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Assange could vaporise the entire Russian collusion hoax

by Alex Bruce

Gina Shakespeare reads from the Epoch Times’ April 16th article by Brian Cates, in which he says that the arrest of Julian Assange was timed to occur after Barr’s swearing-in and after the release of the Mueller Report.

Julian Assange could prove Russian collusion was a hoax

As anyone who’s been subscribing to FKTV since 2016 knows, the DNC emails were NOT hacked remotely by Russia or by anyone, they were leaked by someone with physical access to the DNC’s server. Assange knows exactly how the emails were obtained, as their publisher at WikiLeaks, which has a spotless record of accuracy. If offered a plea deal for the recent conspiracy charges against him, Assange could provide irrefutable evidence as to the identity of the leaker and thus vaporize the entire Russia Collusion hoax and reveal the fraud that’s being perpetrated against the American people for what it is.

Many in the Mainstream Media are reporting that the extradition of Assange will be lengthy, with the bail-jumping charge lodged against him by British authorities carrying a 12-month sentence and 70 Members of Parliament are moving to block his extradition.

However, Cates believes that Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have “massive leverage” over the UK government that will force the latter to swiftly extradite Assange to the US, for reasons that he says will soon become clear.

I believe he’s referring to the involvement of British Intelligence members, including Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper, Robert Hannigan and others in the attempted/ongoing coup against Trump and how this constitutes an Act of War against the US.

The UK government’s attempts to invalidate the 2016 US Presidential Election are not unlike its attempt to invalidate the 2016 Brexit vote of its own people.
The US cannot simply ignore the fact that the UK attempted to overthrow the US Government because they’re supposed to be our close allies.

The UK’s actions have established a Casus belli and they technically merit an in-kind response. I’m not at all suggesting that the US go to war with the UK but I am pointing out the severity of the situation and how this does, indeed constitute leverage.

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