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Political Circus Disappearing Act! Step right up!

Email the judge presiding over mandatory vaccination case – death by vaccine

Letter to the Editor

AFL Solicitors have a case against mandatory vaccination scheduled for the 30th September in the Supreme Court of NSW, to be heard in front of The Hon Justice Robert Thomas Beech-Jones.

EVERYONE is asked to email Justice Beech-Jones and tell him that you oppose mandatory vaccinations, and you believe it is the individual’s right to choose. Please be civil about it and no swearing.

Four hundred thousand people watched the directions hearing live streamed on YouTube.
If a million of us email Justice Beech-Jones, it has to have an influence on his decision knowing over a million people are dead set against mandatory vaccination.

“We’ve tried protesting, and they start shooting at us”

Contact Justice Robert Thomas Beech-Jones whose associate is Margaret Gaertner:

Email: – Head your email: “Attention: The Hon Justice Beech Jones

Also see the link of other Judicial officer contact details here:

Death by Vaccine

Prime Minister Morrison is an advocate of Covid vaccine, which nearly every epidemiologist says won’t work because the coronavirus which is present in every human, has not been isolated. Morrison has stepped back from his compulsory comment but will ensure ‘no jab-no pay’

One has to ask why the vaccine program still continues and is being forced the way it is given the number of vaccine injuries and deaths all round the world and over 500 in Australia just from Astra Zeneca and Pfizer. It’s crazy and very obviously criminal!
01/12/2020 – 11/09/2021.

Astra Zeneca
Number of reports (cases): 33314
Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 32848

**** Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 311 ***

Comirnaty (Pfizer)
Number of reports (cases): 23651
Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 23251

*** Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 196 ***

Ref: .You have to enter the vaccine and the date range in the search box

Landmark case fights states’ grab for total power, upholds religious freedom

NSW cops violate constitutional and criminal code protections for religious gatherings by invading a church service in Blacktown. Meanwhile Aldi, Woolworths, Bunnings, Coles and Liquor Barn down the road are open for business.


A BARRISTER representing Glady Berejiklian’s dictatorial COVID-19 regime that forbids singing in churches in the name of fighting a virus has told the Federal Court in Sydney “No one disputes a common law fundamental freedom of the practice of religion”.

This is the regime that recently issued $1000 fines to each of 30 adult members of a Sydney congregation who met during a lockdown. The same regime banned the minister from preaching for seven days, fined the church organisation $5000 for hosting the event and the pastor a further $500 fine for failing to wear a face mask in a public place.

The almost laughable comment in court came from Jeremy Kirk, representing defendants the state of NSW, Health Minister Brad Hazzard and Chief Health Office Kerry Chant. The barrister tried to excuse the state’s horrendous abuse of powers by citing “the right to life as the most important common law right”.

This right to life “defence” of a state government that has banned, suppressed and repeatedly lied about the inexpensive generic drug treatments for COVID-19 while furiously pushing dangerous experimental vaccines on behalf of a corrupt global pharmaceutical cabal is nothing more than gross hypocrisy. More than 450 post COVID vaccination deaths have been reported in Australia so far this year – more than the claimed number of COVID deaths.

The barrister then suggested that if “pastors, reverends or rabbis” who gave evidence in the court had real concerns about the health and safety of their members of their community or congregations they could “go visit them” with their “reasonable excuse”.

The case before the Federal Court of Australia is challenging restrictions on religious gatherings by the NSW and Victorian state governments and the legitimacy of lock downs in general. It continues next Wednesday (September 10).

The court directions hearing will cover questions on the validity of certain state Acts and consider how several Constitutional matters under Section 109 proceed as well. Section 109 essentially says Commonwealth Acts prevail against state Acts that are inconsistent with the former. It is now widely known that state health acts under which the so-called public health orders are made are inconsistent with the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act.

