How the political parties stole Australia

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  1. Paint how you will! Jews run Australia under disguise


  2. LetJusticePrevail

    How on earth have most of them over the years not been jailed for all of this?


  3. Richard Noakes

    The political parties stole the rights of the people of Australia by feeding them a steady diet of Footy and Sports and while everyone was engaged watching overgrown kids kicking Elephant Balls into nets, they put in Laws, which took away rights and when some of you woke up and realized what was happening, it was all too late.
    We have a form of Communism now, where what we can and can’t do, are now controlled by people above the Law, who have decided what is best for us and that seems to be a diet of Footy, Cricket (sheep’s balls) and Athletic sports, where those people end up dead early in life, or in wheelchairs, or being unable to walk, or walk and living in physical pain, or dying of this sickness or that.
    What goes around, comes around. You abuse your body when you are young, by crikey, it sure as hell pays you back when you get old – say 45 onwards – what you don’t use you lose.



  4. SIMPLE!!! the party faithful sheeple keep voting them back into office to maintain their agenda. Only the people can remove this serpent of government.


  5. GREED coupled to our public servants (including politicians) are maintained in office buy we the people. Jew run a very distant second.


  6. Richard Noakes

    “We” voted them there in the first place, by majority vote – we can hardly complain about the “work” they have done in the meantime, on our behalf.
    War and Covid are pretty much the same thing, people just die quicker, that is all and our Democracy dictates our “freedom” which is based on who we vote to fulfill that role (for 4 years at a time), as opposed to a Dictatorship, taken with violence and held by force.



  7. erich john bornman brown

    And in addition to the article above, the entire world is going down the same tube into the sewer, in the same way. one world governed by Satan and his henchmen!

    Only God can and will stop this, but we are going to have hell on earth till then.


  8. So true Ed. Most jews are greedy; and GREED CONTROLS OUR COUNTRY!
    BUT! But… the true patriots are coming out of the woodwork, and they can see truth.
    We have GOD ALMIGHTY on our side!
    We are guaranteed to WIN!
    HE said so!


  9. We didn’t vote them in Richard. Have you not heard about the vast voter fraud in Australia? We have been publishing the evidence for years.Ed

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  10. Howard Miller

    This is most important piece of information about the Canberra Filth yet to emerge. Can you please make this video readily available for download. We are on a slow country service and cannot spend long times on videos, they break up.? or the service cuts out. It is imperative that the concerned individuals can readily refer to the Points of law contained in this video. This is a “Genuine wake up call” to alert the nation of the degree of filth that occupies Federal and most other parliaments in this God forsaken Land. Of course the concerned will be fobbed off with obscene statements ? Like, “Whitlam caused it all” ?? BUT Whitlam was a decimal point on the Australian political landscape and the “Concerned Whitlam back stabbers” did nought all to rescue the nation, as they were obliged under GOD, to do.? Did they not all breathe an oath on God’s book to do God’s Will.? Then we have a string of well paid individuals who will have to face “The Wrath of the Almighty”. Me personally ? I will choose to do God’s will. Thank you and hope you choose the same. And I might add after seeing half this video, our stained with the Nation’s blood politicians, will not be amongst my prayers.

    Howard Miller R/42378 – Voyager survivor and there hangs another very dark episode in Australia’s blood soaked history.


  11. Richard Noakes

    I am a lifetime Labor supporter, always have been, always will be, but I count for only one vote and the majority rule and if more vote for the opposition than the way I cast my vote, well that’s the way the mud flops, right?
    I learned the rich people vote Liberal and the poor working class vote Labor and depending on which party gets in, you immediately see “that” swing into action.
    People have very short memories and tend to forget past injustices very quickly, in favor of promises made, this time around, for the politicians to be voted in again and then, once they are in, they “back flip” and things remain the same, if not worse.
    It is how it is


  12. Richard Noakes

    Sigh: God and Satan are wasted words on me, especially as they were invented by “man” to control “man” as you seem to be trying to do.
    There are two main parties in Australia – Liberal and Labor and anyone who casts their vote for some minor party, is not going to help the majority win the election, if you don’t vote for Labor or Liberal and have you noticed how minor parties tend to cast their votes with Liberal, to strengthen the Liberal gain over Labor, on the back of promises that Liberal make, for them, if they do so?
    Jews don’t control your country – there are probably more Catholics there, than there are any other religion and they are the people who control your country and about whom you should be concerned.
    Persecuting a minor religion is simple minded, but then, you can’t help being the way you are, silly Communist Neo Nazi’s.



  13. Richard Noakes

    ABBA: Money, Money, Money – it’s a rich man’s world.


  14. Richard Noakes

    Best way to work out which religion has the most numbers of people in your State, is count how many Catholic, Christian and other religion churches, Synagogues and Mosques there are and then you will have a much better understanding of who controls what, by religion alone.
    I am betting Catholics first, followed by Christians, then Muslims and Jews last.
    If this is ethnic cleansing, then no race or religion will be spared and most will die horribly sooner or later, so don’t wish on others, that which will be delivered back on you – what goes around, comes around, sort of thing.
    Funny thing about Christians (which I was raised to be) is that they don’t care about race, color or creed, they will f*ck everyone and speaking for myself, so have I.
    I am not a Christian or anything else, as I have mentioned before, my life does not include any God or religion, I am a confirmed Atheist and have been for over 65 years.
    I would say the people behind Coronavirus don’t believe in any God either, so that they can sleep at night, without thinking of the millions who they will kill, in what I feel is an unstoppable disease that does not care about anything, except exterminating most of us – except those, perhaps, who use my salt water cure, when hopefully, some of you younger ones, will survive this, for whatever follows this and that might be mopping up the ones who did not die off, when they were expected too.



  15. I have awoken and have now stopped voting.
    In the last few elections,I didn’t bother turning up at the polling booths to get my name struck off, all candidates are criminals, and I refuse to keep playing the BS game. I have yet to receive a fine for my none participation, which if it ever turns up in the mail will be sent back forth with.


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