Highly effective black salve skin cancer treatment targeted by Queensland Health and the Cairns Post

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This woman patient was completely healed of a nasty cancer on her nose after a topical application of black salve. There was no scarring and her nose today is unblemished

Black salve, hailed as the most effective, natural skin cancer remedy available today, has saved thousands of lives world wide leaving the $30 billion Australian pharmaceutical industry stewing in its wake.

Big pharma cannot make any money from black salve because it is made from natural ingredients that the corrupt pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent.

Medical doctors and the State Government, bribed by big pharma, do not believe in its efficacy as a natural cure for skin cancer.

According to the Cairns Post of April 21, Queensland Health has arrived in Cairns on a witch hunt trying to source one of the hundreds of suppliers of black salve, who are found across the nation.

The Cairns Post published a hotline number to dob in black salve suppliers. Cairnsnews was unaware that big pharma’s tentacles had reached a Murdoch newspaper in north Queensland, because News Ltd does not normally get much advertising revenue from drug companies or doctors.

News Ltd has never published the fact that doctors and big pharma manage to kill a reported 25,000 patients under their medical care each year in Australia.

Cairnsnews has seen dozens of testimonials to black salve where users have sworn by its effectiveness.

This writer has used it and has seen the results in others where it left no scarring or had any adverse side effect.

One elderly Atherton patient was sent home from hospital to die, suffering from a huge malignant ulcer on his leg after telling the hospital he did not want his leg amputated.

A relative treated him with black salve and within two months his leg had healed and he was walking on it.

Cairnsnews suggests that readers ignore the unlawful activities of Queensland Health and keep using Cancema or black salve.

Black salve suppliers can be found by searching older pages of cairnsnews.org.

http://www.alphaomegalabs.com/           Try here for black salve

The Murdoch family is closely connected with big pharma company Glaxo Smith Kline. James Murdoch sits on the board, and Rupert uses his influence with government to push their agenda, including vaccinations. There will be much money involved in both directions. They don’t need their advertising dollars, but they like their ongoing pharma grip on the world of (ill)health. – contributed

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I have been using black salve for my skin cancers and my husbands for over 6 years and we are very happy with the results….no scarring at all. I have also had skin cancers cut out by doctors and horrible scars from those…and had skin cancers come up all around the scar from the doctors operation. Thanks to black salve each one of those cancers has been eliminated. I have only ever purchased on small jar of black salve and still have half left so I reckon the whole tiny jar will last over 10 years…you dont need to use very much and its a miracle….

  2. Beelzebubbles

    I swear by the stuff. It effectively removed a cancerous growth from my ear recently, and my uncle has had numerous sun cancers removed by it. Hurt like hell, but it’s completely gone.

  3. I have used cansema on many of my skin cansers and it works very well the deeper ones were painful but worth it

  4. Hi there, where do you get it please? Thanking you

  5. I have treated several skin cancers with black slave. On one occasion after a spot being burnt off by Dr. I applied BS to see if all the cancer was gone……alas the BS drew out the root of the cancer. No scars.

  6. While it may be illegal to manufacture and sell black salve as a cancer treatment it is still legal to get the raw materials for it. I’ve been able to source the necessary ingredients in Australia to roll my own for personal use. Personally I’ve been using it for removing fungal infections leading me to speculate that cancer could simply be a type of fungus.

    And the recipe I use is the following.

    Black Salve Contains :

    50 grams Chaparral (Larrea mexicata)
    50 grams Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)
    50 grams Galangal root (Alpinia officinarium) or ginger root (Zingiber officinale)
    50 grams Graviola leaf (Annona muricata)

    25 mls Glycerine (used as a humectant, to keep the product moist).
    25 mls DMSO (Dimethylsulphoxidein) Pain management and deep tissue transferer

    500 ml distilled water.
    250 grams Zinc chloride (ZnCl2)

    Mix the Chaparral, Bloodroot, Galangal and Graviola powders together.

    Pour the water into a glass(Pyrex) pot then add the Zinch Chloride to the water. Bring this mixture to the boil stirring frequently to ensure there are no lumps.

    Add the powder mixture to the simmering pot stirring continuously until all the lumps disappear.

    Once all lumps are gone stir in the DMSO. DMSO acts as a carrier and helps take the formula deep into the tissues.

    Next stir in 25mls glycerine. This helps to keep the formula moist. Depending upon the humidity you may have to add a bit more glycerine.

    Allow the mixture to simmer for about fifteen minutes.

