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Andrews’ assault against medium to small business follows Antifa’s US plan

THE upmarket Arcobar café-bar run by businessman Franz Madlener in Moorabbin, Melbourne, is what one might call a small to medium sized business, turning over a few hundred thousand dollars a year, and employing half a dozen or more staff.

These “middle class” business that represent tens of thousands of jobs in Victoria, have been targeted by the socialist/fascist thug Dan Andrews under his phony COVID police state lockdown. This has also been the standard practice of Democrat governors across the US.

Melbourne cafe introduces a $3 surcharge for any customers who thinks Premier Dan Andrews is doing a good job

They are happy to have their corporate sponsors like Target, Woolworths, Coles and Bunnings open, but not the small to medium-sized enterprises, who they claim are non-essential.

So should we be surprised that this café owner was attacked, Antifa-style, by rock-throwing, brain-dead “I Stand With Dan” thugs when Madlener indulged in some light-hearted politics?

Madlener had merely put up a good-humoured, tongue-in-cheek sign advising Andrews supporters they would be charged a dollar extra. The sign went viral across the web and news channels.

But the humourless I Stand With Dan crowd who love their slavery, would have none of this and abused and threatened staff and threw rocks through one of the café windows, forcing Madlener to employ security guards overnight.

But yesterday Melbourne freedom supporters turned up to buy up coffee and food to give the business it’s best day of trade since last Christmas.

“In the last 24 hours, I guess since this sign’s gone viral, the level of abuse and vile anger and personal attacks on the business, me and the staff yesterday, was completely over the top,” he told media.

Melbourne’s COVID dictatorship has forbidden cafés and other small businesses like Arcobar from having customers, unlike the big corporate supermarkets and hardware stores that have been open all the time for business, capitalizing on the closures of small business.

While Arcobar has been able to conduct takeaway trade throughout the lockdown period it has lost “a couple of hundred thousand dollars during this period”, Madlener said.

In an act of despicable condescension towards the “unessential” small business people, Andrews and his regime announced last Sunday cafes could have 10 customers at a time in two weeks – but only with the added new burden of ludicrous and oppressive so-called COVID-safe plans.


Liberal Party’s cashless society now moving fast as supermarkets refuse cash

Totally compromised banker’s man PM Scott Morrison, rushes in a ban on cash that has nothing whatsoever to do with alleged Covid 19 infected banknotes or tax evasion.  The ABC and MSM are supporting the NWO takeover with their fake news

Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, has expressed his disgust on the back of the announcement that some inner-city supermarkets will no longer be accepting cash.

“A proposal by one of the supermarket chains to go cashless?” Mr Katter said in disbelief when first confronted with the news.

The LNP’s cashless coup now quickly taking shape. Bob Katter says he will lead the demonstrations to stop the banks and federal government from owning every person in the country

“Once cash vanishes then you become the puppet of the banks,” said Mr Katter.

“A cashless society means the only way you can buy anything is if the bank approves it and four banks encompass 90% of Australia’s transactions.”

“If we Australians are stupid enough to trust 4 giant corporations and their puppets, the Federal Government, then we are really stupid people.”

“Australian currency is owned by the people, not the banks.”

Mr Katter’s tirade follows a major supermarket informing the public that, from yesterday, they would no longer be accepting cash payments at six more inner city stores in Melbourne and Sydney. This is on top of the six stores that began the trial in July this year.

“The concentration of power here is really scary,” Mr Katter added.

“The giant supermarket chains have destroyed owner operator businesses across Australia.”

“This is the first step onto a slippery slope, and it will be absolutely disastrous, at a time when people are trying to desperately to get their money out of the banks and financial institutions.”

“I will lead the first demonstration in the first store that they attempt to do it!”

Cairnsnews advises voters in the upcoming Queensland election on October 31 to vote for a KAP candidate or you will go down with the Admiralty law ship. If valid, corporation law would prosecute Queensland Inc for trading while insolvent. The state is hopelessly bankrupt yet the knucklehead Premier and the equally silly Opposition Leader, bereft of any intelligence have taken election pork-barreling to such lofty heights the Reserve Bank will have to print money non-stop for the next two years.

Total economic collapse is real in 2016

Financial experts predict there is much worse to come. They say get prepared!

The banks and governments are now trying to devise a foolproof system for street people and the unemployed to allow them access to social security payments while living on the streets. The cashless economy is on the way. A recent example of the consequences for an electronically controlled society hit home at the far northern Queensland mining town of Weipa. A green initiative of Rio Tinto is to supplement the town’s diesel-driven power generator by switching over to electricity from a large solar installation the company constructed earlier this year.

