Patsy Martin Bryant rots in jail while the Tasmanian Liberals promise to free-up gun laws

Author Keith Noble, of ‘Mass Murder; official killing in Tasmania’  has published the most complete record of the Port Arthur massacre scam available in the world today. Below Mr Noble gives an up-to-date analysis of the case.

In his witness statement given on 28APR1996, Peter David Crosswell (spelt Croswell in other places) states this in relation to the gunman who he saw up close in the Broad Arrow Café at the Port Arthur Historic Site: “I didn’t move but I could see his sandshoes across the floor.” Mr. Crosswell who was wounded in that café has the reputation of being a decent person – a truth teller, not a liar. He was one of several eyewitnesses who saw the gunman and who stated that person was not Martin Bryant. Note that the only eyewitness (James Clement Laycock) who personally knew Martin Bryant BEFORE the incident clearly states in his witness statement (10MAY1996) that the gunman he saw was not Martin Bryant.

Austrian author Keith Noble’s acclaimed work on the Port Arthur massacre which has left patsy Martin Bryant rotting in Tasmania’s Risdon jail.

The following is an extract from the book MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (2nd edition; 2014; n.23, p.388): “At least two other witnesses have said the gunman was wearing a soft type of footwear commonly referred to as runners, trainers, or sandshoes. But it gets complicated when two facts are raised: i. The alleged gunman was said to have been wearing lace-up boots before the shooting on that Sunday (see Kessarios); and, ii. The alleged gunman was said to be wearing Blundstone-type* boots during the incident, at the tollbooth specifically. (see Rabe) So how could this be? If there was only one gunman, it means he must have put on three different types of footwear and one of those times must have been inside the yellow Volvo, between the parking lot and the tollbooth. Why? To create uncertainty perhaps. Or, were there two people the subject of these different footwear sightings? (* Quality boot made by Tasmanian company Blundstone which did not make runners/sandshoes/sneakers in and prior to 1996.)”

It is this type of evidence, given by many witnesses in their statements (see extracts in the book MASS MURDER), which confirms again and again that there is so much REASONABLE DOUBT associated with the case, that only unthinking sheeple, corrupt officials, and the complicit barristers (all of whom are officers of the court) in Tasmania say otherwise. And because there are so many truthful facts which disprove the allegations of the State, the innocent and retarded (IQ66) Martin Bryant was coerced and mentally tortured for over six months after which he repeated what the convicted criminal lawyer John Avery pressured him to say – then he was locked away FOREVER WITH NO TRIAL – repeat, FOREVER WITH NO TRIAL. Note that a hearing in a courthouse or anywhere else is not a trial. And also note that scum Avery was supposed to defend Martin Bryant. But all Avery did was pressure him relentlessly to repeat Avery’s plea of guilty. The truth is, Martin Bryant never had any ethical legal representation at any time and he was unable to engage another lawyer because the State had confiscated all his assets – his money and his home. That is what you are to accept as justice in Australia. The State accused innocent Martin Bryant of so much – yet, it was unwilling (and unable) to prove one single thing against him in a sound trial conducted by an ethical judge. Martin was the doomed PATSY.

There is no hard evidence proving Martin Bryant was the gunman or one of the gunmen. For example, not a single fingerprint was ever presented as proof of Martin Bryant’s involvement in the massacre. It is known with absolute certainty from the witness statements and from a police video that the gunman handled food-related things and a tray inside the café and that he left a video camera on a café table. All these things would have been covered with his fingerprints – obviously not Martin Bryant’s or we would have heard about them. The official narrative of the Port Arthur Massacre is grossly corrupt – in the Australian vernacular, it is complete bull! free pdf copies of the 694pp. book MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (2nd edition 2014), of 20 YEARS CORRUPTION, DECEPTION, LIES, of CLASSIC KANGAROO COURT CASE, and of INTERNATIONAL MEDIA RELEASE (relates to that embalmer, ex-cop, and ex-senator Stephen Parry who has confirmed – in writing – prior knowledge of the massacre) are available from & There is no copyright on any of these documents.

Note: Now based in Austria, Mr Noble has written other books about government-sponsored murder including the disappearance of Peter Falconio near Barrow Creek in the Northern Territory in 2001. Bradley Murdoch was eventually convicted of Falconio’s murder. Keith Noble says the NT police grabbed Murdoch after a hopelessly compromised and bungled investigation including a dodgy statement from girlfriend Joanna Lees then charged him for the murder without ever finding a body.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    *THANK YOU!!!!!*

    On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 11:05 AM, wrote:

    > Editor, cairnsnews posted: “Author Keith Noble, of ‘Mass Murder; official > killing in Tasmania’ has published the most complete record of the Port > Arthur massacre scam available in the world today. Below Mr Nobel gives an > up-to-date analysis of the case. In his witness statement ” >


  2. Its about time change is in the air the peole all over the world are rejecting globalism and the NWO the people want the truth, the truth shall set you free this has never been more apparent and more needed than in the case of Martin Bryant. This innocent man has been rotting in a Tasmanian jail for the past 22 years , and the only thing he is guilty of is being manipulated . As a society how can we say we are living in a democracy while this innocent man sits locked up in jail for a crime he had no involvement with. While the rest of us go about our daily routine free to sit around and do whatever we want, or many people think they are free in reality they are in their own prison cells one of their own making they just can’t see it yet. This is the corner stone of any country this injustice must be undone and this man must be set free, further more all those scum bags that have profited from this event should be sued and the proceeds be given back to all those that were affected and that includes Martin Bryant. The Australian people need this story told and the truth must come out people all , over the world no matter who they are all have the same basic right that they are born with . It’s not given to you by government or some individual bureaucrat . It’s called the right to self defense not only yourself, but your family your home and ultimately your country that is what makes a country free. And finally to all my fellow human beings in the US I say to you fight and fight hard and never ever give up, your rights to self defense for that is the corner stone of every great civilization. In plain terms never give up your guns fight hard and forever to remain a free country, and that is why the US in the world today is the freest nation on the planet . They get it their founders got it I can only hope and prey that pretty soon we will get it over here in Australia and enact our own version in writing of the second amendment I can only hope so.


  3. Just speaking the truth brother.


  4. I for one DO NOT BELIEVE that Martin Bryant was the MURDERER of those people.
    Howard at the time may have used the American FALS FLAG method to get his Gun Legislation through fact I am more that positive !!
    The IQ of Martin Bryant wouldn’t do him justice …BUT he was Framed as a patsy….
    This smells like something the CRIMINAL CIA WOULD DO ..(and does)..There is CORRUPTION IN EVERY POCKET even NOW in the AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT !!


  5. Who is freedo man or what ever they are called


  6. Michael Mazur

    Terry Hill, the gunshop owner, refused to say that he had sold the gun to Bryant, because he knew that he had not, even with the inducement by the DPP that he would be given an indemnity against prosecution if he admitted that he had. The Tas police retaliated by doing an ‘inspection’ of his shop, looking for technical reasons to revoke his gun dealer’s licence, which of course, following a minute examination, would be found in any gunshop.


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