    When the mixture cools and cures it isn’t runny any more and it has a paste like consistency. It is best used after it has been sitting for two days at room temperature.

    Put the black salve in separate jars and store in your refrigerator. It will keep indefinitely although it will dry out slightly. If this happens simply at a little bit of water to re-hydrate.

  7. Stacey Watson

    It disgusts me that the government will not take in to account the many success stories this wonderful product does…
    Evidence speaks for itself as far as I am concerned Qld health can shove it this stuff is saving lives and the patients are not wasting time in hospital beds

  8. I have used black salve for years it works and leaves very few scars behind, a little scarring on only the very biggest of cancers

  9. https://www.tga.gov.au/alert/black-and-red-salves-treating-cancer

    You can’t tell the margins of the skin cancer that is even if it’s skin cancer at all with out a biopsy. So if it is cancerous there is a high chance it will spread to other parts of the body. Scary stuff taking you life in your hands.

  10. Karen Ann Neale

    Can someone help me source some please?

  11. I have healed myself and others with Black Salve. I can email pics of the different stages I went through. Its not for the faint hearted. It is ugly and gross. You wonder whether it will heal properly. Mine went almost to the bone on my leg. I’m pretty sure of that as the tentacles were very long from 1/2 way down my shin and I could feel the salve working on them 4 inches from the site. It took about 6 weeks and 6 weeks on from that the site is still healing but its all closed over and purple. I had an unfortunate experience with my upper lip which went a bit wrong and I have a volcanic scar. But the cancer or whatever it really is was gone so I’m thankful. That one too had large tentacles.

  12. I would love to find some of this for a small skin cancer

  13. This is idiotic – by promoting this dangerous quackery you are risking people’s lives for your stupid conspiracy theories and science denialism.

  14. Has anybody ever heard of somebody using black salve and it not working completely?

  15. Jenny Stewart

    Good to know ther es some ointment that works for the canver sufferers.

  16. I have used it for a bcc on my ear and got rid of it with no scaring. It felt like it was going onto my head. Black salve got rid of the cancer and that trailling feeling going into my head. Can only assume the roots were going further in. No longer is the sensation there and cancer gone.

  17. As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon living in that part of the planet with the highest rate of skin cancer (the Sunshine Coast), I get to see the results of Cansema often. This is a highly cytotoxic compound which definitely kills normal tissue and causes profound inflammation. If you use it for long enough, it will definitely produce nasty scarring. Many of the so-called cures of cancers occur where there never was a shred of proof that the lesion was cancer. Where the Cansema is applied to Squamous cell carcinoma, the second commonest skin cancer, the inflammation produced may accelerate or cause metastasis or spread of the SCC. I have seen atypically aggressive metastasis of SCC after Cansema application occur several times, with at least two needless deaths from its application. There are excellent reasons why the Therapeutic Goods Administration is shutting Cansema down, and there are precisely zero studies showing that it works,,,

  18. Get It Out There

    A correction to the story, the Murdoch Family (News Ltd’s controlling shareholders) are big shareholders in Glaxo Smith Kline, a massive pharmaceutical company. You will find News Ltd tend to be pro big pharma and anti natural medicines.

  19. Nicola Leslie

    Go on to FB and join the BS sites, with many testimonials, someone will help you….

  20. Nicola Leslie

    There are too many testimonials of using and treating cancers of all kinds. Imagine a surgeons world and the Pharma income if something can be cured or treated with a naturally grown product. Of course they will not promote it, I have treated many on my body and applied to places which have not reacted, and NO it doesn’t burn a hole in your skin or damage healthy skin. Its like anything, do your study. Read how to make and how to use. Ask questions on FB and Youtube, plenty of info there for you. Chemo and Radiation are more riskier to your immune system than natural cures. Think about all the money that gets raised and given to find a cure for cancer, imagine if we found one, how much $ would Pharma and the Government and Medical Practitioners and specialists lose. Can you imagine that happening?????? mmmmmm sadly SCAM to take your money

  21. justsimplyhealth

    Piss off with your bullshit. Your one person against, with hundrefs and hundreds having affective healing. Open your eyes and stop being blind and paid off by Pharma.

    you cant beat live truth you idiots. Proven by too many people but you guys just ignore that and dont even bother to resesrch the truth.
    your a dying breed

  22. The Murdoch family are closely connected with big pharma company Glaxo Smith Kline. James Murdoch sits on the board, and Rupert uses his influence with government to push their agenda, including vaccinations. There will be much money involved in both directions. They don’t need their advertising dollars, but they like their ongoing pharma grip on the world of (ill)health.

