Great ALP candidate

  • was not a member of the ALP
  • has lived in Canberra for 15 years
  • previously stated that she would like to get into politics in the NT (hoping someone would ask her), but both major parties ignored her
  • did not know who the father of her first daughter was
  • married the bloke who drew the short straw
  • was known as greased lightning, but not for her sporting prowess
  • was evicted by Cathy Freeman for trashing the house she had generously loaned her
  • was picked up drunk in Darwin mall, having a punch-up with her then husband
  • didn’t turn up for a celebrity race the next day as she had a black eye
  • was very unsportsmanlike towards team mates in the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games
  • posed for a nude calendar
  • sponsors Telstra and Novotel withdrew their sponsorships
  • took fellow hockey team members on a fishing trip to Bathurst Island (Charters, exclusive lodge accommodation) and charged it to the NT Government
  • is an arrogant bitch with expectations of living off the public purse.

should fit into Julia’s team pretty well…