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CBDC is on the way as banks cancel cheque accounts

Digital currency is well on the way for Australians while the Reserve Bank continues with its implementation and banks can cheque accounts in preparation to impound all paper money as it comes over the counter.

This week Queensland-based bank Suncorp warned its customers with cheque accounts they would be deactivated in January 2023.

Suncorp also advised it was cancelling some credit card accounts because “this service is no longer available.”

As the dummies pay at the check out with their phones or cards Klaus Schwab and the WEF are salivating at the immense control banks and governments will soon have over the people as every transaction is meticulously recorded.

The Australian Taxation Office is expecting a bonanza in extra revenue it believes electronic transaction tracking will deliver.

The treacherous LNP/ALP duopoly is rushing forth to implement the WEF’s digital currency model to keep control over people’s lives as the Covid scamdemic is fast waning and a few souls finally wake up when their jabbed friends and family members suddenly drop dead.

Commerce will suffer immensely when the cost of digital implementation hits small business and families who will be forced to buy card readers for fruit and vegetable stalls, garage sales, local markets and other every day transactions.

When the internet is shut down and there is no legal tender in circulation many people, including remote indigenous communities will starve. Barter is desirable but not the answer.

Cairns News advises total rejection of the cashless society coveted by the dodgy duopoly. Ring your federal member’s office and tell them you won’t comply.

Will you take the ‘mark of the beast?’

Russia to have a ‘digital ruble’

by Alison Ryan

In this world’s economy the lust for power to rule makes war a mockery of its true intent.

There’s always been wars fought for a purpose and to defend freedoms against aggressors.

Where diplomatic talks fail, as in the case of NATO and Russia, war becomes inevitable.

The spirit behind the real movers and shakers of the Russian/Ukrainian war motivated the US and several of its allies to disconnect a few Russian banks from the Belgian-based Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), which facilitates most commercial cross-border payments between firms banking in different countries, and to exert pressure on Russia.

No fool for the West, but certainly an international world power, Russia may have anticipated the sanctions and, so, started working on its own CBDC — the “Digital Ruble”.

According to Credit Suisse Group AG strategist Zoltan, “Russia’s central bank and private sector have almost $1 trillion of liquid wealth, with a much larger share of this held in U.S. dollars than most people realize, even after the country sold all its Treasuries holdings in 2018”.

Russia is an active member of the UN; however, the UN policies of universalism are not nationalistic and Russia is strongly nationalistic. It is well that Russia’s relations with China remain a bright spot for the Kremlin because their partner relations with China will allow Russia a remaining cooperation in an environment where Western markets are closing against them.

Given that some of Beijing’s most explicit comments on the sanctions reveal that “China is not a party to the crisis, nor does it want the sanctions to affect China”, nevertheless, “China has the right to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.”

Australia’s role is increasing in the Asia-Pacific region and we shall do well if Australia can follow the wisdom of standout politicians who seek freedom and righteousness and reject the calls to fight someone else’s war.

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