  23. Nicola Holmes Leslie

    Reason cancer spreads is because of biopsies. That’s why when it’s cut out it metastasises to other parts of the body. Chemo and radiation shrink your tumours but don’t kill the initiating cancer cell hence why in a lot of cases it comes back 5 yrs later. It lowers your immunity which you really need to fight cancer with. Think I would rather put on or take BS internally, change my diet and take my chances before I trusted the medical system that is in place today. Think about it!! Too much proof in the pudding

  24. your the idiot – testimonials are not evidence – they are stories… whats ironic is that you are using the internet and a computer to argue against the validity of the scientific method… so sad…

  25. Hilarious! Your grammar alone would indicate a complete incapacity to read the scientific literature, let alone the TGA website! I am not paid anything by “big pharma’ or anyone else to say this. I’m just trying to save lives, as a doctor would. Black salve really is evil and utterly inappropriate treatment, just as the TGA says. If you want an alternative treatment for skin cancer, have a look at Curaderm aka BEC5, which at least has a bunch of science behind it…

  26. I’ve used resalve over 100 times and had 100% success. Here is a video of a serious cancer I treated with the Salve.
    Note I had biopsies done before and after and was diagnosed with a large Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma on the face. We filmed it all.

  27. Mark, Have you ever had to treat a skin cancer on your body ?

  28. Kerry Humphreys

    Where do I source this product.

  29. Jan davenport

    Read all the comments.. The recipe to make your own has been supplied!!!!!!

  30. Go onto FB. SOMEONE WILL assist you

  31. Well it doesn’t always kill the cancer first try. Reading people’s testimonials all over the net and on Fb. Some it has. It all depends on your pain threshold and type of scaring. Your diet and lifestyle. The Truth About Cancer is a good place to start. Personal investigation into everything is advised. But I hate hearing people dying from something that can be prevented and helped

  32. Goodness me the email address is at the bottom of the original story! Ed

  33. Jan davenport

    Kerry Humphreys read all the comments if you want to source the product…someone has supplied the recipe to make your own and there are some other links as well…

  34. I removed a melanoma with black salve in 2015.

  35. You have a vested interest obviously. Black salve has saved the lives of hundreds of people I know.

  36. Been using it for 30 years with a 100% success rate .. I worked in the sun all my life & have treated many skin cancers .. some very nasty ones .. I can’t praise it enough.

  37. So if Black Sav is BS then this cancer just disappeared on its own lol…

  38. Brian farrell

    Thanks so much for putting this out I hope you dont mind me asking where can I buy the ingredients? and do you sell it yourself? My FB name is Brian Mahesh Farrell i think if u have a look at it u will see im not a cop..lol

  39. Hi I have a dog with a cancerous lump on his leg it’s internal not external just a lump under the skin will it black salve fix it keen to know.

  40. Hi doe’s it work on dogs I have a dog that has it under the skin on he’s leg will it draw it out.

  41. Lynette Gottani

    What do you know ? Have you used it? People are talking from experience, I have been using it for years and can’t speak highly enough about it. If you want to be cut up that is your choice ,not everyone is the same.

  42. If you search ‘black salve’ on this site with the search bar in the RH column you will find an email address of a supplier. Ed

  43. Our advice is that it will only remove a tumor if it is cancerous. Try it and see. Ed

  44. It will only work if the problem is cancerous. Try it and see. Ed

  45. I have a friend who used it. It made a big hole where the cancer was. A few weeks later there was no sign anything had ever been there.

  46. Why not add our mangosteen powder.
    Go to http://www.vitalxan.com.au and view the research on Channel 7 for skin cancer and mangostee
    Guess what yes GlaxoSmithKline sre funding it.

  47. Victor of the family Sturgeon

    I use Black salve all the time and it has killed every skin cancer I have put it on with no scarring. I point out though that I use the real stuff from Ecuador from Alpha omega labs.
    I believe their are some Unscrupulous Aussies who make it themselves and are not making it exactly as the Alpha omega people do. then they charge something like $90.00 for this crap and it does cause ulcers I believe. I get the real stuff way cheaper than that and no bloody defacto government is going to stop me from using it. I also use Apricot Kernels for possible internal cancers. I chew about 10 per day. but if you have cancer you need to take 30 per day . 10 in the morning, ten at lunchtime and ten at dinner time. chew them up well and the more bitter they taste the better they are.

