A “David and Goliath” battle as local man fights to stay in Australia

5 May 2017:  KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has responded to news that 73 year old Patton Eidson from Julatten in the Kennedy electorate, has had his visa cancelled and been detained by 15 police/Government officials on Wednesday for transport to immigration detention in Brisbane.

It is reported that 15 police/Government officials arrived on Patton’s property to forcibly detain him.

Patton Eidson and supporters rally


Patton, his late wife Sonja and their daughter Maya (who was a minor at the time) arrived in Australia from America in 1986 on an identity given to them voluntarily by a terminally ill American friend.  The assumed identity names were Mike and Anita McGoldrick – they were known as Mike and Anita to everyone who met them.

The Eidson family bought a property in Julatten and in 1991 opened a wellness retreat, pioneering the industry for Far North Queensland.  Patton and Sonja were approved as ‘Retiree Resident Visas’.  While owning the business they employed over 40 people and trained over 65 people.

In 2012 Patton and Sonja were charged by Australian authorities for entering the country on a false identity.  Patton was sentenced for two years but with 6 months to serve at Lotus Glen low security correctional facility.  Sonja was charged, but with no time to serve.

At the time of sentencing in 2012, the Australian Government immediately cancelled visas for Sonja and Patton as they were not in their correct name.  Patton and Sonja filed for ‘Aged Parenting Visas’ with their daughter Maya as sponsor (who is an Australian citizen).

In November 2015 daughter Maya Eidson was informed that her citizenship would be revoked (even though she was a minor when being brought out to Australia).  This is currently in the legal process with an immigration hearing scheduled for August 2017.

In 2016 Sonja Eidson was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away in November 2016.

Wednesday’s cancellation of Patton’s visa and detention have come as a shock to the Eidson family and to Mr Katter’s office, as the immigration hearing for Maya is ongoing and Patton’s visa was sponsored by Maya.

The outpouring of community support and character references for the Eidson family have been overwhelming.  The Eidson family pioneered an industry, they employed dozens of people, they sponsored community events, they hosted fundraisers – they are loved by the community they call home, Julatten.


Bob Katter MP

Bob Katter MP

Mr Katter commenting on the recent development s in the case said, “Patton has contributed – he built a business and has paid his taxes and we have made repeated representations on his behalf.

“The Eidsons have been a very contributing family.  Patton and his late wife Sonja, they opened up their home and pioneered the wellness industry in Far North Queensland, creating jobs for people in an area that desperately needed jobs.

“Patton’s daughter, Maya, has one of the best restaurants in Mackay, where we’re desperately short of jobs and good high class restaurants for our tourists and our locals.

“Remember this is a bloke that came from America and his wife came from Europe.  He just lost his wife of almost 50 years married, I mean the horrible insensitivity of what has occurred here is appalling and we will be saying so in formal questions with notice to the two ministers involved.

“Australia’s going to become a country where we’re scared silly of police over-kill.  This poor 73 year old bloke who’s just lost his wife and was responsible for some alleged misdemeanour nearly half a century ago – to be detained by 15 police/Government officers, it’s just sickening.

“If you’re using Government resources to terrorise a well-loved, popular, respectable citizen you’d say it’s a waste of resources. Would one say these resources could be better used? Well quite frankly yes.

“I mean, a while ago, we had 23 police surround a bloke who made some stupid statements at a crocodile farm.

“Now they’re sending mass amounts of police/government officers around a bloke (Patton) that is so popular in his local community, the community plead his cause and stand by his side.

“When Patton had a little get together, I would have thought there were nearly 100 people – which would have been half of the town there, supporting him. This sort of thing that happened last night to Patton, it terrifies people.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Does anyone know what DEMOCRACY is? It means the PEOPLE run the country! NOT the Police. NOT the bureaucrats. NOT the Judges. Patton Edison simply says, “I can only be deported against my will by the lawful judgment of my equals which is the law of the land. Otherwise, get lost!” Does anyone know that denying trial by jury is Treason because it is an act intent on overthrowing the Sovereignty of the People?
    Yours sincerely, John Wilson.


  2. I am a patriotic Aussie, who once was so proud of our democratic rights and the way our country was run.Now the scum that are being imported can rob and murder but are allowed to stay, while good people are being deported. I am totally disgusted by the actions of our government.The stench of Communism, or even Naziism is heavy in the air!I believe the UN and NWO are behind all the terrible happenings in Australia today.


  3. Dear Sir

    Reading the plight of this family brings great sadness for these people I am ASHAMED of my Government for treating this man and his daughter this way. For a person who has lived for the best part of his life and has brought a state verifiable Employment Means to Queensland . The cancellation of this visa is by law a felony BUT there are other channels to make this RIGHT!

    The key word is DISCUSSION AND DIPLOMACY! Therefore I support Mr Bob Katter in his support for Mr Patton. There are GREATER EVILS than this family.

    The Government Immigration Department Naming MR DUTTON should have used a SOFTER APPROACH and given ALL OPTIONS and RESPECT TO THE SITUATION.

    How many CRIMINALS are coming to AUSTRALIA and are NOT DETECTED? Mr Katter give your VOICE IN PARLIAMENT AND MAKE A WRONG RIGHT..please

    Sincerely Ms Judy Gange


  4. Mr Wilson, you are so right. How can we, the sovereign human beings, create our own courts, where the law of the land prevails and a jury of our peers prevails?


  5. Dear Sherlean,
    The courts of Australia are our courts…the people’s courts…but we are being bluffed out of them. The liars and thieves and traitors are shouting very loudly. We must never abandon our courts to them. We must front up and demand our inalienable right to trial by jury for every action and in every court from the Local Court to the High Court…from the Land & Environment Court to the Family Court. When they assault us by throwing us out into the street or into jail, we pick ourselves up and walk right back into our courts, time and time again. We call upon the Sheriffs to do their duty which is to “ensure that people can exercise their rights in court in safety”…and, when they refuse to do so, we keep on keeping on that they are our shire reeves (guardians). In short, we OCCUPY OUR COURTS, steadfastly and sincerely. Where we fight to vindicate our rights and enforce just causes is, in a civilized society, in IN COURT – exactly as Lord Thomas Denning once said.
    Yours, John Wilson.


  6. Hi Sherlean,

    A Grand Jury of 25 good men and women is how it is done. Surely we can find them!

    All that is needed is a public hall and invite these Public Servants to attend. Then use the Sheriff to make them comply with the wishes of the People [whatever the Jury decides].

    Brave whistle blowers like David, Rodney and John need our support, they are trying peacefully to resolve this situation that Australian men and women find themselves in.

    Sadly more people need to get on the page for change to happen. We shall wait and see what has transpired in Cairns Court today.

    Cut and paste the website below for further info regarding Grand Jury process.


    All power in Australia is vested in the People!


  7. Dear Lovers of Good Australians,
    Who runs/governs this country? In a Democracy, the People Rule (as the very word “democracy” is translated from its Greek origin). But People, ie: the Common People, must first know their own law…..it’s called Common Law. And they must know to access, exercise and impose it. I will be holding just such a clinic,,,a Common Law Workshop….admission free…on 1st July at Club Redfern in Sydney from 2pm to 5pm. Even lawyers are welcome because getting our courts back to administering Justice is going involve everyone. And, Yes, Common Law operated by We the People is still “the glory of English law”. Then our “representatives in Parliament” are just going to have to do as We the People tell them.
    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.


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