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Andrews touts drones and snitches against ‘rule breakers’

VICTORIA’S Labor regime is doubling down on police state tyranny even as thousands of Victorians protest at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance today, October 23rd, declared a holiday by the party on the eve of the first ever interstate AFL Grand Final in Brisbane.
Premier Andrews is actually unapologetic about police using drones to spy on backyards to ensure visitor limits are not exceeded during Saturday’s grand final celebrations.
Furthermore, he reminded the media that there were “literally thousands” of people out there willing to call a special police line and dob them in if they didn’t follow the rules. “If you follow the rules, you’ve got nothing to worry about,” was the asinine reasoning spouted by this premier.
Freedom Day protesters will be gathering at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, a park honoring the sacrifices for freedom of servicemen and women in past wars.
In recent weeks the Victoria Police arrested people under the state’s so-called health directives, despite many of them objecting to police that they were lawfully protesting. It appears police have since been “enlightened” on the fact that hindering a political protest is in fact illegal under the superior commonwealth law in Australia – the Criminal Code Act 1995, Sect. 83:4. “A person commits an offence if: … the conduct results in interference with the exercise or performance, in Australia by any other person, of an Australian democratic or political right or duty;…”
Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, who disgraced himself and his office recently by denigrating freedom protesters as tin foil hat-wearers, this week admitted at a media conference that “Protesting is legal, protesting is a human right”. Brilliant Mr Cornelius, welcome to the rule of law in a western nation that respects freedom – or at least did until your boss Andrews and his gang started wrecking a state jurisdiction on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party and a gang of globalist vaccine pushing totalitarians.
Meanwhile at today’s protest police will be enforcing Andrews’ gracious new 25km travel limit, and groups of 10 rule. It’s also now not considered incitement to share the protest information online as the protest is now considered lawful.

Inspirational Freedom Day video tells it as it is: You’re the Voice

Aussie patriots have compiled clips from protests across Australia last Saturday, September 5, with an appropriately inspirational “anthem” from Johnny Farnham as background music. There is still much to do. The battle is not over.


Police swarm Freedom Day protest, desecrating Melbourne’s historic monument to freedom


Police in riot gear marched at the double towards the protesters in a blatant act of intimidation. Nothing like this for Black Lives Matters protesters in Melbourne in June.
A wild scuffle broke out as police surrounded one of the protesters near the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance. Police systematically surrounded protesters, sending in riot squad members to arrest them one by one. Protesters offered no resistance.

VICTORIAN dictator Dan Andrews’ political police in full riot gear, on horses and on foot swarmed protesters at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, the site where the sacrifices for our nation’s sacred freedoms are remembered.

A few dozen of the several thousand protesters who made it to the Shrine were surrounded by police, driven back down the steps, encircled and arrested one by one while other protesters numbering about 2000 headed down to nearby St Kilda to avoid the melee. Media reported about 17 arrested.

Some division in the protest ranks arose late in the week when a number of protest leaders including James Bartolo, who was raided and arrested on Friday, backed off from the protest, saying it would be used by Andrews to extend his draconian shutdown of the state.

The police overkill was a stark picture of destructive forces unleashed against Australia by a hard-left Labor government, operating under the protection of, and likely backdoor funding from, globalist Davos-Gates-Rockefeller forces driving a global eugenics/population control program and attempt to derail the Trump presidential election.

In June the same Victoria Police openly expressed support for the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matters protest, some of them even “taking a knee” in public. One of the BLM speakers at that rally said “f… Australia. Burn it to the ground.” Not a peep from Victoria Police. That was “honourable”, but a protest defending historic rights and freedoms was worthy of suppression “for public safety”.

National media reports sided with Andrews as he continued with his deceitful “announce-the-daily-deaths-and-infections” game while destroying the state’s small business sector. Some radio reports made a point of accusing protesters of “hurling abuse at police” and “punching police”. An ABC TV reporter said media were on the receiving end of abuse as well. That’s no wonder, given the Melbourne media’s complicity in Andrews’ daily psyop of “sombre” death and infection announcements that fail to detail comorbidities, regular nursing home deaths or asymptomatic COVID cases.

Andrews, however, is under intense pressure, as even channel 7’s morning show crew expressed shock when it was revealed during the week that the dictator was fiddling the numbers for political purpose.

The Melbourne protest was given moral support at other marches across the nation in the state capitals. The protesters everywhere chanted a simple, poignant message: “Freedom! Freedom!” Never in this nation’s history has that underlying national value been under such diabolical attack. The Freedom Revolution continues.

Mounted police guard the Shrine of Remembrance (left) from protesters seeking a return of freedom and the rule of law to the state of Victoria.
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