  48. And on what grounds does the government deem Black Salve illegal? They have no authority over what the people do with their bodies.

  49. Thank you for sharing that recipe!

  50. Thank you for sharing this article. It’s so important and so WRONG that anyone would want to block black salve and people regaining their health.

  51. Thank You for this info. 😊

  52. Thanks Vic for this valuable info, regards Ed

  53. Please do not use on melanoma! Melanoma runs far deeper than the superficial layer of skin! I have read cases where people have forgone surgery to remove melanoma and used this instead, only years later finding out that their melanoma had metastasized. At best, this may help with superficial actinic keratosis, basically because it is burning the heck out of your skin and thus peeling the superficial layer off, much like cryogenic freezing does. Even if you do use black salve, please continue with a dermatologist to determine if the cancer has spread. Skin cancer isn’t something to mess around with!

  54. Thank you Dr. Mark McGovern! I am a skin cancer patient, melanoma and currently treating SCC on my nose with surgery, efudex, and cryogenic freezing with excellent results so far and virtually no scarring. I actually read a study of a woman who repeatedly attempted to treat her superficial melanoma with black salve and ended up with invasive melanoma. Not worth it!

  55. What a load of total bullshït. This is nothing but anecdotal crap from people who probably thought a mile or a spider bite was melanoma. Then when it disappeared in its own, they credit this useless snake oil. The level of anti science woofuckery displayed here is frightening.

  56. No anecdotal comments here. I have used it too with great success. You should ask the elderly gentleman who was sent home to die by Doctor Quack who had tried to slash and burn it with the highly dangerous and toxic chemotherapy which engenders side effects worse than the original complaint. I saw him last week and he is alive with two legs.
    The elderly gentleman used laboratory prepared cancema to cure his cancerous leg in months, it was not amputated and he still walks around in defiance of the highly expensive, poisonous, AMA mafia – pushing pharmaceutical chemo compound that has a 75 per cent death rate. Sorry Dr P you won’t convince too many readers here. When used for topical application it is important that cancema be applied only once on an adhesive bandage. It is effective and relatively cheap to use, unfortunately no profits here for the medical mafia. Would Dr P like to start a commentary about the incredibly high number of arms and legs amputated by medical quackery in the name of diabetes? We know that diabetes can be cured in a matter of months and will soon provide the evidence the AMA mafia won’t publish ED

  57. What foul mouth Dr you are are u annoyed that people kill their skin cancers at home and are doing u out of a job?
    Black salve works for me OK. Alpha omega labs spent more than 20 years perfecting this remedy, u howl it down,yet your chemo is an s8 poison. That damages the immune system black salve does not.

  58. can you take BS internally? would it help bowel cancer?

  59. anyone knocking black salve is brainwashed by the mainstream medical cartel mafia, science as you say has proven it works OVER AND OVER again, science is all about effective results and black salve works 1000 percent everytime, it saved my life and many others, ignore the brainwashed followers, theyre so programmed theyd believe anything some dick in a suit claimed and if these creeps had their way wed ALL be dead ! BLACK SALVE is an ancient native american cure, nature has a cure for EVERYTHING but these greedy psychopaths cant make money off it, f*&%% them, stay strong and natural as us humans have done for thousands of years

  60. Hi Lorna yes there is liquid cancema available and no doubt readers will respond with details of a source. We have spoken to cancer sufferers who have been taking the liquid form and they have reported excellent results. They say if the patient has previously had chemotherapy the result may not be as effective however we have seen testimonials of good results either way. Last week we spoke to man with prostate cancer who has been taking cancema and he says medical examinations have revealed the problem is all but gone.Ed

  61. Nirvana Anderson

    Make the sacrifice Doctor. Apply Black Salve to your own healthy skin and prove that it is caustic. Apply it to a skin cancer and prove that it cannot remove the cancer. There may be zero (approved) studies showing that it works but there are also zero studies showing it doesn’t work. An absence of evidence is not the presence of proof, it is just an absence of evidence.

  62. Victor of the family Sturgeon

    Top Marks to Cairns News for backing the black salve skin cancer movement. it is a top product and how dare the government interfere with it. it is banned in the USA so these clowns have to follow suit as they are a corporation registered in the US and use UCC code on us here in Australia. (American Civil Law)

  63. I tried reason too, but it turns out You can’t argue with the brainwashed. david icke- believing new age religion followers. Let them just use it and the natural selection will do its work.

