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Haron Monis, Sydney siege and ASIO involvement


Whistleblower Mamdouh Habib(above) is accusing the Australian government of obstructing and sabotaging his ongoing court case in Egypt, in retaliation for allegations Habib levelled at ASIO over its highly unusual activities before and during the 15 December Sydney siege.

In February, Habib travelled to Egypt, where he is seeking redress in an Alexandria court for the torture he suffered in Egypt in 2001–02 under the discredited Mubarak regime, after having been rendered to Egypt by ASIO. He reports that although the Australian government is not a party to his case, the Australian authorities through an embassy representative have interfered twice in the court proceedings, first on 15 March and then on 28 May.

The interference Habib is alleging includes: an Australian embassy lawyer participating directly in the court hearing, even though the Australian government is not a party to the case; blocking Habib’s star witness from entering the country to testify; and persuading Habib’s lawyer to withdraw from the case and hand over his evidence to the opposing lawyers. These instances of recent interference follow years of Australian government obstruction of his case by, among other things, refusing to certify documents he successfully used in evidence in Australia, so he can use them now in Egypt.

Following the 15 March instance of alleged Australian government interference, Habib on 27 March wrote to Attorney-General George Brandis to accuse ASIO of responsibility for the interference. He then made the following explosive allegation about the Sydney siege:

“I further bring to your attention, that I believe ASIO’s interference in my case [is linked] to what’s being said [by Habib –ed.] publicly about ASIO and the 15 December 2014 Sydney siege terrorist attack. I have reported that I first met hostage-taker Man Haron Monis in 2007 when I was running for office. Haron offered to help me in my campaign, and I knew Haron well from that time until the siege at Sydney’s Martin Place 15 December 2014.”

Habib continued: “On the day of the siege, I offered to negotiate with the gunman, but police refused. I contacted the Commonwealth Attorney-General office twice to negotiate with Haron. My call was transferred through to ASIO to whom I repeated my offer but was more careful, because I feared ASIO was involved. I contacted police again and explained that I knew Haron well; that Haron might be mentally disturbed but he was not violent and he wouldn’t harm anyone. I confirmed to the officer, if I was given the chance to speak with Haron I could get him to surrender. My offer was rejected, and this is when I realized that the siege was being handled as a terrorist attack, I told police that ASIO was intending to kill this man, and if that happens the Government would be responsible if any lives were lost.

“That raises serious questions about the handling of the siege, as it is a common practice to use someone that the hostage-taker might respect.”

Man Haron Monis – Sydney siege gunman

Habib then revealed, “Prior to the Sydney siege, Haron informed me that ASIO wanted him to do some sort of job in order for him to be reunited with his children and leave the Country with [sic] different identity and that he needed someone else to help him. He never confirmed what the job ASIO wanted him to do was. But ASIO said to him that if Habib helps in that job they would assist in settling my case overseas. I will release the full story in relation to this matter if I receive a fair public investigation.”

These revelations from Habib, and his allegation against ASIO, are so explosive that he must be called to testify before the inquest presently underway into the Sydney siege. However, when the Attorney-General’s Department replied to Habib, on 1 June 2015, their letter completely ignored his allegations pertaining to ASIO and the Sydney siege. The department chose, instead, to deny any interference in his civil case in Egypt (although they did concede an Australian embassy lawyer attended the hearing, which is itself an admission, given that Australia has no involvement in the case).


Mamdouh Habib is a credible witness against ASIO. In December 2010, following years of denial, the Australian government suddenly reached a confidential financial settlement with Habib, to settle his claim for damages against the Commonwealth Government for his detention and torture in 2001-2002. Habib had insisted that not only had ASIO rendered him to Egypt to be brutally tortured, but that an ASIO officer had actually been present during his torture. Habib was vindicated when an Egyptian official came forward and confirmed his charge, and even named the ASIO officer.

The Australian government admitted ASIO’s wrongdoing by its actions, if not its words. Aside from the financial settlement, ASIO went into full damage control, returning Habib’s passport and declaring him not to be a threat to national security. In Habib’s final security assessment interview with ASIO in early 2011, a senior ASIO officer said to him and his wife Maha, “You have every right to be mad and angry at this country.”

