Some humour for a change

Kim Jong-Un announced at a news conference that North Korea would be sending a man to the sun within ten years!

A reporter said – “But the sun is too hot. How can your man land on the sun?”

Kim Jong-Un wants to send a man to the Sun aboard one of his rockets

There was a stunned silence. Nobody knew how to react.

Kim Jong-Un quietly answered, “We will land at night”.

The gathering and everyone in North Korea watching on television broke into thunderous applause.

Back in Canberra, Sarah Hansen-Young (SHY) and her fellow travellers were watching the news conference. When SHE heard what Kim said, she sneered – “What an idiot. Everybody knows there’s no sun at night.”


Hanson Young in a typically informative statement says there is no sun at night

SHE and her fellow travellers then broke into thunderous applause.