  64. Dead right Vic and we have dozens of testimonials to its effectiveness. Ed

  65. Victor of the family Sturgeon

    With Black Salve you don’t need to know the margins for the skin cancer. Black salve seeks it all out and destroys it. it finds the margins all by itself. I have never had a return of any skin cancers I have applied Black salve to.

  66. Nirvana Anderson

    If you want to see for yourself how the public is being mislead about Black Salve, compare these two videos. The first is the story of a woman who used it, the second is the editing of that video by Channel 7 for the purposes of frightening the public. Ask yourself…is the second video accurate? If not, why not? Why would a lie be needed if Black Salve doesn’t work?

    Video one: https://youtu.be/9ooNHlB5UEU

    Video two: https://youtu.be/AhSKp5z7q8A

    Link to Black Salve petition. Read the opinions of users for yourself. https://www.change.org/p/australian-government-decriminalise-the-use-of-cansema-black-salve-on-human-beings

  67. You hit the nail on the head. I need help with this too! I just filled out AU Form 16 with an online software. It looked much better typed than hand-written. I used http://goo.gl/FLR1Be and it’s very easy to use.

  68. I congratulate Cairns News for not being bullied by the powers that be over Black Salve. it is without a doubt the most effective treatment for Skin Cancer. I know a woman who used it on her breast cancer, although several treatments were required to eliminate the cancer, it worked. I use it all the time very effectively To hell with the big Pharma’s and QLD health..

  69. I would like to know on how to apply Black Salve do you do it daily & for how long. Can you swim while using it & how much do you have to apply.
    Kind Regards
    Nev Gray

  70. why has the author not attributed his/her name to the article?
    it’s akin to a reclaim australia member protesting while all masked up

  71. Absolutely LOVE this article! Thank you! We the people are behind you

  72. Evelyn~ The article was published by the editor of cairnsnews as indicated at the top of the publication like all news services around the world do if there is not a by line included …. Robert Lee [editor]

  73. Have any of you people suffering from “cancer” ever had it confirmed that it WAS a cancer in the first place

  74. Hi Nev most of us have used black salve at one time or another. We know it works. To get the most effective result only apply it once and cover with a bandaid or bandage. It can be used twice on the same problem but usually is not necessary. Swimming or getting the skin problem wet is not advisable. Just use a reasonable amount and apply to the affected area. Ed

  75. I cannot believe the naysayers on here Making false statements about cancema. you need to go to the site that is listed on this page and read up on how long the people who make the original cancema have been perfecting it. and as for any doctors on this page knocking it. yes, you all have a vested interest in trying to demerit Cancema. the guy spent over 20 years perfecting his Cancema treatment. in a lab.You doctors and naysayers seem to think Chemo is the way to go. well you are all wrong, the proof is in the pudding. Chemo is an s 8 poison and it virtually destroys the immune system.And for your info. the cancema is not what kills the cancer. Cancema only destroys the shield the cancer forms around itself to fool the immune system. once the cancer is exposed. its your own immune system that kills the cancer. and if you give someone chemo and it doesn’t work if that patient uses the cancema to try and kill the cancer, the chances are that it wont work on them because you Doctors have destroyed their immune system.
    One wonders whether some doctors get a kick back from the big pharmaceutical companies
    for using and promoting their products.

  76. I obtained black salve, but need instructions for use please.

  77. You can get the recipe off the net…

  78. Lynelle Matthews

    Have been using this amazing product for 2years. Absolutely will keep using it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  79. you can get the ingredients and instructions at plantessentials.com.au

  80. Totally agree Nicola, Black salve kills the cancer cells without releasing any into the blood stream (this is my reasoning). We need research into its efficacy so that doctors will be allowed to use it.

  81. I have an insitu melanoma on my nose will the. Salve be ok to use

  82. Google “Zenith Herbal Bloodroot” and get added to their facebook page. It has a LOT of information on black salve. It’s amazing stuff!

  83. No! Absolutely not!

  84. Ask yourself why you have to keep using it if it is so good

  85. Why not Wendy, would you use it anywhere ???

  86. Been using for a few years now. Put it on anything that looks odd. Some things it works on and others it don’t that’s because they’re not Cancers that’s how it works. I have one scar from all the times of using it. Husband has been using it for many years as well. He’s had a couple of real bad ones where his leg has been swollen red and sore but after a week the Escher has fallen out and healing starts, then its all good. people should try it not knock it. Love it for face cancers don’t have any scars, only have to persevere for a week approx. While the treatment is working

  87. Cairns News..I followed the address you gave but it had been removed/ halted? Big Brother at work.We are living in a “police state” country, and it is getting worse each day.I have a friend who cured his many melanomas with salve,, my lovely son in law has just had a big one removed, and my Melatonic Hutchisons Freckle I had removed from my face some years ago, seems to be coming back.I desperately need the salve.Do I send to US for it? If so, will they let it into Australia?Thanks

  88. Wendy, you asked a rather stupid question.”Why keep using it if it works?” Well, dearie, for you r information, people who get one melanoma, usually get more…THAT is why they keep using it!

