Turnbull, Governor General subpoenaed by defence to Cairns court

by Robert J Lee in Cairns

Cairns will soon be graced with an unexpected visit by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who has been subpoenaed to attend the Cairns Magistrate Court on May 22 to give evidence for the defence in a vexatious and false prosecution.

Not only will Cairns city host the PM, but none other than The Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove has been joined in the action to explain how he  holds office under the fictitious Queen of Australia and is being paid in dollars instead of pounds, shillings and pence, as required by the Constitution. It should be noted the Queen has not ever assented to the Decimal Currency Act 1965.

In case the GG gets lonely in the Far North, his Queensland counterpart, former Chief Justice Paul de Jersey and now Governor also has been served with a subpoena to attend.

Former Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey now Governor has been subpoenaed to appear in a Cairns court case for the defence to explain how he allowed renegade Premier Peter Beattie to create a Queensland republic by removing the Queen from all statutes.

He has been requested to explain how he, as Governor continues to allow the State business to function after former Premier Peter Beattie  turned Queensland into ‘My Government’ of the Smart State, in effect a republic, without a referendum of the people in 2001.

Then if things get out of hand, Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart has been commanded to appear to tell the court how he allowed armed SWAT policemen to gate crash David John Walter’s Herberton home then steal his firearms when the state government is a registered foreign corporation listed on the Washington Stock Exchange and has no authority over any person

who is not a member of a political party.

Retired police prosecutor David Walter has subpoenaed Malcolm Turnbull PM to appear in his defence against a vexatious prosecution. Walter subpoenaed Police Commissioner Ian Stewart to explain how he allowed a SWAT team to raid his home and take his firearms.

Prosecutor, David Walter says Mr. Malcolm Turnbull MP, like all Australian politicians is only a private person and a member of a registered political party within the Unicameral Parliaments of Australia, attested by holding a signed, dated, sealed, commercial contract with former Premier Peter Beattie of Queensland – Queensland the Smart State – in the creation of unicameral parliaments of Australia, known as the Australian Government.

The Cairns show promises to be a blockbuster of unimaginable proportions the likes of which have not been seen since federation in this country.

All citizens are invited to attend the Cairns court at 9am on Monday, May 22, 2017 to witness freedom in the making.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Gregory John Tudehope

    What a waste of time and effort, these grubs have no intentions of turning up for this shit and David should give this incompetent campaign away or accept a few facts about the Roman Catholic Church and its paedophile protectors having taken over from that old relic from the past in England.


  2. Peter Schuback

    Good to see some one has the balls and nouse to take the very corrupt system on . Australia and in paticular Queensland is becoming a dictatorship , any state with only one house either upper or lower is in fact a dictatorship


  3. The one most important thing that bonds us together is and meant to protect us, alarmingly missing from our schools, COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT Please use your considerable standing in the community, to affect and achieve possibly the greatest service to our democracy, ensure government to make law our constitution must be taught in school, arming from early age with our constitution, lighting the path forward for our future generations. Seems our reps and senators do not understand by oath of office our constitution is their first and final duty to defend. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1206904812750553/

    We are looking for Senate candidates, Reps and executives. Time is fast running out, our children won’t have a future; we won’t have a courtly unless we act now. If you want your country back from the corrupt government, this is how to do it by our direct democracy modelled Commonwealth of Australia Constitution party, where true democracy is the law. We can tick off all the boxes, Exit the UN, Free speech without persecution, Ban Islam in Australia, Australian sales tax for foreign companies, Royal commission into family court corruption, one after another, we have to take government, dominate Parliament. All we need to do is get every member here to sign up two friends, to start our bloodless revolution. [“Share”] FREE MEMBERSHIP http://www.cofacparty.com/

    Our Policies in democratic order, for the Commonwealth [Common Weal, Common Good, Common Well-being]

    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Party CofACP is a direct democracy in pursuant as to CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 28 Interfering with political liberty Any person who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty, commits an offence. Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years. http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ca191482/s28.html

    In pursuant as to CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 24AA Treachery (1) A person shall not: (a) do any act or thing with intent: (i) to overthrow the Constitution of the Commonwealth by revolution or sabotage; http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ca191482/s24aa.html

    Unlike the current corrupt parties, the members make the policies, all members are free make policies at will in list form by way of CofACP executive availed open poll, where all members are free to vote on polls as they will, policies are democratically made prioritized. Our Policies in democratic order, for the Commonwealth of Australia Where the current style parties the executive make up their own policies as they like when they like and break their promises and policies as they like when they like, and do nothing most of the time. That is why our country is in so much trouble the commonwealth can and is collapsing because of it, Big difference right.

