Letters to editor

The crims are in a panic as it is realised that the masses are waking up to the fraud against our constitution and law of the land. If the crims can remove the head of State they also get their mandate to rewrite the constitution in line with the Admiralty law and corrupt judicial system they have been administering for decades.

Not surprisingly the WA premier has apparently refused to sign. WA has always been out of step and defiant with Canberra and the other states because WA is not and never has been a formerly constituted part of the Federation. That is very much why WA gets away with having the most rotten to the core judicial system in the country and also why when Colin Barnett and those before him threaten to seceed from the Commonwealth people in Canberra sit up and take notice and more often than not Barnett gets the concessions he is demanding. We also suspect this is very much to blame for the High Court persistently refusing applications from individuals residing in Western Australia and why there is no official High court registry in Perth only the Federal court registry acting as postal couriers to Canberra and the Federal court itself is not constituted either with no available proclamation to produce on demand to anyone.

We don’t need a criminal republic so the unlawful "Australian Government" can morphe yet again, we need the crims in Canberra who send our unwitting men and women to die in foreign lands tried for treason and a return to natural justice and adherence to the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900UK and 1901 proclaimed and gazzetted.

Robert Paul

Commonwealth Public Official

Crimes Act 1914 S13 15F