Competition Commission and privatisation will be tossed out by KAP

The unrealistic imposition of economic rationalism pushed upon Queensland consumers by the previous and present state governments has taken household and farm electricity prices beyond public reach.

KAP State President Shane Paulger, a dairy farmer, said he knows just how households are feeling about the “incredible rise in everyday living.”

“I am well aware families are having to make a choice between keeping on the lights or eating proper food right across the state, because their incomes are fixed and cannot cope with continual price rises for energy and most other consumables,” Mr Paulger said.

“The ALP and the LNP are directly responsible for the extraordinary cost of living increases we have suffered because of their policy of privatising the retail price for electricity allowing corporations to make generous returns to their shareholders.

“What happened to the taxpayers who were shareholders of power, water and transport utilities, who were charged just the price of production plus a safety margin for maintenance and new works?

“Now we are about to face a 20 per cent hike in gas prices and regional fuel prices at $1.70 a litre are unsustainable.

“Is there no end to this madness?”

The Queensland Competition Commission policy does not favour families or small business and it should be abolished, Mr Paulger said.

The Commission’s stated aims are to improve the prosperity of Queenslanders by promoting competitive markets, productivity and better regulation.

The QCC website states: “Our role is to put in place arrangements to prevent the abuse of market power which may arise from the lack of competition.”

“Well they have done a great job with Woolworths and Coles who control 85 per cent of the grocery and 48 per cent of the fuel markets,” he added.

“It was the QCC that allowed the latest 21 per cent jump in electricity prices with more to come when power generation is sold to overseas companies.”

“We need to return to the original charter of public utilities so everyday families and farmers are not pushed over the cliff by this unaccountable and uncaring body.”

For more information contact Shane Paulger on 0412166775