    Poll 001-100


    New poll 101-200



  4. Yes then we have a revolution where the people take back what rightfully belongs to them … Queensland. Politicians be very afraid ….


  5. Vic Sturgeon

    Fantastic news indeed, lets hope the Judge in the Court actually does his legal duty under the Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted using the common law as it should be administered.




  7. Chris Blades

    Interested to hear how this progresses


  8. Mavis Christopher

    Well I certainly hope this is true . I would like to be there. Due to the governments hard line on pensions and the underprivileged I am unable to attend due to financial hardship as many others who I’m sure would be there in a heartbeat. I support you in every way. I am a patriot of 75 years . I have seen the decline of Australia


  9. So the “Black Pearl” is set to dock in Cairns. Haven’t ever seen or heard of a “traitor” that volunteered any truth! Lay odds that no one turns up. They will simply pay up and accept what their Magistrate [Black Robed Magician] invokes. Won’t be much cos they know who pays them. The first witness they will examine is Malcolm Turnbull [ex Queens Counsel?], he has deep pockets it would be small change to him. So there goes the head Administrator of the Corporation doing business in Australia.

    Perhaps a Grand Jury of 25 men and women, surely there must be plenty of qualified out there.

    Please find the link: https://www.1215.org/lawnotes/lawnotes/grandjuryrules.htm for further info.

    Dave is at the third stage, “Then they will fight you”. The fourth stage is “Then you will win”.

    Buy stepping out of their system a better chance of success is possible. The evidence is the “Truth” and there is no room for truth in their Maritime Courts that bear the “Chook and Rat” sigil.


  10. bill Boulton

    Should this defendant read “Australia The Concealed Colony”, he would be aware that the organic state of queensland became a republic in 1919 upon the senate ratifying the treaty of versailles, on which date the constitution of the colony known as queensland became defunct. The organic state was later fraudulently replaced in name by a foreign corporation registered as QUEENSLAND TREASURY CORPORATION, details of which may be found through a search of the USSEC website. Other separate queensland corporate bodies may similarly be located. He would also find that the C of A (UK) constitution 1900 to which he makes uninformed reference, similarly ceased to have application within this organic nation,when the nation became a quasi-republic in 1919. A fraudulent facsimile of this instrument (bearing kangaroo and emu logo) was issued and subsequently became the articles of association of a foreign corporation registered as AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, together with other registered aliases. The “queen” could not lawfully assent to the currency act because she simply has no executive powers exercisable in this country, as confirmed by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. If the defendant were to challenge the magistrate’s appointment based upon his phoney oath of office, he may have more success.


  11. How do I sign up to you guys ???


  12. Hi Adam just scroll down the right hand column and you will find a box to insert your email address. Just click and you will get every issue. Thanks Ed


  13. Thanks Billbo we have passed on your comments.Ed


  14. Thanks Graham we too wonder if any of these subpoenaed will turn up. Thanks for your comments. Ed


  15. Malcolm Turnbull can (and will) evoke a ‘Doctrine of Estoppel’ and refuse to answer the subpoena or show up in court. You will NOT see Turnbull in a Magistrates Court ever. Maybe in the High Court (HCA) on a very, very major matter, but only if not showing up would cause too much damage at the polls, negative media attention, arouse widespread suspicion, etc…. nice try but Turnbull will not be appearing in Cairns and you should mark my words on that.


  16. Vic Sturgeon

    Bill, there is a problem with the treaty of Versailles,
    When Hughes signed it he did not get authority from the Australian People via a referendum,
    to change our mode of government there must be a referendum. The Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted still Stand today and will remain so until the people of Australia if they become stupid enough to do so vote yes for a republic.
    And we must all know by now what a republic would mean with these crooked Politicians we have and crooked courts and Police, It would be dictatorship rule totally period:
    Julia Gillard when she was the defacto Prime minister of the bogus Australian Commonwealth
    Stated on National TV that their would be no bill of rights if we became a republic.
    That alone has to be a giant wake up call to all Australians that they actually want a dictatorship where we have no rights whatsoever.
    They are already stealing our fee simple land from us by out right theft and the banks are doing the same.
    We must demand that the Constitution be upheld and and complied with or Australia is totally doomed to a land of slavery.


