Inspirational Freedom Day video tells it as it is: You’re the Voice

Aussie patriots have compiled clips from protests across Australia last Saturday, September 5, with an appropriately inspirational “anthem” from Johnny Farnham as background music. There is still much to do. The battle is not over.

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  1. If you are under Communist Vic you might get the “Police”force themselves into your home and put you in handcuffs.
    This is what the>>> Communist Gov<<

    1st Demoralize /depress the People so they lack the will to fight back ( Used to starve them)

    2nd Dont allow them out of the Country or IN …separate from friends / Family
    …………………REMEMBER the “BERLIN WALL” ?..

    3 send country totally broke !

    4 FORCE OZ Gov to “stop funding” Vic

    5 Vic will be FORCED to Separate from Aust

    6 massive riots!!

    7 Communist China will offer Help ! (MONEY)…..

    8 Not enough police to stop riots………….SAME AS USA !!

    And Lucky last……..China will be asked to step in with troops.!

    Next… Other Communist States will follow……Supported buy ALL the Puppet FEMINIST (Socialist) MPs from BOTH SIDES

    PS……..Merry Xmas.


  2. Only 2 comments here, so I know I have been erased. That means information on quantum physics has been erased, meaning the nazis don’t want anyone to know that they are eternal electrical beings. Including themselves. These nazis don’t want anyone to know that they are holograms existing in a holodeck, including themselves.


  3. I decided not to write at 12160.INFO because that would be like waiting for google to erase my comments, just like here. At least on youtubes I can reply/inject my comments to anyone else’s comments at any time. I don’t see that available here.


  4. They haven’t been erased in this column.Editor


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