Liberal Party’s cashless society now moving fast as supermarkets refuse cash

Totally compromised banker’s man PM Scott Morrison, rushes in a ban on cash that has nothing whatsoever to do with alleged Covid 19 infected banknotes or tax evasion.  The ABC and MSM are supporting the NWO takeover with their fake news

Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, has expressed his disgust on the back of the announcement that some inner-city supermarkets will no longer be accepting cash.

“A proposal by one of the supermarket chains to go cashless?” Mr Katter said in disbelief when first confronted with the news.

The LNP’s cashless coup now quickly taking shape. Bob Katter says he will lead the demonstrations to stop the banks and federal government from owning every person in the country

“Once cash vanishes then you become the puppet of the banks,” said Mr Katter.

“A cashless society means the only way you can buy anything is if the bank approves it and four banks encompass 90% of Australia’s transactions.”

“If we Australians are stupid enough to trust 4 giant corporations and their puppets, the Federal Government, then we are really stupid people.”

“Australian currency is owned by the people, not the banks.”

Mr Katter’s tirade follows a major supermarket informing the public that, from yesterday, they would no longer be accepting cash payments at six more inner city stores in Melbourne and Sydney. This is on top of the six stores that began the trial in July this year.

“The concentration of power here is really scary,” Mr Katter added.

“The giant supermarket chains have destroyed owner operator businesses across Australia.”

“This is the first step onto a slippery slope, and it will be absolutely disastrous, at a time when people are trying to desperately to get their money out of the banks and financial institutions.”

“I will lead the first demonstration in the first store that they attempt to do it!”

Cairnsnews advises voters in the upcoming Queensland election on October 31 to vote for a KAP candidate or you will go down with the Admiralty law ship. If valid, corporation law would prosecute Queensland Inc for trading while insolvent. The state is hopelessly bankrupt yet the knucklehead Premier and the equally silly Opposition Leader, bereft of any intelligence have taken election pork-barreling to such lofty heights the Reserve Bank will have to print money non-stop for the next two years.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dead right Old Kodger, unfortunately the sheeples have been manipulated by corrupt educational curricula, dodgy teachers, communist governments, lying politicians, communist bureaucrats and the major media. Not to forget cell phones and TV. Ed


  2. Yes correct – whilst ever we continue to contact we are slaves..To understand how and why we are contracting is difficult to explain to the masses..It requires research, commitment and intellect..


  3. Andrea,
    I agree with your comments in principal, BUT, you miss one salient point THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, is is a foreign (American) company registered in Washington DC who’s official company office is in Washington DC. It is a belligerent invading company, not The Commonwealth of Australia Parliament,
    None are sitting in treason, they are sitting under their own constitution, and WE gave that company validity by voting for it. We opted to leave The Queen, and The Commonwealth, Whilst I concede that that was achieved through trickery and deceit, the outcome is the same..
    The Commonwealth of Australia Parliament still exists BUT NOBODY VOTES FOR IT
    However, under the 1901 constitution, voting for THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, is an act of treason and war by the people of The Commonwealth (treason, Blacks law dictionary = breach of allegiance).


  4. It’s time for all Australians to start doing their part come together say hell ni to this crap and remove these traitors.


  5. Hi Tara send us a media release. We are one of about three national publications which publishes the real vaccine story including AVN news albeit AVN is very lax when it comes to publicity. Getting something to publish from AVN is akin to keeping the sheath on the needle.Editor


  6. Free food, use phone and record you are having to do this under duress, tap and pay then dispute claim with bank. Worked twice for friend with job fail fi when they stopped cash transactions in april.


  7. On all money notes are the words “Legal Tender”. This means that if you accept the sellers “offer to purchase” on goods and they refuse the cash offered,then the good are yours for free . Try this a few times and see how the firms react Well it was when I went to school 70 years ago.


  8. Geoff Schleehauf

    It’s time for a referendum to be called by concerned politicians so that the people of Australia can decide on whether we go cashless. I for one disagree but thats my opinion. Our major political parties have overstepped their boundaries and are ruling like dictators. If they are so worried about taxes go and ensure that international corporations trading in Australia are paying their taxes.


