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20 November 2015

Previous edition: Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members [which Yahoo relegated to the sp*m bin]

New ISIS video threatens attack on White House | 19 Nov 2015 | The Dijla branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released a new video depicting unidentified jihadists celebrating the recent attacks on Paris and vowing the attacks would "conclude with the so-called White House." In the video – titled "Paris Before Rome" — militants warn French President Francois Hollande, U.S. President Barack Obama "and those who follow in his footsteps" to expect more strikes. The jihadists warn that the attacks on France would expand to Washington, D.C.

ISIS video threatens New York City | 18 Nov 2015 | A new ISIS [I-CIA-SIS] video released Wednesday warns of an impending attack on New York City. The video mentions Times Square and purports to show an explosive device being put together and a bomber zipping his jacket over a suicide belt. The New York City Police Department said it was aware of the video and was deploying additional members of its new anti-terrorism squad out of an abundance of caution.

Terror threat in Germany: Football match against Holland is cancelled after tip-off from French police that jihadists were going to launch Paris-style gun and bomb attack on stadium | 18 Nov 2015 | Germany cancelled a football match against Holland in Hanover just 90 minutes before kick-off after receiving ‘concrete information’ about a terror threat. A concert venue in the city was also evacuated amid heightened security concerns in the wake of last week’s atrocities in Paris. One report on a local newspaper website claimed an ambulance packed with explosives was found outside the HDI Arena…According to an NTV reporter on CNN, a second suspicious device was found in a train station close to the stadium.

France wants to extend that ‘state of emergency’ for months, so the police/army raids without warrants and confiscation of legally-procured firearms can continue, unabated: ISIS is preparing a CHEMICAL attack, warns French PM, as US security sources confirm that jihadis are trying to produce the deadly weapons –Manuel Valls warned terrorists may be looking to attack France again –French PM said next attack may involve chemical and biological weapons –Security officials confirm ISIS [I-CIA-SIS] is developing bioweapons in Iraq and Syria | 19 Nov 2015 | France’s prime minister has warned his country to be prepared for chemical and biological attacks as he told MPs that the ‘macabre imagination’ of ISIS is ‘limitless’. Manuel Valls made the ominous prediction while calling on French MPs to extend the country’s state of emergency for another three months, amid fears another attack is imminent. The warning comes as U.S. security officials report that they have found proof that ISIS is developing bio-weapons with the help of Syrian and Iraqi scientists in the Middle East.

Islamic State ‘Plotting Deadly Cyber-Attacks’ –Computers handling air-traffic control, power stations and hospitals could be new targets for IS, George Osborne will warn. | 17 Nov 2015 | Islamic State is plotting to kill Britons with deadly cyber-attacks, George Osborne will say later. The Chancellor will issue the stark warning about Islamist militants using deadly online attacks on Britain’s infrastructure and pledge to tackle cyber crime with an additional pounds 1.9bn a year by 2020. Islamic State has demonstrated its ability to exploit cyberspace to spread propaganda and plan terrorist attacks, he will say, and it is to be expected the group will one day target utilities and air-traffic control.

America on edge: Two flights to Paris diverted by bomb threats; innocent Muslims ejected from Baltimore plane for ‘watching the news’; bomb squad in Chicago and ‘firebomber’ targets mosque –Two Air France flights headed to Paris were diverted after bomb threats –4 passengers pulled off plane at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport early on Tuesday morning amid ‘suspicion’ –All four removed passengers released without charges after a few hours –Bomb squad called to Chicago’s O’Hare airport for suspicious package –Man arrested after he threatened to firebomb an Islamic center in Florida | 17 Nov 2015 | America is on high alert after a series of safety scares in the wake of the Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris and ISIS’s subsequent video threatening to attack US soil. Two Air France flights headed to Paris from the US were diverted Tuesday night due to bomb threats…Earlier on Tuesday a Muslim woman and three other people were removed from a Chicago-bound flight in Maryland after a female passenger became suspicious of one of the men who was watching the news on his phone.

, when Dick Cheney gave the order for NORAD to stand down, lest anything impede the(ir) attacks or prevent the explosives from detonating in Lucky Larry Silverstein’s World Trade Center. (And, while we’re at it, why did Building 7 collapse?) Ditto the Boston bombings.’ (See this page.) Ditto the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the drill-gone-live. –LRP]

Long-range bombers to fly anti-ISIS missions from Russia; Putin orders Navy to work with France | 17 Nov 2015 | Russia has deployed its fleet of strategic bombers to double the volume of airstrikes on Islamist targets in Syria, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced. Vladimir Putin has ordered a cruiser to coordinate operations with French naval forces in the Mediterranean. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Russia’s Tu-95, Tu-22 and Tu-160 strategic bombers have been brought into the operation, while the Air Force command added that the strike group has been bolstered with 37 new planes, including Su-34 bombers and Su-27 fighter jets.

Person suspected of bombing 7K9268 worked at airport loading luggage | 17 Nov 2015 | The head of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, said that the crash of the airliner over Egypt was the result of a bomb, previously installed on Board the aircraft. According to information obtained by LifeNews, the security services have reason to suspect that the explosive device aboard the A321 was placed by an employee of the airport of Sharm El-Sheikh, who had settled there earlier. According to sources, the suspect in the bombing was in the airport of Sharm El-Sheikh loading passengers’ luggage. That’s why he was able to freely smuggle a bomb on Board.

Obama’s prime directive is to surrender US sovereignty to trans-national corporations as expeditiously as possible: In secret meeting, Obama presses Canada for quick TPP corporate takeover approval |18 Nov 2015 | U.S. President Barack Obama is pressuring Canada and the other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to approve the trade deal corporate takeover as quickly as possible. The 12 leaders of TPP nations met Wednesday for the first time since they announced the deal disaster in October and released the text on Nov. 5. The closed-door meeting was also the first opportunity for Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with TPP leaders to discuss the deal negotiated under the Conservatives.


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