Plaintiffs are Rabbis Menachem Kamenetzky and Rabbi Zvi Telsner and Sydney-based Baptist Ministers Rev. Christopher Athavle and Rev. Robert Ayoub, as well as Presbyterian Rev Robin Tso, from the Hunter region. The rabbis are seeking to observe their Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services through September at their synagogues.

Lead solicitor in the case Tony Nikolic said the action involved two critical elements – an expedited injunction to allow religious Jews in NSW and Victoria to congregate in synagogues for the religious high-holiday of Rosh Hashanah from Monday, September 6, and secondly, a broader action against the NSW and Victorian governments and the Commonwealth of Australia.

It is alleged that none of the governments have the constitutional or common law power to deny NSW and Victorian citizens their religious freedom, including fulfilling particular religious obligations and practices in designated houses of worship.

The filing argues that NSW and Victoria have selectively discriminated against religious groups by stopping them from congregating in houses of worship which the governments have deemed “non-essential” while allowing citizens to congregate in retail outlets such as supermarkets, newsagencies and liquor stores.

Complainants also argue that houses of worship provide significant spiritual, psychological and emotional support for people, especially for those suffering financially and psychologically from the impact of the governments’ lockdown policies and that the states’ indiscriminate selection of “essential” and “non-essential” venues under public health orders are not supported by robust scientific or medical evidence.

They have called on Jayanta Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Standford University (California, USA) to provide an independent expert report in support of the action brought forward by the plaintiffs.

Mr Nikolic said the action followed similar ones in the United States in which the US Supreme Court ruled that US state governments did not have the constitutional power to deny Americans’ religious freedom by indiscriminately closing houses of worship while allowing other venues to remain open.

“Courts in other jurisdictions such as Scotland have also ruled that COVID-19 measures cannot indiscriminately close houses of worship. Importantly, seeking injunctive relief from the Federal Court of Australia is the last possible venue for the plaintiffs to have their religious freedoms protected,” he said.

“My clients have attempted to engage with the NSW and Victorian premiers and their ministers as well as various NSW, Victorian and Federal parliamentarians to have their grievances addressed in a diplomatic and respectful manner.

“Unfortunately, in the context of NSW, the NSW Government has been unwilling to engage with my clients in any meaningful dialogue. As a result, our only last venue for relief is the courts. Alternatively, in the context of Victoria, while meaningful dialogue did occur, the Victorian Government failed to acknowledge and respect the religious freedoms of my clients,” he said.

He noted that churches and synagogues in the action were willing to adhere to exactly the same health measures required by the NSW and Victorian public health orders which are required of venues deemed “essential”.

“The churches and synagogues which special counsel and I are representing in this action are happy to meet all of the NSW and Victorian governments’ health requirements, including the use of hand sanitisers, facial masks, QR codes and social distancing,” Mr Nikolic said.

“If these measures are satisfactory for supermarkets, newsagents and liquor stores, we argue that these measures should be satisfactory for houses of worship, especially given that Australians have a constitutional and common law right of religious freedom, observance and practice.” Part of Friday’s court proceedings can be viewed online.

Premier Gladys joins Pinocchio

Pinocchio was an animated character in a Walt Disney Productions in 1940 about a puppet who came to life and when he told lies his nose would grow. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has proven her worth as a Pinocchio with monotonous regularity we found this video worthy of publication,

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is either stupid or evil

Letter to the Editor

by Step O’Rafferty

The comments that Gladys Berejiklian made about last month’s protest in Sydney are not only reprehensible, they are spine chilling and treasonous to the highest degree. The protest was not illegal, there are no laws in Australia that prohibit protests. There may be directives issued by utterly corrupt public servants and political figureheads but they are not enshrined in law. By inciting hatred towards people who are legitimately demanding their freedom from tyranny, Gladys has now stepped onto the same platform as the leaders of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. If she does not yet realize that COVID 19 is a scam perpetrated by the greedy and power lusting elite she is stupid beyond belief. If she does understand that it is a scam and continues to perpetrate this crime against humanity she is evil beyond contempt.