  89. Hi Linda, I read original booklet that came with the product and it said to apply with a toothpick. If it is cancer you will feel a reaction within an hour. If it is not cancer it will do nothing, great stuff but can be painful when drawing out the cancer so have some pain relief on hand. Cheers

  90. Victor
    Where do you get the Apricot kernels from as I have been trying to access them for months. Also the link that you use for the black salve

  91. I had a friend who had the same result. it really looked impressive!
    She died when the tumour that was no longer visible metastasised all over her body. it was heart breaking watching a young woman die because she hadnt tried conventional therapy. Complementary therapies have a place but dont gamble your health with a dangerous condition by ignoring proven therapies. I consider black salve particularly dangerous because the results do look so good, obviously doesnt necessarily kill all malignant cells that are juat waiting for the chance to spread.

    Sadly hers was one of the testimonials spread by email about black salve curing her cancer. she never corrected this when the malignancy recurred

    Doctors certainly dont have all the answers but generally work very hard to do the best they can with evidence available

  92. Stan, The Black Salve I use is the real deal from Alpha Omega Labs in Equador, I do however get it from within Australia, The Person I get it from has to be careful as to who can get it from that person. Best way would be to contact myself and I can order it for you from that person. I guarantee its the real stuff and not what is made in Australia by back yard- ers here and charge something like $80 to 90 Dollars for a small jar. My last purchase of the salve cost me $30.00 including postage. So if you want some on top of that amount I would have to charge another lot of postage’ so would cost you around $40.00 I would not charge more than it cost me to get and post, I do not believe in ripping people off to make a profit on the illness of other people, we should all help each other in this regard for free.
    it is only a small punnet but there is enough salve in it to last 2 or 3 years depending on how much and how often you get skin Cancer.
    Now as for the Apricot Kernels you can find suppliers directly on the Internet right here in Australia, They cannot sell it to you for eating but you can still buy them by the Kilo Making soaps and perfumes .They have a facebook page ( ChiTree Apricot Seeds)
    or just go to Chi Tree on the internet. this is where i get mine from you don’t have to tell them why you want them. be careful though, no more than 30 per day chewed up well
    10 for breakfast 10 for lunch and ten for dinner. start of with ten a day for a couple of days to make sure you don’t have a reaction, I believe it is very rare that a reaction occurs.

    Now those who knock this stuff by saying it is dangerous etc like

    Jason Green who says in this column (This is idiotic – by promoting this dangerous quackery you are risking people’s lives for your stupid conspiracy theories and science denialism.) What Jason does not seem to realize is that Alpha Omega Labs put in more than 20 years of research on this salve Just like other labs would do. but just because he will not deal with the big Pharma’s and Governments over it he and his wife have been victimized, jailed even for promoting this wonderful product. If you read their site in the archived section I remember reading that it is not the salve that kills the cancer, it is you own immune system, the black salve merely attacks the membrane the Cancer hides itself in so as your immune system cannot find the cancer. Once this sheath is destroyed by the salve you own immune system recognizes the cancer and attacks it ferociously and destroys it completely. Now if you go and have this Chemo Quackery invented by mainstream big Pharmas and dished out by Doctors. the chemo destroys your immune system. so its feasible to assume the Black salve will not work very well on those people who have had chemo as their immune system can’t operate at full capacity. I admit that I do not Know if that part is correct but it makes sense that this is what may happen in those cases.

  93. Thanks Vic for explaining the efficacy of black salve. Big Pharma and the AMA which control Health Departments nationwide,are terrified of this miracle skin cancer cure.
    There is no money in black salve for them. Thank you for your accurate comments about chemotherapy. Any oncologist who subjects patients to such a hideous process should be prosecuted.-Editor

  94. Hi all. We have been using black salve for years and know heaps of other people who also use it. A skin specialist cut a spot off my upper arm and told me “I’m terribly sorry but it is a sarcoma cell and it will probably spread and we’ll have to cut a larger area to get rid of it. You will probably see little spots within 5-6 cm of the site.” The scar stayed red and angry and the pin head spots appeared. Then we found black salve! One application and the spots hardened up and fell off within 2-3 weeks. The scar totally settled down and is hardly visible. :-).
    We go to the doctor to find out what is wrong and then treat ourselves with ‘alternatives’…. which were actually the medicine of doctors before drug companies outlawed them.
    How do we protect ourselves from governments that are preventing us from using natural products to heal ourselves and trying to encourage us to dob on each other.
    I am wishing for a mass movement away from our 2 main political parties! Enough of the nanny state and nanny country.

