Jews indiscriminately kill women and kids. You won’t get this story from the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Insiders have been claiming for years the ABC’s Sydney Newsroom is controlled by members of Mossad.

Have you seen the rockets that hit Israel?


It’s like a kid throwing a rock at a tank, by comparison.


Did you know in 1947 Israel invaded and now occupies Palestinian lands.


How would you raise your children if you were dealing with an occupation army in the streets ever day that, among other atrocities, kills one child every three days, on average, while the free world says nothing and the occupiers claim they are the "chosen" while believing you and your children must die?


You cannot call what Israel is doing, self-defense. When the occupier (Isreal) is on the attack, the occupied (Gaza) may defend themselves. You would do the same and you wouldn’t be a terrorist if you did defend your family, home and neighborhood.


Now, if you look at the bodies of these so-called terrorists, they are children and other innocent Palestinians. Even if many armed adults are killed in the bombing raids, how is it justified for an occupier to continue killing those who resist the invasion and occupation?


The real terrorists are the ones doing the bombing, killing and maiming of the innocent. The evidence is clear, Israel is a terrorist state. Palestinians have resisted since 1947. I stand with Gaza. Zionism is the real enemy of the Jews.

We have been propagandized, big time.
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