Labor Premier Daniel Andrews on a rare visit to earth to support CFA union stand over grubs

What a political gift for Turnbull, thanks in no small way to Tony Abbott. I caught a glimpse of Shorten’s press conference earlier today. Shorten is showing definite signs of election campaign fatigue.

He is very uncomfortable when asked questions about his mate Andrews (Vic premier} deal that will see the hard left wing secretary of the united firefighters union, Peter Marshall, a self confessed communist gain absolute control over the 60,000 volunteer firefighters in Victoria.

It is time for Turnbull to up the anti and expose Shortens well documented corrupt union past exposed by Tony Abbott’s trade union royal commission. I wait in hope…

Please share, particularly if you live, or have family/friends that live in Victoria.

Bob Kernohan.

Quoted from Andrews Mein Kampf II .. “This dispute ends today,’’ Mr Andrews said, brushing aside ­criticism from lawyers, the CFA, volunteers and the opposition of the government’s boots-and-all approach.

Further reading: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/board-axed-premier-daniel-andrews-pours-fuel-on-fire-row/news-story/ff4f4c53a0f2b2632078f9dcd19f28c9