes the deep state has dealt a dirty hand by using legal profession regulations and associated law to hobble one of the country’s leading freedom fighters – Melbourne advocate and lawyer Serene Teffaha and her practice AdvocateMe.

Serene’s certificate to practice law has been cancelled by the Victorian Legal Services Board, which went to the Supreme Court of Victoria on April 21 in an attempt to strip her of her legal practice and hand it, its clients and all data over to Jacob Iljuns, a partner of the establishment law firm Hall & Wilcox, which has nearly 300 lawyer partners across Australia.

Although shaken by the experience, Serene still refuses to hand her client data over and is appealing the cancellation of her licence. According to documents tendered to the Supreme Court, the VLSB cancelled Ms Teffaha’s licence on April 14 after an “investigation”. ABC reported that VLSB lawyer Nicole Papello “did not outline the specific reasons for the cancellation, but said Ms Teffaha had made repeated public comments about “corruption” of Family Court judges”.

Serene countered by telling the court: “The Victorian Legal Services Board doesn’t want to protect them (my clients). They just want to sabotage my national class action.” She said the people involved in the public housing towers class action had since briefed other lawyers. Justice Forbes ordered Serene to supply information relating to clients and about bank accounts linked with her practice as requested by the board. The case was due to return to the court on April 30 and Cairns News is awaiting further information.

Interestingly, the case has received predictably biased coverage worldwide. One story published in the Tennessee Tribune (probably from news agency copy) opened by stating: “A lawyer collected more than AUD 650,000 ($502,573) for a proposed class action promoting unproven Covid-19 treatments and against hotel quarantine, contact tracing, and face masks.” The implication is that Teffaha is somehow dishonest by amassing a legal fund “promoting unproven treatments” and defying supposedly legitimate public health measures.

That’s a lie because the purpose of the fund wasn’t primarily to promote treatments but fight an entire range of provably illegal so-called “public health orders”, primarily those that shut down people’s right to trade, to protest, to travel and associate, exercise their right to informed consent to medical treatment and have access to drugs to treat COVID-19, for example hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The report in The Tribune further lies about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, claiming they are “unproven” and “neither are recommended to treat Covid-19”. In fact, both are strongly recommended by US doctors, who formed special groups to promote their use in the face of campaigns to suppress them and push the “only-vaccines-can-save-us” lie. (See Cairns News latest report on the highly effective ivermectin, proven in dozens of studies worldwide, and misrepresented by the US FDA).

The real issue is that Serene Teffaha is too much of a threat for the Australian puppets of the global deep state pushing Chinese Communist Party-style lockdowns, destruction of small business in favour of global corporates, and mass harm of the population with experimental vaccines, that experts now say do not qualify as vaccines.

What the legal services board is demanding is outrageous, given that AdvocateMe is not accused of any crime or complaints by clients. The VLSB is demanding details of all clients of the practice from its commencement on July 1, 2016, including their contact details; details of all current matters/open files including details as to the status of each matter, including key dates or deadlines and any urgent business that needs to be conducted in connection with that matter; billing and financial information, including details of work in progress and whether any (and if so what) money is held on trust for the client in connection with the matter; all client files and deeds of the practice and all electronic files supplied including passwords, access to the files and other business operation details.

In other words, confidential client matters to go before courts will be laid bare to a corporate law firm probably with little interest in seeing the effective representation of matters that AdvocateMe has taken up. Does the legal services board really believe that stripping a law firm of its clients and cases and handing them to a big corporate law firm will result in justice being done? Judge for yourself.

Cairns News understands the class action on behalf of 3000 housing tower residents who were allegedly subjected to false imprisonment by the state will still proceed regardless of the court action. The State of Victoria, Police Commissioner Shane Patton, Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Diemen and Deputy Public Health Commander Finn Romanes are named as defendants in the class action.

Cairns News has reported extensively on Teffaha’s outspoken efforts to expose and prosecute the COVID induced takeover of the nation by medical fascism. For example, she has championed the common law right to informed consent to medical treatment which has and is being violated and undermined in the name of “controlling the big, scary virus”.

Last year she blasted “OCD hypochondriac bosses” including police, doctors, hospital staff and others who have been acting unlawfully by demanding that people get a COVID test in order to work, attend some place or receive a service, when lawfully, any medical procedure requires informed consent. In the case of epidemics, under Commonwealth legislation treatments can only be ordered by authorised government officers. Again, all this is ignored and violated by the COVID coup.

Another major factor in AdvocateMe’s shutdown is its role in forming People for Safe Vaccines Ltd an effective national movement promoting safe vaccines. This is a big threat to big pharma and the medical establishment. The organisation has been formed to facilitate dialogue with the Department of Health and TGA, examining the facts, with a view to ensuring proper science and accountability are returned to this critical matter of vaccine safety. “It is this company that will take the challenge of expedited vaccines lacking in long-term safety studies, to the courts,” Serene stated on her AdvocateMe website.

And then there is Cops for COVID Truth. “In an extremely brave move at such a critical time, one courageous cop has reached out to the NSW Police Commissioner in an open letter, asking the police not to simply acquiesce to arbitrary government demands and to act in the best interest of its population, not tyranny of government,” Serene noted.

AdvocateMe has also been involved in a whistleblower complaint against the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which has been muzzling health practitioners, forcing them to contravene their own purpose to ensure practitioners do what is best for public health. AdvocateMe is seeking to commence a complaint against their policy of restrict practitioners’ communication and discussion of vaccine safety and efficacy risks.