Join the voice of We, the People, unless of course you enjoy being slapped around by govt & corporate bullies

If we say nothing, expect more of the same!!

Farmers being forced off their land or had their land stolen; If they stay on the land, their children, stock & crops suffer.

All because of greedy, spineless banks, politicians, (most) lawyers & corporate thugs.

Use facebook or twitter or email – whatever – get this information ‘out there’! If you are not interested, it’s possible you might know someone who is.

It is our duty to take back control. Collectively, we can make a difference.

Let’s help our farmers and get rid of the corruption.

(the above link was originally found on Dr. David Pascoe’s facebook page, where you will find lots of important information: ) You don’t need a facebook account to read what’s on his page!

Do you see the high level corruption and corporate bullying and wonder, what can I do? Who will listen?

Your Voice can be Heard!
Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney are suing Alan Jones and Brisbane Radio station 4BC for allegations of aggravated damages over comments Jones made in broadcasts this week during the state election campaign.

Help us hold Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney to account. Demand they answer the allegations made against them by Alan Jones.
Show them that we the people demand the truth before the election, no more hiding behind bullying tactics, a court case one can only assume under the circumstances is designed to side step accountability for allegations of corruption.
People of Australia! The time has come to get up off your knees!

Let us stand behind those who demonstrate the courage to speak up and demand answers from our elected employees.
Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney. Did New Hope Coal donate $650,000.00 to the LNP and host senior ministers at private functions including corporate boxes at Suncorp Stadium?
Your answer is demanded!
Was this donation in exchange for Acland stage three approval?
Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney are suing Alan Jones for taking a stand.

Let them hear that the people say No!!

About Fracking…
Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking or fraccing, is a technique used to stimulate and accelerate the flow of gas to a well or bore. The process involves high-pressure injection of sand, water and chemicals into the gas-bearing rock. The injection causes fractures in the rock allowing the gas to flow to the surface of the well.

The coal seam gas industry provides this list of chemicals it says are used in coal seam gas fracking operations in Australia. The National Toxics Network has raised various concerns about the environmental and health risks associated with the chemicals associated with hydraulic fracturing and has said that these chemicals are not adequately assessed or monitored.

BTEX (an acronym that stands for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene) is one group of chemicals associated with hydraulic fracturing. BTEX can be naturally occurring and benzene is a known carcinogen (cancer causing).The National Toxics Network says that the fracking process itself can release BTEX from the natural-gas reservoirs, which may allow them to disperse into the groundwater aquifers or to volatilise into air. Doctors for the Environment point out that a range of other hazardous chemicals are reported to be used in Australian fracking operations including 2-butoxyethanol and ethylene glycol.

Research compiled by Doctors for the Environment found that 2-butoxyethanol is easily absorbed and rapidly distributed in the human body and is particularly toxic to red blood cells, carrying the risk of haemolysis, and damage to spleen, liver and bone marrow. Ethylene glycol is used to make anti-freeze and when ethylene glycol breaks down in the body it can affect kidney function as well as the nervous system, lungs and heart.
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Australians unite, support our farmers, our strength is in numbers. <> A farmers project.