Dear Senator,

Like most normal people in the community I have trouble in establishing just what planet it is you, Senator Hanson-Young, live on!

Your strident outpouring of crap on illegal immigrants is offensive to the vast majority of Australians, which is why you and your mates, Milne, Bandt, Brown, Rhiannon and co of the Greens party attract only 8% of the national vote.

Most illegal immigrants come from Muslim countries from which 99% of all terrorists emanate. Every Muslim country in the Middle East is in turmoil; with few exceptions they are poor and violent, and have not been able to govern themselves for centuries. Their Islamic religion with its jihads and fatwahs spew forth hatred and terror across the world. Anybody who does not follow their doctrines is considered an INFIDEL and should be executed.

Muslim immigration into civilised western societies is a huge drain on the welfare systems of those countries, siphoning off much needed funds for their own disadvantaged people. Many Muslims in western countries are unemployed or unemployable; they create unrest, squalor and are dependent on welfare.

In Denmark the Muslim population is around 5%, yet Muslims account for around 75% of that country’s welfare payments!

Many Muslims refuse to recognise the elected governments of democratic countries and have allegiance only to the Koran and their

Sharia law. In Sydney, the Muslim community is the only ethnic group to have its own dedicated police task force (Sydney’s Middle East Crime Squad) to deal with anti-social behaviour.

And what about the subjugation of women who are treated as mere chattels by Muslim men, with children being dragooned into forced marriages, in many instances with men they have never met. Are you OK with that?

The European migrants who came here from Europe after World War II quickly assimilated into Australian society and made this country what it is today. I, a 6th generation Australian of 71 and married to a Dutch woman, greatly admire those people. Greens spend much of their time castigating Tony Abbott for protecting Australia’s sovereignty and preventing the massive drain that unemployed Muslims place on our scarce welfare resources that can certainly be used for much more deserving causes.

Most Australians do not want Muslim immigration into this country! So give us all a break and refrain from your pathetic outpourings in support of illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom are Muslim.

Peter Jacobsen

27/98 Thorn St

Kangaroo Point

Australia 4619