by Viv Forbes, Science Writer

The Premier of Queensland has agreed to subsidise eight expensive new toys – electric cars.

Greens are hailing this as the spear-point of their green energy revolution.

But the Premier’s green cars will run on . . . COAL.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Electric cars need large batteries, which have to be recharged.

Maybe the Premier has a large subsidised solar panel on the roof of her garage, so that when she comes home, she can recharge the big battery?

But the sun does not shine at night, so the car will still rely on electricity from coal.

She could of course get taxpayers to buy an expensive battery for the garage which gets charged when the sun shines and then re-charges the green car at night – all very expensive to install and replace. And during and after every cloudy spell, it would still need to run on coal.

Electric cars can reduce pollution in cities. Petrol and diesel engines degrade mega-cities with noise and use up oxygen; and some emit air pollutants such as soot, smoke, carbon monoxide, NOX, SOX and unburnt hydrocarbons.

The Premier should promote Queensland industry by highlighting the fact that her new toys are not only clean and quiet, but also run on nature’s best solar energy battery – ancient sunshine stored in good Queensland coal.