Your turn now NSW as Gang of Three impose ‘Lock Step’ lockdown again

We could not have put it more explicitly. Cairns News would like to know where this was done. BELOW: SES chief health officer Chant in one of her moments.

Gladys grabs the limelight again, saving the state from the big bad virus, while Hazzard looks on enviously.                             


THE Andrews Labor gang of Victoria has systematically terrorized and economically raped Victorians several times over and now it’s the turn of New South Wales at the hands of their Liberal-National Gang of Three – Berejiklian, Chant and Hazzard.

Across Australia it’s the same formula: Premier, Chief Health Officer and Health Minister ramp up the fraudulent PCR testing to find “cases”, and in all states, conveniently at the time of their expiring emergency health declaration periods. They then start shouting “Cases! Hot spots! Test! Test! Lockdown! Vaccinate!” Media dutifully amplifies the panic so the uninformed TV watchers line up for their tests and shots.

During the week, the NSW health department “in error” vaccinated 163 year 12 students at St Jospeph’s School with the dangerous Pfizer vaccine. The vaccinations were only intended for the school’s indigenous students. Why? And who gave the required consent? The arrogant Minister for Health Hazzard just brushed it all off and told the media to “move on”.

Will Hazzard and chief health officer Chant take responsibility for harm to those 163 boys? Oh no, they’re indemnified. Or was it some sort of orchestrated event involving blanks so they can come back and say “they’re all fine” and push the Pfizer shots on young people everywhere?

Hazzard, Chant and Berejiklian don’t want to talk about vaccine reactions. The inventor of mRNA vaccine technology Dr Robert Malone says the Pfizer vaccine has a serious flaw which allows the lipid nanoparticles carrying the mRNA to accumulate throughout the body including in the brain, heart, bone marrow and especially ovaries. Many women are reporting serious menstrual problems.

This month, Broadcaster Alan Jones appealed to the political crowd to consider the evidence for medicinal treatment of COVID and against lockdowns and masks from the likes of Dr Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former chief scientific officer, who has been warning against use of that company’s vaccine for at least a year.

Jones even pointed out that some 320 people have died post vaccination this year, compared to just one death from or with COVID-19. But the politicians, bureaucrats and media are stuck on their narrative like flies on sticky paper.

Cairns News can only attribute their behaviour to insidious corruption running through Australia’s federal and state government health departments and Senior Executive Service. They are clearly running the totalitarian “Lock Step scenario” as laid out in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 report Scenarios For The Future of Technology And International Development.

The Rockefeller and Gates foundations were dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars annually long before COVID to push the globalist agenda of total human vaccination, digital health, population control, Agenda 21 environmentalism, and leftist “woke” ideology at all levels. Look at the Rockefellers’ 2010 annual report which contains 20 pages of worldwide grants just for that year, worth about $140 million.

Media is one recipient of these foundations’ handouts. For instance, NewYork Public Radio got $450k from Rockefellers in 2010 for “expanding and deepening some BS narrative on “transportation and infrastructure policies and practice”. BBC nototoriously received $53 million from Gates Foundation for “media and communications efforts that strengthen governance and advise on health”.

The usual “fact checkers”, e.g. those media groups like the BBC that are all in the Gates-Rockefeller realm of influence, will tell you Rockefeller Foundation “never planned the pandemic as conspiracy theorists are claiming”. AP, Reuters, USA Today, Snopes are all part of this organised deception around the COVID narrative.

Oh sure, independent media and “online conspiracy theorists” can get facts wrong, but they also bring to light a lot of facts and interpretations of facts that are totally ignored by the mainstream media. This has never been so obvious as in the globalists’ big grab for power using “national health policy”.

Snopes tries to explain it all away with the usual “fact checking” and “snow job” technique: Throw up a few strawman claims such as “Lock Step is an operation manual” and then proceed to call the “conspiracy theory” false.