Habib’s present experiences raise the question: is ASIO again targeting him, because of his willingness to speak out about firsthand knowledge of ASIO’s involvement with Man Haron Monis? Habib isn’t just embarrassing ASIO, because the latter is both historically and presently merely a branch office of Britain’s intelligence services (in particular of MI5), and these British agencies are deeply involved in running international terrorism and provocations of all sorts, as the CEC and the LaRouche organisation internationally have exposed for decades now, most recently in a featured speech at the CEC’s 28-29 March international conference in Melbourne, “Who is sponsoring international terrorism?”

It is of vital importance to Australia’s national security that Mamdouh Habib give his testimony to the NSW Coronial Inquest into the Sydney siege, and that the Australian government cease any actions to obstruct Habib’s legal case. –from Citizens Electoral Council, Melbourne

Senator David Leyonhjelm supports citizens being able to protect themselves

Former Prime Minister John Howard comes out of mothballs to demonise gun owners yet again!

John Howard ,children overboard, Port Arthur massacre, AWB $300M funding Saddam’s slaughter, land theft from our farmers to fund KYOTO, such  credits to his leadership

This autocrat of the Liberal Party lives in another world. This is the man who allowed Port Arthur to occur. This man knew there was to be a psychological operation about to be waged against the Australian people. It was our first real, large scale terrorist attack putting aside the 1970’s rubbish bin bomb in Melbourne, which on the facts today was the first psy-ops carried out with the knowledge of a few in authority.

Howard and others knew the Tasmanian massacre was about to occur. It was not perpetrated by an ineffectual and incompetent young man with an IQ if 60.

Martin Bryant

Cairns News has published much about the Port Arthur shootings. Martin Bryant was not capable of inserting a box magazine into a Colt AR 10, 7.62mm assault rifle. This testimony was given to police by a Tasmanian gunsmith. This gunsmith was pilloried and harassed by authorities until he lost his business and fled the State.

Martin Bryant was charged for mass murder which he was incapable of doing. Simple facts that were buried by a 30 year ban on court transcript publication.

Tim Fischer

Now we have a raving Jesuit such as former National Party deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer, again bagging and demonising gun owners. Tim should explain to the Australian people why he left Parliament overnight.  The Federal Liberal member for the Cairns-based electorate of Leichardt, Warren Entsch was involved in Fischer’s sudden departure from Parliament.

Fischer also might like to explain what happened to him when subsequently he was resident in the Vatican as Australian Ambassador to the Holy See.

The Jesuits are the hitmen of the Catholic church, pure and simple. Fischer was an army officer who served in Vietnam. He and the Bolshevik television personality Ray Martin led the campaign to disarm the Australian people.

David Leyonhjelm

Now after an Islamic terrorist attack in Sydney that, as Senator Leyonhjelm said today, could never have occurred in most States of America because its citizens are allowed the right of self-defence. The Islamic terrorist would know he was interfering with people who might be carrying a firearm. That alone would have been a deterrent.

At least one person in the café could have been carrying a firearm.

The mad muslim would have been shot immediately. The psychological distress and economic savings to the country are immeasurable.

As the Senator said: “Our citizens are victims waiting to be hurt.”

For many years Australian defence experts have advocated arming the population with military rifles based on the Swiss citizens militia model where all responsible adults keep a government issued rifle in their home.

They undergo periods of mandatory military training in readiness for any invader. Not surprising, there is little recorded crime against the body or property in Switzerland.  Can anyone remember Switzerland having ever been invaded?

There are no violent home invasions that we see every week in Brisbane and other larger centres. Because responsible Swiss citizens have been taught how to use a firearm.

How much longer do we have to put up with the treachery of the Labor Party’s Bill Shorten, the Greens Hanson-Young and the likes of Howard and Fischer. These people should have been tried for terrorism.

Watch this video featuring  Wendy Scurr the first person into the broad arrow cafe after the Port Arthur massacre.  She has a completely different story to tell from the mainstream media , the police, and the federal and state governments. Find out just how much disinformation and myths have been created around the pre-planned Port Arthur massacre. Watching this video with an open mind you will never be the same again.