Liberal backbencher Jason Wood wants to ban hunters from bringing back their overseas trophies. Wood by his comments is obviously another of the numerous ‘closet Greens’ found infesting the Liberal Party of Australia.

He wants Customs to prevent the entry of any animal trophies.

Cairns News has published many articles about the Greens, Liberals and most Nationals’ hatred of guns, hunting and shooting sports. These parties believe all Australians should be disarmed, holding the same belief as all police forces and the Australian Medical Association.

There are reportedly 600,000 gun owners in Queensland who could determine the election results simply by voting in a block to get rid of the Liberals and the ALP. It also seems Cilve Palmer’s two state members also don’t like guns. Refer to Cairns News May 23.

Katters Australian Party has by far the best policy on firearms.

from Robert J Lee