When making the switchover the solar system failed and the normal power supply shut down. Woolworths, the only food outlet at Weipa, was forced to close its doors for nearly two hours. People already in the shop were asked to leave and the doors were shut behind them. The cash registers and barcode readers could not function, the refrigeration stopped working, the lights and air conditioning failed. This is how the governments of the future will control a cashless society. When the citizens object to more and more fascist policies of the ALP and LNP, the ‘government’ will force Woolworths, Coles and the banks to drop their security shutters’, turn off the power and without cash to buy produce direct from farmers, people will starve.

If the power is turned off across the city, no EFTPOS machines can work. No cash, no food!>

Something smells… and it’s not the ‘Freshly Baked’ bread

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has expressed his outrage at the sheer audacity of the supermarket giants, following today’s announcement that Coles has been banned for three years from advertising that its bread was made or baked on the day it was sold.

Coles has also been ordered to display a Federal Court Notice in its stores and on its website, telling consumers that it had broken Australian Consumer Law by falsely advertising bread products as “freshly baked” and “baked today”.

“It is extraordinary that Coles would advertise the bread as ‘fresh’ when it was made, partially baked then frozen some months earlier overseas,” Mr Katter said.

“Why would they do this? As the great economist John Quiggin said, “Because they can”.

“The supermarket giants here live in a world where they get whatever they like.

“There are only two people to sell to and two people to buy from, then obviously you have a situation which is disastrous for food producers.

“This is a colossal blow and essentially serves notice that the public of Australia have reached the end of bovine acceptance that ‘free markets will be good for us all’.

“A free market is when corporations feel free to ‘mark it up’ to whatever price they feel like it”.

“The Federal Government said we have to compete on the world market; our Australian dollar is dangerously high, our interest rates are the highest in the world and in other countries around the world farmers get nearly 40% of their income from the Government,” Mr Katter said.

“The LNP has been in power 13 of the last 18 years and they are in power now; their only proposal to reign in the supermarket giants control is through deregulation of trading hours.

“This proposal contained in the Government’s review of competition law (Harper Competition Review Draft Report) only strengthens the hands of the supermarket giants, and will completely wipe out whatever is left of the independent sector.

“The AC Neilson series tracked the supermarket giants’ growth at consistently 2% annually, accumulating a market share of 76.2% in 2002.

“The supermarket giant’s own annual reports to shareholders demonstrate market share growth of 2% annually. The Australian Bureau of Statistics in 1998; also had the supermarket giants on an annual growth of 2%.

“This judgement today confirms that we need to head off the untrammelled greed of the supermarket giants. If not, farmers and the future of our Australian agriculture are doomed,” Mr Katter said.

The Court is yet to decide whether to fine Coles, which faces penalties of up to $3 million.

Laws smash supermarket giants’ stranglehold on Aussie industries, communities

17 June 2013: LAWS to smash the supermarket giants stranglehold on Australia’s grocery retailing and food production industries were introduced to Parliament today by KAP Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter.

Mr Katter has challenged the corporate-controlled ALP-LNP parties to respect the overwhelming majority of the Aussie people’s wishes to rein in the inexorable march of the supermarket oligopoly, by voting for his Reducing Supermarket Dominance Bill 2013.

The legislation forces the supermarket giants to reduce their colossal market share to no more than 20 per cent each within six years, with a Food Retailing Commissioner ensuring compliance or hefty fines.

“The Americans are screaming blue murder because WalMart and their competitor have now reached about 23 per cent market share. Here we have two supermarkets with a market share of over 80 per cent, so if they decide to cut down the amount of money they are going to pay farmers and jack up the price to the consumers, they can, because there is no competition,” said Mr Katter.

“We have to preserve what little competition weve got left so that we can get a fair go. It is vitally important to head off the untrammelled greed of the supermarket giants.

“Because once they have obliterated all other retail competition, along with our food production industries that can’t compete with cheap overseas labour and an artificially inflated Aussie dollar, thanks to our successive free-market obsessed governments, then they will be able to charge us whatever they want for inferior product.

“The KAPs supermarket laws are among three legislative pillars introduced by Mr Katter in a bid to restore power to Australia’s food producers, small businesses and consumers against the might of a supermarket share concentration unseen anywhere else in the world.”

Also currently before the parliament are Mr Katter’s Imported Food Warning Labels Bill 2013, to warn consumers that food imported from other countries could be produced in conditions that pose tis to human health; as well as the Dairy Industry (Drinking Milk) Bill 2011 to give dairy farmers decimated by the supermarket giants milk price wars and governments’ industry deregulation, the right to collectively bargain for a fair price.

And nothing whatsoever is being done by the Australian Government, Mr Katter said.

“This has been going on for far too long. The history books will read that the people who served in this House from 1991 2013 should hang their heads in shame because they sat on their hands when they had a chance to protect the second most important commodity on Earth behind water, our food.

“So while MPs bicker over who should lead; the consumers are forking out more for food, and food producers and farmers are annihilated in the process,” said Mr Katter.