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Bob Katter and the Party have this week campaigned very hard against the sale of Cubby Station to a Chinese owned company. Both the Labor Party and the Coalition support this sale which will see the largest farm in the Southern hemisphere and the largest owner of water rights on the Murray-Darling basin fall under foreign control.

Federal Leader’s Update

Federal Leader, Bob Katter, has strongly condemned the sale of Cubby Station to a Chinese owned company, which has been backed by the Labor and Liberal Parties and the LNP in Queensland. This is some of what Bob had to say:

Let it be clearly understood that weve already let 12 per cent of our farmland to be sold off to foreigners theres no other country on Earth except for some South American backwaters that would allow this to happen but we are kidding ourselves if we think our farmland will not continue to be sold off under a Coalition government.

The only difference between the ALP and the LNP on this issue is that the LNP will sell us out faster.

And its an extraordinary display of hypocrisy for any politician from the LNP to be protesting now because their personal political ambitions dictate it.

Why didnt they do something about it when they had 12 years of power?

In other news, Bob has paid tribute to Australia’s first Indigenous politician, Eric Deeral, promoted irrigation along the Flinders River, supported fair GST returns for Western Australia and backed croc culling to protect lives in North Queensland.

This Saturday Bob will attend the Brisbane Writer’s Festival to debate with Germaine Greer which is sure to be colourful and interesting.

Bob’s new website has also been launched. It has heaps of information about key issues and all his latest press releases.

The latest Katter Chatter video is also available – this time Bob attacks poisonous imports which are allowed to be sold without food health warnings in Australia.

Queensland MP’s Update

Rob Katter has continued to attack the LNP’s plans to build themselves a new $2 billion ‘palace’ by selling off prime government land in Brisbane only to rent it back from developers. Rob highlighted that this remains the only infrastructure plan of the new LNP government and ignores the need to build wealth-generating infrastructure for industry in the regions.

Rob has also condemned plans by the LNP to sack medical staff, including up to 130 front line health workers in Far North Queensland despite receiving written assurance from the Health Minister in July that all medical jobs would be safe. Additionally, Rob won support from the mining industry in Queensland for his call for a debate on uranium mining.

Last Saturday Rob attended the Hand Cane Cutting Championships at Home Hill and used the opportunity to promote the Katter’s Australian Party policy to support ethanol and fair prices for Australian farmers. Shane Knuth is currently consulting with the community to draft legislation that would enforce a 2km buffer zone between wind turbines and the boundaries of neighbouring properties. This has been driven by community concerns about the Mount Emerald Windfarm.

Shane also continued to champion local parents who are concerned about the transition of the Atherton High School to an Independent Public school.#