Political Circus Disappearing Act! Step right up!

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  1. Love it


  2. Bitch will be part of Crimes against Humanity Trials coming soon.

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  3. Wait. isn’t that Scotty from Marketing?


  4. Why are so many people blaming the ICAC for Gladys’ resignation? Didn’t she simply apply the same rule to herself as she distinctly applied to Daryl Maguire when ‘Dodgy’ went under a bus in 2018? Or is that something we don’t need to know about?


  5. just about says it all


  6. Eat your heart out Mandrake; Morrison’s in town.
    He can’t do anything useful like turning water into wine but he can turn a Victorian totalitarian Police State into a mellow, peaceful, Democratic one. Ask the United nations.
    His pet Doherty Institute under his magic wand has isolated CoVid-19 when no other laboratory in the world has been able to.
    A deadly DNA and immune destroying injection under his wand is now saving us all.
    You could fill a foolscap page on Magic Morrison.


  7. SPOT ON! Perfect rendition!
    That red flag has stirred up quite a few Aussie Bulls!
    And the witch in red and black has disappeared with a ‘poof’! Err; I mean ‘spoof’!


  8. Looks to me like you’re a fake cairnsnews! Don’t know what your agenda is but I don’t like it; and if I’m wrong about that, then I can only guess that you’re cowards or a plant!


  9. Thank you for that Tony I do not have time to explain Cairns News to you but maybe our reader can email you what they feel about us – tonyredondo1@hotmail.com


  10. Tony,
    Does the word TROLL mean anything to you?


  11. One thing is for sure… They’ve all made the flu season casualties magically disappear. No more flu, presto!


  12. Why TROLL? I was commenting on the Premier and how she is lined up for Nuremberg!


  13. THIS is what needs to be looked at; the evidence before the International Criminal Court, Fleming’s method on how to reverse the effects of the so called “vaccine” and a %100 cure against Covid19 infection https://thehighwire.com/videos/live-from-event-2021-in-dallas-tx/


  14. Stephen Skillitzi

    Hi to Cairns News editor and assorted Bcc-ers all,

    To keep the Socialist aussie takeover rolling, there is always another facsimile to replace the now-departed NSW premier, Gladys Berejiklian. The tyrannical Globalists will be in charge until ‘Kingdom Come’, demanding citizens conform to the new dystopian religion of ’SECURITY ahead of FREEDOM.’ Result? Both denied!!! Instead, it’s all nationwide ’SMOKE ’N MIRRORS’ …. plagiarising a few eccentric red-cape/top-hat prescient performances. “P.M. ScoMo: move over! The passionate patriotic ‘Old-Guard’, from 1999, needs fresh elbow-room!” S.S.


  15. mithraelsworld

    Hi guys my family is running a business during covid BS and they do markets approx 16 a month which is needed and good old Dan Andrews is trying to mandate all farmers market stall holders to get vaccinated before Oct 15th or they threaten their entire livelihoods! If the high court has already ruled that our constitution has in fact banned mandatory vaccinations so now his targeting private stall holders at farmers markets, with malfeasance and clearly this is unhinged behaviour .

    Would love cairns news to light this up so those at markets across all states can at least have a way forward vs souls having to sell them to just feed their families which in itself is criminal.

    Sent from my iPhone



  16. @Tony Redondo: “Looks to me like you’re a fake cairnsnews! Don’t know what your agenda is but I don’t like it; and if I’m wrong about that, then I can only guess that you’re cowards or a plant!”

    Missed out on your pills this morning, mate?


  17. I wonder if Gladys’ departure has anything to do with Clive’s press conference?


  18. send us an encrypted email from the link located on the sidebar with details and we will follow it up ,, ED2


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