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National broadcaster the ABC has shot itself in the foot yet again when head of news and current affairs Gaven Morris claimed 70 per cent of the population liked the ABC.

A poll published by the Institute for Public affairs revealed Auntie’s popularity rate was just 32 per cent among its home-grown audience.  Thirty-eight per cent of respondents had no view. A whopping 30 per cent said the organisation was out of touch with ordinary Australians.

General Manager of news and current affairs Gaven Morris likes to misrepresent a critical polling result. He would have learned how to do this after watching an ABC news segment.

When it comes to Trump, the ABC is blatantly way out on the left side with its comrades in CNN, Washington Post and The Guardian. Every news clip the ABC runs about Trump is negative. Conversely any news about the Democrats or presidential hopefuls Creepy Joe Biden or Marxist Bernie Sanders is positive.

Then there is the mass infection of ‘climate change’ which oozes out of the Sydney news HQ like sewerage.

Almost to every man and woman (woops they won’t like that) ABC commentators have been brainwashed by the climate cultists. It is embarrassing and no wonder most viewers switch off when faced with a sonic barrage of climate disinformation.

Liberals like Tony Abbott had the audacity to suggest the federal government stop funding the Bolsheviks at the Ultimo Centre in Sydney. He should have known better. He lost his seat at the last election.

Let that be a lesson to interfering politicians who want to upset the Marxist status quo. Notably Prime Minister Scott Morrison soon changed his tune after Abbott was tossed out.

Where to from here? The easy way out is to ignore but what about its 3.16 billion dollar budget?

International visitors would be horrified after viewing a typically jaundiced ABC news story about Donald Trump, whose approval rating at home is about to hit 50 per cent and growing.

ABC Chairman Ita Buttrose recently was reminded of her corporation’s sordid treatment of closely-aligned Trump. She said she noted the comments. Mmmmm what did she do with the notes?

Will the ABC change its stars and stripes discord when the Chinese or Indonesians start banging on the front door of parliament house?