(1) Admission that political advisers to the government have botched decisions resulting in a cost something in the order of $20 billion.

(2) Boat refugees that have chosen to skip Nauru and go home again given $3000 each by the government as compensation.

(3) The pursuit of a temporary seat for Oz on the UN Security Council has, to date, cost a reported $40 million.

(4) 1000 new cotton/rice farms have been permitted to open in the Eastern States during the last 12 months.

(5) A revenue shortfall tipped this year of $25 billion whilst the countrys borrowings exceeds $240 billion and continues to rise.

(6) Gillard announces a $6.5 billion School Education Funding plan but is unable to say how it will be funded

(7) Dental care plan for children announced by Plibersek at a cost of $2 billion but she cant say how it will be funded either.

(8) The price of spin doctors presently employed by the Federal Labor Government now costing $150 million a year

(9) Each public service employee was given a bonus of $1000 to head off industrial unrest at a total cost of $33 million.

(10) $320 million was promised by Gillard at the Pacific Forum Conference to help increase the number of female politicians in the Pacific.

(11) The Treasurer suggested planning to further tax the nations $1.4 trillion superannuation funds in an attempt to balance his 2013 budget.

(12) Australian Funding for Indonesia 2012/13 – $578.4 million.

(13) National Broadband Network way behind schedule and blown out by another $1 billion – total cost of the project – $43 billion Expert opinion is that this cable system will be outdated long before it is finished being replaced by wireless broadband.

(14) Failed Pink Batts Insulation Scheme Cost $3.45 billion plus $424 million extra to repair the mess left by Minister Garrets inefficiency.

(15) An audit has revealed that the $540 million government scheme to boost literacy and numeracy in schools has totally failed.

(16) An enquiry has revealed that the $16.2 billion Building the Education Revolution(BER) programme (administered personally by Gillard) has totally failed. A number of schools destined for closure & demolition in the near future had new buildings erected during the scheme.

(17) A headline from Adelaide s The Advertiser in 2009 OUR FUTURE MARKED BY RISING RIVERS OF RED INK

(18) The cost of recording the first round of Carbon Tax commercials was $350,000 followed by $340,000 for the second round. Thats $690,000 before buying any airtime. Estimates also heard that the Government is planning another round of advertising to sell the Carbon Tax Labor promised not to introduce. And in anticipation of that, the creative advertising agency involved has had its contract increased by 50% to $3 million.

(19) A planned National Disability Insurance Scheme $10 billion promised but unfunded.

(20) Planned Child Care Subsidies . $1.4 billion promised but unfunded.

(21) The Immigration Department revealed that about $2 million has been spent flying 260 asylum seekers from Christmas Island to Nauru averaging more than $7,600 per asylum seeker

(22) Nineteen lawyers worked on the Governments defence of the Slipper/Ashby case at a cost of $780,000 to date.

(23) A portrait of Peter Slipper in his Speakers Robes destined to hang in the halls of Parliament has been commissioned at a cost of $30,000.

(24) Bureaucratic Excesses: The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry spent $21,000 on a single dinner. The Department of Industry spent $75,000 on just five coffee machines.

(25) Fair Work Australia has so far spent more than $1.8 million on external legal and accounting advice for its investigation into the rorting of Health Services Union funds.

(26) $79,700 was spent building three fake kitchens for the Governments Carbon Tax advertising campaigns. Using real kitchens would have cost $5,000 a day.

(27) More than 10,000 asylum seekers arrived by boat so far this year five times as many as Wayne Swan estimated when framing his Budget. The budget estimate of $1.1 billion was based on an average of 450 arrivals per month but actual arrivals are running at 5 times more on an average of 2,400 per month.

(28) While departmental officials refused to be drawn on the cost of the Budget blow-out we do know that in 2011/12 every boat that arrived cost taxpayers $12.8 million, or more than $172,700 for every person on board.

(29) The present Social Security and Welfare Budget for 12 months is, in round figures, $131 Billion. Assuming that there are 3 million Australians eligible for this that equates to $43,885 per person per annum. The current age pension is $15,132 per person per annum so the question remains where does the other $28,753 go? Surely not administration?

Meanwhile Gillard has vehemently stated her opposition to pension increases for non-Labor voting pensioners. (Sieg Heil Comrade mate?)

(30) Gillard announced a whitepaper The Asian Century – where Asian languages will be taught in all Australian schools for us to better communicate with our Asian neighbours. The cost will be $6 billion which is, again, unfunded whilst an implementation strategy has yet to be formed. Fact: As there are many Asian languages and dialects most Asian business transactions are presently conducted in English.

(31) Gillard announces her Plan to Save the Murray. Quote: We can deliver the extra water by investing $1.8 billion in infrastructure, water efficiency and fixing constraints like raising low bridges so more water can flow.Unquote.

Raising bridges so more water can flow ???? Can somebody tell the fool that bridges, no matter how high or low, do not normally restrict water flow?)

(32) Water Fact 1: Gillard has found 450 billion litres of water at a cost of $1.8 billion to Save the Murray.

Water Fact 2: Cubby Station is licensed to take 460 megalitres a year from the river. 460 megalitres = 460 billion litres so, by closing Cubby Station the problem is solved & $1.8 billion is saved. Where do we send our account?

(33) Further Fabulous Failures:

(a) Grocery Watch

(b) Fuel Watch.

(c) $1 billion Cash for Clunkers failure.

(d) 450 GP Super Clinics promised . Only 3 delivered.

(e) $2.1 billion promise of a Laptop for every child.

(f) $275 million Green Loans debacle.

(g) $534 million Solar Panel Rebate suddenly withdrawn.

(h) Promise to build 222 Child Care centres abandoned.

(34) $38.5 million spent for a pro-mining tax advertising campaign.

(35) The gross Australian Federal Debt as at August 31st 2012 wasA$244,325,881,000. ($244.3 billion) and continues to grow at $100 million a day.(Thats two hundred & forty four billion, three hundred & twenty five million, eight hundred & eighty one thousand dollars!)

(36) A random quote from The Punch. Headline quote: Gillard & Swan are Failures, Not Leaders. Quote from the text: Mr.Swan has undermined Australia s international standings and jeopardised our economy. He should have been sent to the back bench, not made Treasurer & Deputy Prime Minister. unquote.

(37) And we wont even mention the 3 or 4 year protection given to Craig Thomson by Gillard ..Thomson being the Health Services Union man who, by his statement, had his credit card stolen by someone unknown to pay for prostitutes and then put back in his wallet again several times in fact!!

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