See article about Australian HAARP installations Cairns News March 8, 2012

For many years now, we have been bringing to the attention of the people, the massive HAARP installations, the original installation being in Gakona, Alaska, and are now numbering over twenty units in many parts of the world, being used to bring weather chaos in many parts of the world, one of the easiest targets being the coast of Queensland. The secret motive is to break the state of Queensland, economically and fiscally, which they have now all but succeeded in doing. Successive years of massive floods causing more than $7 billion damage to towns, farms and coal mines has had an enormous impact on the state which was left indebted to international financiers by $33 billion thanks to the former ALP government.

At first the HAARP installation and programme was kept secret, then as word gradually got out, we were told that it was there to carry out “research.” Yes it certainly was, but what kind of “research?”

Any political candidate who is not aware of, and/or who does not undertake to the people that he/she will do all things possible to shut down these evil units, must not be voted for, and must be exposed.

As far back as the 1970’s, United Nations recognised that weather control was not only possible, but moved that such measures could not be used as weapons of war. However, what about economic weapons? How do you prove that HAARP was/is being used against us in order to break the country economically? The programme is owned obviously by the banksters, whose goal, as we have repeatedly pointed out, is to bring about one world government the so-called New World Order.

This is the most devious weapon ever used against us, and they will continue to use it next year, and the years following, until they break us, and take us over, unless we move to stop it.

Over twenty HAARP installations around the planet are now deployed to cause extreme weather conditions to create economic and social chaos from which a small number of people, and of course bankers, benefit. Those who are deliberately manipulating such situations for personal gain, and to create conditions to justify restrictions of our freedom under so called Emergency powers. These parties and governments must be brought to account for destroying food crops, violating every human’s right to walk the land and dwell in our homes in safety, to grow food and enjoy clean air and water. –contributed