  95. I have been told that vets have it for treatment on horses.

  96. Thanks Graeme we have a veterinary advisor whom we will ask. Editor

  97. Where do I purchase near Gold Coast Queensland?

  98. Will find out and post the findings ..Ed

  99. Anne Kelly, I have just got off the phone from a woman who can help you with the genuine Black salve from Ecuador. this is the original proven black salve and not made in a backyard in Australia. its cheaper too and I use it all the time. I have her permission to post her first name and phone number up here and anyone else who would like some can contact her too.
    Her name is Heather and her phone number is :0428533760 Cheers.

  100. I have an old jar of Black Salve by Generations sold to me by an herb shop in California before the FDA went rabid and unethically banned the open sale of the stuff. I have successfully used the stuff on several abnormal external cancers, some under the skin, one really odd growth on my tibia, and on a huge basal cell tumor on my dog’s elbow. The salve only has four ingredients in it – bloodroot, red clover, sheep sorrel, and gangalal, none of the other fancy stuff. Bought it almost a decade ago with several other jars. Still works great. I have keloid skin and scar from cat scratches and paper cuts. I tried the black salve on some healthy, sensitive skin near my inner elbow just to test the claims of it reacting to “any skin” and being “corrosive.” What a load of b.s. No reaction at all to the healthy, thin, sensitive skin there even after 48 hours. Reacted to the odd growths, moles, and basal tumor within seconds. This stuff is a miracle and you can make it with simple, easier to find ingredients. It may well work without the zinc and other stuff, just using these four ingredients. If the tumor or growth is deeper, add some DMSO like we did to help it go deeper. If you really want, add the other stuff. We just never found it necessary as this wonderful company that was run out of existence by our corrupt government made a simple product that has worked wonders for us.

  101. I got Skin Cancer on the top of my head, The blood test did not show the cancer but a doctor biopsy did that i insister on as the lump was not normal.
    The Hospital did one operation.
    I had to get a second operation because they did not get it all on top of my head.

    The cancer grew then from the top of my head down behind my ear and into my under [ flesh] jaw and throat. Like a huge cucumber under the skin.

    A major cancer operation cut all this out and more and i lost a musle in my chest etc Then 6 weeks of radio Therepy on where they operated on, with a special face mask made.

    i was told no next time, you have lost all your lymp glands.


    a woman helped me and i took the cancer cansema tablets, after 6 tablets the cancer pain waned

    [That morphine and pain killers had no effect on, but where bouncing off
    but taking the tablets gave relief because it attacked the cancer and was defeating it and the pain later left.]

    The first time i took the tablets there was a fuzy feeling on the top of my head, where the cancer started,

    The doctors did not treat by radio therepy where the cancer started……They treated where they operated…the wrong place, i would have been another statistic failure that they bury another one of there mistakes as it revealed it was still growing else where.


    the cansema tablets revealed where the cancer was and wiped it out, I felt stronger every day as the bodys lypm glands that were left started working again

  102. Good news Paul. We have seen many similar testimonials to the efficacy of cancema or black salve. Is it any wonder the pharmaceutical-industry controlled state government wants to ban it? Hope you make a full recovery.Ed

  103. Spot on.

    I have used it over 200 times with 100% success.

    I had biopsies done before and after to ‘scientifically’ demonstrate 1. I was treating a cancer and 2. The can was gone after using the Black Salve.

    I have also done numerous ‘control’ tests where I applied to clear unaffected skin. It became red from the irritant effects of ZnCl, then normalized after a couple of days.

    The stuff works. The problem is inexperienced users, inexperienced Medical intervention (treating healing lesions as infections) as they do not know what they’re looking at, nor how the Salve works, and self treaters resorting to seeking online advice which is often flawed as there are few professionals with both experience and guts to help people.