“In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation funded a scenario-planning exercise that envisioned how hypothetical future events could impact the development of technology. This document, however, does not provide any sort of “operation manual” for how to manufacture a global pandemic. Rather, it envisions how the world would be impacted in four different scenarios (including a global pandemic).”

Good try Snopes, but no, Lock Step is a planning scenario where nations are coerced and bribed by this money-laden foundation to implement the globalist social engineering plans of these uber-rich elites. This is proven and documented in government documents referred to previously by Cairns News in the “COVID is a psyop” articles.

What the Gang of Three in NSW is running is social engineering on steroids, even if they don’t know it. But what counts for the global health cabal is the stupidity of politicians and bureaucrats like them to blindly and obediently carry it all out.

NSW Liberals defund integrity agencies including the Electoral Commission, “You can’t keep tabs on us,” said Gladys

The NSW Liberal Government has delivered a $15 million cut to the State’s key integrity agencies – including the ICAC, the Law Enforcement Commission – compromising their independence and ability to conduct investigations.

NSW Shadow Treasurer Walt Secord was responding to answers given to supplementary questions during Budget Estimates with Special Minister of State, Public Service and Employee Relations, Mr Don Harwin.

NSW Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian does not like anyone looking over her shoulder

The funding cuts will affect five key integrity agencies over the periods – 2020-21; 2021-22; 2022-23; and 2023-24:

The cuts compromise:

  • The Independent Commission Against Corruption ($3.418 million) ;
  • The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission ($3.316 million);
  • The Audit Office of NSW ($373,000)
  • The NSW Electoral Commission($4.425 million); and
  • The NSW Ombudsman ($3.436 million).

This totals $14.968 million over a four year period.

Shadow Special Minister of State and Shadow Treasurer Walt Secord said: “this is a de facto declaration of war on the State’s integrity bodies.”

The ICAC chief commissioner, Peter Hall QC and the NSW Auditor-General Margaret Crawford had previously expressed concerns about the need for independent funding.

Currently, the ICAC has been reduced to its smallest size in its 30 year history.

On March 22, the ICAC handed down its report from Operation Dasha, involving the conduct of disgraced former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire.

“Sadly, the easiest way to stymie those who root out corruption is to tie their investigative hands behind their backs,” Mr Secord said.

“In the past year, we have heard revelations against the Premier’s office shredding important documents and delivering millions of dollars in grants without proper process.”

Last year, the Government also rejected a bill to protect the funding of the ICAC.

Everybody except the $3.16 Billion ABC knows the origins of COVID 19

ABC misinformation continues. It is easily verified that the virus was manufactured in the UK about three years ago then sent to a Canadian laboratory for weaponising, then stolen by two Chinese scientists working at the lab in 2019 and deliberately released probably by the Ministry for State Security late last year.  A ‘vaccine’ for this flu virus should be avoided at all costs, particularly when Bill Gates is involved. Experienced doctors have warned against any vaccine.    Go to:

from ABC

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has warned that social distancing restrictions will be in place in her state “until a vaccine is found”.

But what exactly goes into developing a vaccine for a new disease? And how long will that take?

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus, was only identified a few months ago, and while researchers have been rapidly finding out about the virus and the disease it causes, there’s still so much about it we don’t understand.

NSW Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian says social distancing restrictions will remain in place until a  vaccine is found. What she really means is that all NSW residents will be forcibly inoculated with a questionable vaccine. Other states can expect the same.

But that doesn’t mean the quest for a vaccine is coming from a standing start.

Rapid vaccine development technologies mean that the time it takes to develop a vaccine, which used to be in the order of two to five years, could be condensed down to the 12 –18 month time frame that many experts have been referring to.

And the science that has gone into developing past vaccines also gives researchers a jump on COVID-19.

Even so, creating a new vaccine isn’t as simple as taking an existing vaccine and swapping the viruses, said Larisa Labzin, an immunologist from the University of Queensland.

“For each virus or different bacterium that causes a disease, we need a different vaccine because the immune response that’s mounted is different,” Dr Labzin said.

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