French backpacker shouts “Ali ackabar” (God is great) as he stabs two backpackers at Home Hill in North Qld


Police at the scene of a fatal stabbing at Home Hill in north Queensland.

From ABC and Cairns News

More than 30 people witnessed a double-stabbing at a north Queensland backpackers hostel which left one woman dead and another fighting for his life in hospital, police say.

Police were called to Shelley’s Backpackers in Home Hill, south of Townsville, after receiving reports of a knife attack at about 11:15pm on Tuesday.

They arrived to find a woman, a British national, dead, and a man, a 30-year-old British national, with serious knife wounds.

He was taken to Townsville Hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

Another man, a 29-year-old French national, has been taken into police custody. Witnesses reported the French assailant screamed “Ali ackabar” as he stabbed the two innocent backpackers.

He received an injury to one of his arms.

Detective Superintendent Ray Rohweder told a press conference more than 30 people witnessed the incident.

“As we understand it at the moment, the French gentleman, the person who’s helping us, has attacked the two British nationals,” Det Supt Rohweder said.

“We don’t have any motive at this stage. We’re taking a number of statements in relation to what exactly was said on the evening.”

Dep Supt Rohweder said the first responding officers were confronted by a terrible scene.

“But both officers in my book acted tremendously and ensured the safety of other persons at the venue,” he said.

Police have taken possession of a knife believed to be the weapon used in the attack.


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  1. Of course we know the motive. It is called “Islam.” But I’ll tell you something else…..the QLD commissioner and deputy of Police both are lying to the public and saying that it had nothing to do with Islam. Which is what they always say. So in fact they aiding and abetting in this murder and any future attempts Moslems make to commit murder. So one could safely say the police brass are only impersonating officers while facilitating crime and murder and should be arrested.

  2. Sick and tired of how the police in all Western countries are so PC that they try to cover incidents like this up. They call the attacker ‘mentally deranged’ or ‘unstable’ or describe him as a ‘man of dark complexion’ (even if he was Sudanese!!). Why don’t they just speak the truth?? I am beginning to dislike and distrust our authorities more and more every day.

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