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Compromised Scomo’s vaccine passports on the way

Letter to the Editor

Governments will have to privatise everything to pay off the debt they’ve run up due to their policies, that’s one of the reasons for the ‘pandemic’…Smaller government, and the Renters take care of every previous government service, etc,. The Renters will suck the taxpayer for every penny > just look at how much taxpayers money is being handed over to the drug- pushing companies > the template…

The lockdowns were ‘meant to fail’. They just dont work. period… QR codes, like all tracking ‘systems’ so far will prove to fail also… Next step > to implement vaccine passports… Which is
The ultimate aim… “Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkees !” (NSW govt strategy)…

Karen Elliott


Craig Kelly MP a true Australian hero warns there could have been 50,000 deaths from Covid vax

Member for Hughes Craig Kelly introduces a bill into federal parliament to prevent the introduction of Covid passports

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