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Updated Fri 28 Feb 2014, 5:42pm AEDT


Photo: Wills River after rain flooding at the back of the Stradbroke station house. (ABC Contributor)


· Photo: The Wills River before rain acting as a banker. (ABC Contributor)

Rain overnight has caused flash flooding in a small north west town.

Dajarra, 150km south of Mt Isa is isolated after rivers and streams rose quickly from big rainfall overnight.

A Queensland Rail train crew was also stranded for some hours in the floodwaters but have now safely returned to Mount Isa.

Superintendant Russell Miller says three homes were evacuated at Dajarra, and another six were inundated by the flash flooding.

"From some unofficial gauges around the area, there are reports of upwards of 150 millimetres in some areas and obviously that has made the local creeks rise very quickly, and obviously through Carbine Creek which is very close to the town centre."

"Water came up into some of the homes, most of the homes in Dajarra are only low-set. Some people stayed at the local hotel and others stayed with friends and family" he says.

Stradbroke station surrounds Dajarra and is now being referred to as ‘Stradbroke Island’.

Manager David Weston says they received 83 millimetres overnight and it’s the first rain of it’s kind in over 2 years.

"The Wills River is in the backyard of the house, its very good to see it."