Letters to the Editor

It is not surprising to read the numerous letters of disapproval of the selection of David Morrison as Australian of the year.

Here we were, the average Australian thinking this award was for achievement over and above the norm, instead we get a person who has by his actions in feminising the armed forces, totally polarised the community.

We have the left wing, latte sipping luvvies swooning with delight that he spent tax payers money funding the operation to turn a man into a woman on one side, and us ordinary folk that believe that the Australian of the year be someone that the whole community could respect.

The only word that comes to mind about the 2016 recipient is a good old Australian colloquialism that rhymes with tanker.

Peter Jacobsen

Kangaroo Point Q 4169


Much derided Australian of the Year, David Morrison rejected by diggers

Start at the bottom on your right. The first three are bullshit foreign awards for deliver speeches in the respective countries. The last on the bottom is the Australian Service Medal that was issued to anyone who served in the Australian defence forces. The first of the top is yet another Australian Service Medal issued to those who served in the services during then to now. Then we have the East Timor Medal which was given to all that served in East Timor. The next is an Australian Active Service Medal which is bullshit because this bloke never heard a shot fired in anger and spent all of his time well away from any hint of action in Headquarters as a coordinator or some such bullshit. The last one is another joke, it is the Order Of Australia Medal OAM and you would have to ask why it was awarded to that wank?

What a fraud this arsehole is.

Allan Essery

Morrison receiving his award from PM Malcolm Turnbull

If it wasn’t true it would be hilarious. Group Captain Cate McGregor do you remember Cpl Klinger from M.A.S.H.??

Very funny and very clever, now we have our own real life Cpl Klinger; Who is NOT funny and NOT clever. Group Captain (call me Cate) McGregor.

My god how far have we come in this politically correct world. How did this happen???

I mean to put it simply, when I served, if I even came on parade with dirty boots I would be charged, now it seems it is perfectly alright to turn up in drag!

Now Cpl Klinger ( call me Cate) has been moved to the RAAF, I suppose this makes it all OK, we can’t have that kinda stuff going on in our Army can we?

Where is it all going to end? What if I thought I was Spiderman and turned up on Parade in my costume. I hope the RSM wouldn’t offend my sensibilities by yelling at me. We must be the laughing stock of all the world’s Armies, so much for the Bronze ANZAC.

Ern Marshall


”This is a man who has derided the Anzac legend as being too male and “Anglo-Saxon”. You’d be hard pressed finding a Digger with much good to say about him, judging by straw poll of friends and acquaintances. ”While Australian soldiers were dying in Afghanistan, Morrison was talking about social engineering concerns such as gender equity. Fourteen soldiers died between July 2011 and July 2014 in that dangerous and confusing war, when Morrison was Chief of Army.” Miranda Devine 27 January 2016