  17. Because he knows the structure and workings of this foreign Court system run by BAR Attorneys known as the Magistrates Court. When the High Court can remove sitting Senators using their own rules or when Senator Brandis, Queens Council can hold office contrary to the Constitution or when eminent learned men [Late Harry Gibbs and Late Professor Clements] have made statements that stand as testament to what is wrong with the situation in Australia since Hughes [1919] signing us into the League of Nations, then we have a problem with our Public Officials failing in their duty.

    One good thing is, this will show them for what they really are. We can use this as precedent. If they do not turn up, then surely we can do the same. Everyone is equal before the law, lets see! They are public servants and if they refuse a lawful direction from their employer [The People of Queensland] or a single man or woman aggrieved by their actions or inaction in public Office then they have cause for concern as there are severe penalties for personation or impersonating a public Official.


  18. Marion Wilson

    Queensland just might get more than it bargained for. What right does Queensland have to exist as a State, to make any laws, particularly laws contrary to Aboriginal custom? Neither the British monarch nor her subjects have legal right to claim title of any land here. The Premier of Queensland does not have a treaty with the original owners of the territory and therefore is an invader and thief without any legal status.


  19. Another issue all though not part of this case is how magistrates are elected. They have zero accountability on poor decisions and are elected by basically there law mates. If this was also changed to being more in a community interest based and having people who have law degrees that actually use the power they hold with a spine we may also see some sort of justice to some atrocious crimes if magistrates were elected by the community.


  20. The contempt by our voted leaders that is shown to the voters is a disgrace to our constitution Commonwealth and State. The public servants are found short of knowledge and skills in their calling and whilst there a penalties for various actions these are generally not followed up. So today there is a mistrust of Government by the people and until this is fixed up this will remain so. As for follow one of the greatest constitutions in the world, it is crime in its self not to abide by it. However, it just your prospective from where you look at it as to see whether it is being upheld. I have always deeply believed that the constitution should be a must subject at school as it refers on to the basis of all constitution in this country. That is Clubs, business, council, and other organizations that have public monies. I certainly was taught it at school.


  21. bill Boulton

    Hi Vic,
    The UK constitution act 1900 (not 1901) ceased to have application beyond british shores from 1919 when we ceased to be a british colony, because it was a colonial constitution (see clause 8). At this point in time we became a quasi republic which needed a new constitution ratified by we the people and also required a formal declaration of independence to all other sovereign nations in order to achieve sovereign independence.If you still believe that the UK constitution act is still valid, then explain to me how the monarchy is referred to in this instrument as being in the sovreignty of the united kingdom of great britain and ireland! Such sovreignty ceased to exist after 1922 when portion of ireland became a republic. We already have a de facto dictatorship since the corporate “government” which masquerades as a de joure one, is in fact a foreign-owned for profit corporation established by the IMF to provide governmental services in accordance with the corporation’s articles of incorporation. Turnbull is not the prime minister of a de joure government but simply the CEO of a fraudulent corporation. The solution lies with we the people to stop believing the garbage that we are still a colony of sorts with a real government and to stop agreeing to be “citizens'” of the corporation. Guidance as to a practical solution may be had from http://www.annavonreitz.com as she heads a group facing the same issue in the united states Until we are all on the same page, the Goldman Sachs owned Turnbulls will continue to ride roughshod over us. I disagree with you as regards Hughes not seeking a referendum because King George V had effectively granted our autonomy at that point in time by royal prorogative. (The same king who declared war on our behalf).There was no point in seeking permission to alter an invalid colonial constitution. Billy Hughes acknowledged that a new constitution was required but did not proceed due to his already tenuous hold on power. Until Vic , Bill and others can agree to be on the same page, there will be no solution.


  22. Billbo is completely correct.
    Everything..the whole lot has been agreed to by the people of Australia by way of something called “informed consent”. Most aussies voted for the lessor of two evils to avoid a fine. The voting system in Australia is an opinion poll only, and your senate actually choose who is going to be appointed where. The reason they say its so important to vote, is because when you turn up to vote, they mark off your name – this name being marked off is a contract agreement that the votee agrees to the level of democracy in Australia.
    The government is a corporation, and like any corp, it is only set up to benifit its share holders, which is not you or I.


