Dear Editor,

The Tablelands is in revolt fighting state government decisions on several fronts with yet more serious battles looming.

The latest skirmish involves the United Nations Agenda 21 directives on Sustainable Development which saw many hundreds of land owners across the electorates of Cook and Dalrymple meet to formulate responses to proposed draft planning overlays affecting most private property within the Tablelands Regional Council boundaries.

After attending the Mareeba gathering on Tuesday there is no doubt ratepayers are fed up to the teeth with the attempted removal of the last vestiges of freehold property rights by a seemingly intransigent state government.

Even though the overlays, dressed up in a variety of innocuous terms such as ‘biodiversity, bushfire and flood’, originated with the far away United Nations, the TRC has copped the blame from residents and local members of parliament.

Ratepayers would be well advised to do their own research of Agenda 21, a voluminous document drafted by the UN and signed up to by the Keating ALP Government at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held at Rio de Janerio in June 1992.

It is this document, in itself a draft plan, which is directing every facet of development in Australia and any other country which is a signatory to it.

Any fair mined reader would find its content somewhat insidious with a distinct socialist flavour, but its fingerprints can be found in all three tiers of government planning and across business, industry, trade unions, electricity, science, technology, water resources, waste, health, finance, education and training, OHS and nearly every thing else relating to life on Earth.

Like most of our other 3000 international treaties binding all levels of government we are stuck with Agenda 21, unless of course we can find a potential new government which will remove this and most other treaties similarly tainted with a communist odour.

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