by Larry Pickering
So Bob Carr belatedly attempts to rescue a damsel in distress? How chivalrous of the appointed one now that a diversion from the WA rout is necessary.

Schapelle Corby

Corby’s sentence was a ludicrous one. The evidence that allowed such a sentence was astonishingly flawed.

Evidence that supported her case was blatantly suppressed.

Everything about her trial reeked of Indonesian and Australian corruption.

Schapelle Corby’s guilt or innocence might be debatable except that it makes no sense to cart 4 kilo of Aussie hooch to where it’s worth a mere fraction of what it’s worth here.

“Eight years is long enough”, so sayeth the aesthetically-deprived appointed one.

Carr, in his short bumbling stint in Foreign Affairs, has shown no interest whatsoever in going in to bat for “errant” Aussies if it means offending his diplomatic counterparts.

He has written a letter guaranteeing Schapelle’s good conduct if released on bail in Indonesia. How gallant of him and how can he possibly guarantee anything of the sort?

If 0.0001% of the $A500 million Labor gifted to an Indonesian schools program found its way under the judicial table, Schapelle would have been back in Australia before they could divvy it up.

How strange that Indonesian people smugglers serving time here have been immediately released after one complaining phone call from the President’s Office.

After all, if we dare have the temerity to detain Indonesia’s people smugglers, Indonesian government officials suffer a severe loss of income.

If the appointed one possessed an ounce of testicular gumption he would catch the next plane to Djakarta, grab Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono by the lapels and yell this into his face:

“Listen here you corrupt Islamic ape, if you want one more cent from Aussie taxpayers call the warden at Kerobokan Prison right now and tell him that I will meet him at Denpasar Airport in 2 hours… and he better have Ms Corby with him.”

It’s a disgrace… but no less of a disgrace than Carr’s and Gillard’s wasted aid largesse.