  104. Anyone who believes this bullshit is truly one of the most gullible idiots that walk the earth. It’s a joke they think “big pharma” is out to get them and in it for the money. Do you idiots even realize that it’s the people selling this quack medicine that are making the money? No reliable medical provider has products for sale. And the black salve, literally caustic. Maybe the damage and infection it causes will kill you faster than your cancer that it didn’t heal. Your “proof” is all YouTube and anecdotal. If people can’t do research off of reliable sources, or listen to someone who actually studied medicine (no I don’t mean through your bad mom blogs), then I hope your diseases kill you before you can reproduce mor stupid into the world.

  105. Bad news for Andy. It works and tens of thousands of users will vouch for it including this writer. Do you work for Merck Sherk and Jerk Andy? Editor

  106. Nirvana Anderson

    hmmm. Who to believe? Someone who hasn’t used it or someone who has? Andy is right though…huge corporations and the politicians they buy are all completely trustworthy and would never keep something that threatens their profits buried. Despite the poor results of conventional treatment, let’s stick with that and question nothing. pffft.

  107. Have you ever checked it out Andy, The man who invented this stuff had his own laboratory in the USA, he spent more than 20 perfecting the black salve Known as Cancema in his laboratory,
    The US Government demanded he let the Government do research and test his Black salve before he would be allowed to Sell it, guess what the Government wanted him to pay them millions of Dollars to do the research. he refused to be ripped off by them and he done his own research and in the process had thousands upon thousands of testimonials as to how good this stuff works world wide.
    because of his refusal to pay them all this money they arrested him and his wife over selling it without it being tested by the US Govt laboratories . so he moved off shore because he already had countless testimonials that the black salve works 100%. and if you were to go to his site you would see that compared to the rip off prices Big Pharma charge for their products his black salve and other products he sells is way cheaper.
    I have been using his products for yeas and have cured all Skin Cancers that attacked my body and without having to have my face and ears or skin grafts etc like what happens with the doctors etc.
    Where the trouble lies is the fact that anyone can make this at home as you can get a list of the ingredients and step by step instructions how to make it. these backyarders have no quality control and thus their product is crap. I buy the genuine Black salve and I can get a small glass container with enough of it to treat a dozen family members for several years. for around $30.00 including postage. so if you think people are being ripped off at that price you are well and truly mistaken.
    the genuine product from Ecuador from Alpha omega Labs is a brilliant product that saves countless thousands of people who use if effectively heaps of money. as I say, I have been using it for years and it works 100% all the time.
    so before you make silly remarks Andy go and do some research, you might just learn something of value

  108. Internal recipe?
    Thanks FM

  109. An appropriate reply Vic. Editor

  110. I have used black salve after haveing surgery to remove tumor which returned after surgery. I decided to treat it my self for about three cents with black salve.10 days later the tumor eased out, no scaring , three years later all clear.
    I understand that the Dollar is more important than human life, however is it not time that governments grow up and wake up , to the saveings that can be made in public health if we stop playing,with peoples life and looked in to things that work without poisoning the body.

  111. Foolish words Andy. The words of someone who has something to lose from introduction of a cheap alternative to surgery and chemo.
    I lost my wife to medical treatment of a simple melanoma.on her tummy.
    How much better could the life of my children be had I had taken more steps then to look in to alternative meds.
    However today I have treated two diagnosed tumors with the salve your so sure is bull shit without any evidence-based knowledge.
    Good luck to you and your family however my children and I will continue to use salve, at the risk of monetary lose to big pharma.
    I suggest Andy, you keep a small pot in your fridge, so as to give your family a chance. Good luck with the chemo.

  112. Lurelle Basham

    I and other family members and friends have used black salve for years. Doctors usually turn a blind eye. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it is effective.

  113. hi thanks for the recipe it has been hard to find decent salve i have used it for 6 years i also use bloodroot caps unreal products thanks again jeff

  114. Have been treating skin cancers for years
    With Black Salve. Other than pain, never had
    Any problems. Black Salve, kills cancer, does not harm healthy tissue costs virtually nothing and heals over wonderfully. Big Phama needs to be scared of this natural effective cancer killer. That is why the tell outright lies to simply scare people into using costly conventional treatments that are painful and in many cases ineffective. Black Salve is safe and a sure killer of Cancer.


    Casper Cloak

  115. You poor silly simpleton, Doctors can’t make money from this product. Cancer research funds are being pumped into trying to synthesis this amazing product. Only vested interests lie and mislead the public into
    Believing what you are peddling is correct.
    When that duplicate Black Salve and can claim a cancer cure, it will become a trillion dollar medical breakthrough.


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