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Trucks roll into Canberra

A growing convoy of trucks and cars is on its way to Parliament House Rebel News: 31-01-2022 Trucks from around the country are en route to Canberra as part of a convoy to protest against vaccine mandates. I was on the ground at one of the meeting points near Wodonga, on the Victorian/New South Wales border where dozens of trucks and a massive convoy of cars departed early this morning.

Tuckies blockade Pottsville NSW 10am Sat 4th Sept 2021

We are waiting on new footage of the blockade. Editor

AVN says support the truckies

In other news, Australia’s truck drivers are completely over it! They are planning to blockade the highways and borders and potentially the ports of entry across the entire country. They have given us warning though the actual date when this will happen is unknown but as they have advised, if at all possible, it will be good to have 2-3 weeks’ worth of food and water and if your neighbours have not been able to prepare for the shutdown (which will interrupt the supply chain), then sharing what you have would be a blessing.

It appears that the truckies may be joined by construction workers, ambulance drivers, motorbike riders and a host of other workers from different trades across Australia. Some nurses, carers and even doctors may join in the protest! If you are near one of the blockades when this action starts and are able to help out by bringing food, water and perhaps paying for port-a-potty facilities, that would be great. Let’s support these brave men and women whose actions have the capability of bringing the government to its needs in a matter of days or weeks.

As always, direct action and all of us working together for a common cause of freedom and informed choice will win the day. As hard as it sometimes is to see the hope when we are surrounded by political leaders who seem intent on making us all feel hopeless, we are not alone and there are so many more of us than there are of them!

As you read through today’s newsletter, please make sure you put your hand up for any of the actions which you are able to help with and if you want to add your contact details to our volunteers list as well, here is where you can do so.

I hope to see many of you at the QLD border on Sunday and here’s to the day – coming very soon – when those in government who have tried to imprison us in our homes, destroy our businesses and neighbourhoods and force us to take dangerous and ineffective medical procedures will pay the price for their crimes.

Yours in health and solidarity,

Meryl Dorey
AVN President–Truckie-s-Blockade-and-Latest-News.html

Queensland’s border vaccine demand fuels truckies already in angry blockade mode

A THREAT by Queensland Premier Palasczcuk to force truckies and other essential workers to get vaccinated before coming into the state will blow up in her corrupt regime’s faces. Truckies have already had enough of the bullying from state governments everywhere and will begin a Queensland border blockade that is being extended to ports and other states.

Truckie “Bluey Festa” is furious over state government attempts to force vaccination on truckies and school students.

South Australia is already being subject to a delivery ban and another blockade on Victoria is threatened.

Angry truckies have been posting across social media and their blockade plans have won support from as far away as the US, where the transport industry is also suffering under the lies of the jackboot COVID regimes.

Palaszczuk announced last Tuesday that from Friday, essential staff who live in NSW but work in Queensland “will be turned around unless they can show they’ve had had at least one dose of a vaccine. She lied that the vaccines were the “last line of defence” for Queensland.

Last year the same Queensland government criminalized the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID treatment, while doctors in the US were calling out for more supplies after successfully treating patients.

Truckie responses to Palasczcuk’s extortion attempt was blunt and to the point: “This bitch thinking we’ve gotta get vaccinated to go in and out of Queensland has got to be kiddin’. Enough’s enough. All of us need to stop. Don’t go out and get the vaccine like a f…. moron – it’s untested, no-one knows the long-term results,” a truckie said on a TikTok video made on the road and posted on Bitchute.

“We drive trucks and sit for a long period of time, so there’s a huge chance we’re going to develop clots,” the driver said. “We don’t need to get this shit (vaccines). We’re tested every day. At the end of the day man, enough’s enough… see how good Queensland goes with no freight coming in and going out.”

Another angry truckie using a YouTube account under the name of Bluey Festa raised the possibility of port blockades. “We as truckies will block all your highways, we’ll block all your ports and we’ll even stop what we need to stop. There is nothing you will be able to do. You back off. These are our roads, this is our country and we will run it how we want to run it.

“This is our country. You and your vaccines is bullshit. You can f… off. You are not going to mandate nothing. And for the kids, what you’re doing is disgusting. What you’ve done in rounding them up in New South Wales is disgusting.

“We are going to be running this country. We are taking it back. Us truck drivers are going to be the front line and whoever’s behind us, we are going to take this country back. You politicians make me sick. You guys are filthy, you do not represent us people and you don’t represent this country.”

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