Bob Katter MHR, has called on the federal government to freeze a planned increase to the excise tax on beer, which will take place on August 3, as he says it will hinder the hospitality and liquor industries recovery from the coronavirus lockdown.

“These industries were worst hit by the lockdown, and now they’re the industries being hit worst by this tax increase,” he said.

Bob Katter tells PM Scott Morrison to kill the increased beer tax before it finishes off pubs and clubs

“With high unemployment and under-employment punters have less disposable income to spend on a beer at the pub. So increasing the price of a beer hurts everybody.

“I am sick and tired of the self-righteous, restrict everything brigade who are pushing the higher taxes on alcohol. It’s no wonder we have an increasingly high male suicide rate. The pub is a place you can get things off your chest and talk to mates, so it’s detrimental if going to the pub costs an arm and a leg.”

The beer tax will rise by the CPI rate which will be announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on July 19.

State KAP Member for Hinchinbrook, Nick Dametto said most Australians would be shocked to know 42% of their beer money goes to the Government and it’s about to go up again.

“I would be the first one to admit that I like knocking the froth of the top of an ice cold beer, but this excise is a silent tax and a complete rip off,” the Hinchinbrook MP said.

“Scott Morrison pull your head in on this one mate. It’s un-Australian to increase this beer excise when our pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels are on their knees.”

Bob Katter has written to the Prime Minister, Treasurer and Finance Minister requesting them to freeze the planned increase.