Advance obituary for Martin Bryant on government death list

This article by investigative author Keith Noble is by far the most up-to-date research ever done about the Port Arthur shooting massacre. It is now entirely evident this massacre was not carried out by an intellectually disabled 28 year old Martin Bryant in 1996.  The shooting on the 28th April, 20 years ago was so obviously carried out perpetrators with the knowledge and assistance of various persons in the government of the day. There were at least two shooters with advanced firearms knowledge and the entire operation was meticulously planned. A totally compliant Murdoch and Fairfax media asked no pertinent questions and reported the incident  as instructed by the special operations department. This reporter once was a war correspondent and the reporting of disinformation about the Port Arthur events as they unfurled reeked of a military media exercise.

The real shooters have been named in previous segments by this author yet the government remains tight lipped in the hope it will go away. Some investigators claim this fateful event started as a training exercise but turned into something much more sinister.

Keith Noble maintains Bryant has been moved into the open section of Risdon Prison in Tasmania as a precursor to his murder.

Cairnsnews has published several reports about similar ‘massacres’ in the United States that subsequent research revealed  were exercises that included paid actors, planned by government . The evidence is overwhelming. The Sandy Hook school shootings have been extremely well researched and any school kid would soon discover this was well named as the Sandy Hoax massacre. It simply did not happen and was a training exercise again with paid actors. Read the evidence and demand your federal member of parliament initiate an inquest into the Port Arthur training exercise.


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About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 3:16 PM, wrote:

    > cairnsnews posted: ” This article by investigative author Keith Noble is > by far the most up-to-date research ever done about the Port Arthur > shooting massacre. It is now entirely evident this massacre was not carried > out by an intellectually disabled 28 year old Mar” >

  2. Its sad but true, Martin has this hanging over his head whether he realizes this or not! This will be distributed to the VIP Tasmanians involved asap…I urge every-one to pray for Martins life, this has gone on way to long! and to think the Tasmanian Government got away with incarcerating an innocent young man in 1996 with no trial, no NOTHING!! smells like a big bad RAT! Wake up Australia, we all have to face it! Martin was nothing but a master plan to control Gun laws. If they got away with it in 1996, imagine the next outbreak that may happen? who knows it could happen soon!
    stop voting! keep them out of power! talk to your local MP’s, but don’t sit and wait for it to happen……TY

    Perth, Australia

    • My god I’m sick of hearing these stupid fkn conspiracy theory’s! I hope the asshole rots in hell , I Knew people personally affected by this and still are to this day

  3. Here is another patsy Thousand of FOI documents from within the Howard administration PROVE it and they are published here

  4. With all the false flag events in Europe and the US also the depth corruption in politics throughout the west. I have had no doubt that the Howard government of the day was in on the murders of all those people and in on the setting up of a patsy such as Martin Bryant there has been a hidden agenda behind our so called elected government for a long time.
    So very few australians are aware enough to see through the glamour. We need the journalists of old that went through hell and back to get the real story out, not these simpering prestitutes that dont question the absolute rubbish that flies with pigs ears for wings.
    Good work the real human beings applaud you.

  5. It’s no surprise the government,responcible for poisoning out drinking water with fluoride amongst other toxins,is behind this atrocity….
    Same on all of us for sitting back and letting it occur,still…

  6. What a crock! I personally know TWO eye witnesses to this event. They are of unquestionable character. He may be of limited intelligence – but he knows how to use a rifle & most victims were shot at point blank range. Some even had the barrel of the gun touching them when shot. No marksman is needed for that. The dope is as guilty as sin and is exactly where he should be (or in the prison psych ward). I just wish people would get a life and stop all this conspiracy theory BS promoted by the pro gunners!

