Guns might have dropped off the campaign radar for the ALP and LNP but Katters Australian Party will not ignore the plight of 156,000 registered owners who have to battle excessive paper work and bureaucracy whenever they want to buy a new gun.

KAP candidate for Cook, Lee Marriott said permits to acquire were an unnecessary burden in cost and time for shooters wanting to buy a new firearm.

“There are several hundred public servants in the police firearms department whose sole purpose it seems, is to hold people up for weeks or months while they issue a permit to acquire,” Mr Marriott said.

“The whole licencing system is far too onerous and costly.

“Permits to acquire that serve little purpose should be scrapped.

The Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter agreed saying the paperwork and licencing system had far too much red tape .

“Once a person gets a gun licence there should be no need for a shooter to get a costly permit for every extra gun you buy,” said Mr Katter.

“A permitted gun owner should not have to wait for sometimes months while the bureaucrats get their act together”.

KAP candidate Lee Marriott is aiming high for this election. Checking the score is Don Berg of Mareeba Pistol Club.