  23. Hi Lyndon, “magistrates” are not elected but are appointed by the attorney-general of the corporation. They are not actually magistrates but simply administrators of a corporate tribunal who do NOT operate in common law jurisdiction, but in maritime/admiralty jurisdiction. Their alleged power derives from their oath of office and I recently presented one with documentation proving that such oath was fraudulent and invalid. This triggered retrospective legislation to try and rectify the situation (Magistrates Amendment Act 2015) but their problem is (1) that restrospectivity contravenes the rule of law ,and (2) the amended oath is still invalid and can’t lawfully be rectified. In reality they do not hold any power ,unless a litigant consents to their jurisdiction and in most instances this consent is gained through the litigant’s silence or simply by his attendance as a result of their invitation (notice to appear or summons). I trust that this helps clarify.


  24. You nailed it in one!

    Yidindji and others are all over this. Look up Murrawarri Republic. These are legitimate Republics within Australia because the Queen [foreign] is unable to answer questions.

    They are only corporate Administrators for the IMF.


  25. You need to stop banging on about what is or is not legal. Unless you have the ability to enforce your position then it matters not whether your right or wrong. In fact if most of you believed that the politicians are operating illegally then the easiest way to solve the problem is actually arrest the offenders. Under all forms of criminal law members of the public, citizens, employees or any other term you want to use for the public have a power to effect arrest on the basis of found offending. Now of course if you do such a thing and your wrong then you leave yourself wide open for retribution.


  26. These witnesses are called pursuant to the rules [their rules] of discovery. Failing to turn up is to deny discovery and or to conceal evidence pursuant to an indictment.

    The gathering of evidence pursuant to an indictment for High Crimes in Public Office is something that concerns us all and we should be very very concerned if they fail to turn up.

    The very Principle of jurisprudence is now at stake.

    It has been asserted that Australian Politicians appearing on this website have been placed on notice. [https://www.contactzero.org/legal] See if there are any you know?


  27. I disagree with you that it is an informed consent, You have to be told that if you go to the polling booth and get you name off the list by doing so that it means you consent.
    They should inform all Australians beforehand of this as far back as when they declare an election will be held on such and such a date.
    Anything less than that is not an informed system that tells you you contract to them by getting your name off the list. it also should be by your own free will and consent without threats,
    In fact everyone is threatened with fines for not voting so it is not a willing vote in any way shape or form. in fact by the very fact that one is threatened by fines or anything else in relation to voting is blatant slavery and is not in keeping with a free Constitutional Monarchy for which we are regardless of the BS that is shoved down our throats by these crooks in Canberra and the State parliaments.
    If you want change to occur from this system of slavery don’t go to the polling booth at all.
    and do not consent to their BS as they are a private foreign registered corporation of the US as documented in the US Securities and exchange Commission in Washington DC. Read our Constitution Act 1901 it shows you that to have a foreign power involved in our internal government is an Act of Capitol Treason.


  28. Awareness regarding AEC or ECQ.

    On their files they hold a name in all capitals GLOSSA corrupted poisonous text [Logo/constructive trust]. That name is not yours until you agree to be the name.

    If the majority failed to turn up what would they do?

    Remember the fable of King Arthur and Queen Maab. There are parallels here complete with wizards and other such plethora of fiction.


  29. Wonder if Mr Turnbull lied under oath probably did he should be facing treason charges to


  30. How many witnesses turned up to Court today?


  31. Richard Stephen

    does anyone have any info on wot happened in court today any feedback


  32. None of this important. Years ago I gave the Chinese government the constitutional information they have been using to cherry pick what they want from Australia, via the Foreign Investment Review Board. Aussies weren’t and aren’t interested, but the Chinese were. By the time Aussies wake up there’ll be nothing left for them to wake up to. Mine is a gift that keeps on taking. So I recommend learning Chinese and how to eat with chopsticks. We’ve still got a colonial constitution, foreign Queen, there’s sport on the television and the weather woman has nice tits. That’s all that matters. Just relax and have the ground and your future bought out from under your feet.
    All politicians – including Bob Katter, Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson are on my side.


  33. Well said Al, unfortunately we need another 10 million like you. Editor


  34. Any info on the actual proceedings, what was argued?


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