    • Australia’s independent media has undertaken 20 years of intensive research about this eventual disarmament of law abiding citizens.
      They have done their homework. Why don’t you? We hope you are not a Greens voter. regards Ed

      • Never been a Greenie – never will be. But nor do I swallow this garbage. As far as my homework is concerned – I have done plenty. Plenty of other independent journos have also researched it & have come up with a vastly different conclusion. Nor do you explain why eye witnesses and relatives of the dead would lie & pin it on Bryant. Or why other eye witnesses would co-operate in a government plan to pin it on Bryant. FYI – I also don’t believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny – even though their existence is more credible that this ridiculous conspiracy theory pushed by pro gunners – which, based on your comment (“the eventual disarmament of law abiding citizens”) I would think it is safe to assume that you are.

    • barry borserio

      read the evidence instead of looking with blinkers on and l lay odds you are against firearms of any sort and would have them banned completely like the government has tried even though their is a strong reason to have them such as law enforcement,typical one sided pig headed majority comment .

      • Well Barry we think you are most astute and naturally you don’t believe the Murdoch, Fairfax or ABC propaganda either. Just because they said Bryant did it the sheeple believe it. The research is overwhelming. Bryant could not fit a box magazine into an AR10 at the gunsmith shop and he was unable to operate this Colt rifle at all, according to the gunsmith who was run out of town by authorities for making such a statement. Point blank range!! Really it is obvious neither Robbo nor Paul have never handled let alone fired any type of firearm in their lives. They must think the Broad Arrow café patrons simply sat in line to be shot like ducks at a show shooting gallery. They have no concept of how hard it is to shoot from the hip and hit the side of a house let alone 20 head shots in quick succession at 20 to 50 feet. Methinks they might be trolls put up by the people who disabled our sister site when it aired similar videos. And on it goes ad infinitum. Is it any wonder this country is on its knees. Ed

  7. even back seemed waaay odd he could be such a good shot..
    even now , older and n knowing more…its beyond belief a young untrained chap could have managed what he is supposed to have.
    and no trial not a word allowed?
    that alone should tell you it was a con.
    people died..but NOT by bryants hand.

    • A good shot. Almost all of the victims were shot at point blank range?? No crack shot needed there. The reason there was no trial is because Bryant pleaded guilty. There is NEVER a trial when someone pleads guilty. No con at al. To say that no one died at Bryant’s hand contradicts numerous eye witnesses including some related to the victims. EYE WITNESSES – not stooges.

    • some people have a natural ability to do things, with little training people can be as good as your average marksman , like growing up in the bush you get taught how it done and you carry it with you for life, gun play is just second nature to some.

      • Hi Mozz, yes most bushmen and women can handle a firearm to varying degrees. When it comes to cold blooded murder with an extremely inaccurate lead pelter such as a Colt AR15 or AR10, the degree of accuracy demonstrated in the Broad Arrow Café, according to retired Special Services Brigadier Ted Serong, could only be achieved by a handful of trained operatives found throughout the world. Martin Bryan was an official mentally handicapped man with an official IQ of 66. We suggest you read the volumes of overwhelming expert evidence that shows he was incapable of such planning and shooting regardless of mental manipulation techniques he underwent at Hereford, England by the notorious Tavistock Institute.Ed

  8. oh
    and if just one or two people had legal concealed carry of their own..whoever the shooter was..he may well have been stopped cold, instead we removed guns from everyone , at immense cost and losses of heritage items,and replaced ownership but with huge ongoing fees and charges going TO govt coffers…meanwhile illegal weapons are far more prevalent than prior
    thats worked well hasn’t it???
    now if anyone needs to shoot something, the time to get gun from cabinet ammo from another one load and use it..
    kiss your ass goodbye

  9. If you read the transcripts it appears Bryant was talking to police on the phone while gunshots could still be heard in the background. This indicates there were at least 2 shooters. Why did the police refuse to take fingerprints from the tray he supposedly used in the cafeteria before the shooting because a woman in the cafeteria stated that the person she saw was not in fact Bryant but because of a rigged guilty plea there were virtually no witnesses called to testify. The only conspiracy theory here was the Howard gov’t trying to disarm Australians.

  10. Paul dorfield

    Calling Mr Noble an investigative reporter is a bit of a stretch. More like conspiracy theory reporter.

  11. I need this
    author Dr Keith Allan Noble to contact me I’ve some information

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