I cross ocean, one way trip,
pay people smuggler one big tip
Green man, his name Bob Brown,
he welcomes all of us to town.
He big man in Government now I think.
He sends us off to Centrelink.
Welfare say, ?You come no more,
we send cash right to your door”.
Welfare cheques – they make you wealthy!
Medicare – it keep you healthy!
By and by, I get plenty money.
Thanks to you, you Aussie dummy!
Write to friends in motherland. Tell them ‘come fast as you can.. ”
?Before all is changed to Abbott plan?
They come in turbans and Toyota trucks,
And buy big house with welfare bucks!
They come here, we live together.
More welfare cheques, it gets better!
Fourteen families, they moving in,
But neighbour patience wearing thin.
Finally, Aussie guy moves away.
Now I buy his house, then say,
‘Find more immigrants for house to rent. ”
And in the yard I put a tent.
Everything is very good,
and soon we own the neighbourhood.
We have hobby, it’s called breeding.
Welfare pay for baby feeding.
Kids need dentist? Wives need pills?
We get free! We got no bills!
Australians crazy! They work all year,
to keep the welfare running here.
We think Australia darn good place.
Too darn good for Aussie race!
If they not like us, they can scram.
Lots of space in Afghanistan!

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