  9. 1909 BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT…look it up.
    It clearly states that if payment for a bill is refused the bill is null and void.


  10. We must keep using cash, it’s a vital part of a healthy economy, it never fails, the internet and technology can and does fail. We want to be free to spend our money as we see fit.

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  11. Just keep loading up those shopping trolleys and if they refuse your cash, just walk away!

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  12. I would like Cairns News to amend this as one of the Informed Medical Options Party’s Policies, the ONLY party that has it in writing, to protect our Australian Cash and fight the corrupt government who wants to chip, track, mass drug & take away our cash which we will become slaves like never seen before!!! I look forward to seeing ur amended advice to include Informed Medical Options Party. Thank you.
    Tara Garozzo
    Informed Medical Options Party


  13. Seems you writers need to catch up. Katter is sitting in treason!
    A summary of treason & deception.
    Still so many Australians are unaware WE have a Commonwealth of Australia Constitution. Drafted by the people for the people, a referendum was held and it was agreed to by the people and assented to by Queen Victoria in 1900 & came into existence January 1901. WHY…was it removed from being taught in schools in the 1970s??? Because Whitlam started to hide what they were doing.
    1917, labour brought in preference voting with the rise of the nationalist party. It began the 2 party system. In our Constitution it’s 1 elector=1 vote. There’s also NO mention of a PM nor major parties. Parties are to have no more than 25 members. But that’s how the majors have got to be the 2 party system…on deception. They are supposed to work for US…not us work for them, their perks and fat pensions!! Politicians are supposed to be paid on parliamentary sitting days only, plus get an amount to run their electorate office, they are not entitled to recieve any more pension than the rest of us, and retire at the same age as the rest of us.
    1919, labour signed the treaty of Versailles, without a referendum, which seemed to be the catalyst for WW2…then helped set up the League of Nations, the forerunner to the UN. They gave the very first foreign aid away. They also helped set up the UN in 1945, joining us to that foreign power. Labor pollie, Norman Makin was first president of UNSC in 1946. They will NOT get us out of UN clutches! Majority now being done in OUR country, is at the behest of the UN.
    1934, labor registered Australia with the USA, as the ‘Commonwealth of Australia corporation’…after the Great Depression.
    1942 Australia adopted the statute of Westminster, introduced by the UK in 1931, which changed our politics, and cemented the 2 party system.
    1944 After WW2…a referendum was held, to raise ‘temporary’ personal taxes to help recover after war. But, the referendum was ‘NOT carried’. Labor brought them in anyway & never removed them. WE are now the highest taxed people in the world.
    1946 saw a national pension fund introduced, after a referendum re social services was held and carried…where ALL aussies paid 7.5% of GDP into a fund towards a retirement aged pension.(Pensioners should now be at least $6000 better off yearly) WHERE…did that fund & all its millions go?? Now, the aged are made to feel a burden on ‘welfare’.
    1948 saw labor sign us to the UN Gatt Treaty, which started the downturn of import/export tariffs. Labor brought it in, in 1973. Free trade is NOT in our best interests.
    We WERE a prosperous nation. Countries and big business paid their way, now WE do. Then in 1975 labor signed us to the UN Lima agreement, which started the demise of manufacturing & farming, and began mass imports…which China has risen on. They are still considered an ‘emerging’ nation by the UN!
    1974 a referendum was held for our approval on federal govts giving councils funds. WE said NO. The 1988 referendum asked for our approval on councils to become a 3rd tier of govt. WE said NO. But WE the people were ignored = treason. Councils are acting unlawfully, they can charge or fine us NOTHING. A 1999 referendum asked us did WE want to become a republic(seperate us from England)? WE said NO. But now with mass migration into our country, by people who don’t know or care about our Constitution, it could happen. Without our Constitution, we could become part of the NWO, with borderless countries and zero sovereignty.
    1986, labor deceitfully brought in the Australia act, with NO referendum. Our true laws and rights were removed.
    Constitutionally…Referendums are a right of WE the people, and every major change to our Constitution without a ref = treason. Any ref not adhered to = treason. Every law and act post 1986 is null & void.
    The Queen is now a piece of paper that our govts refer to as the ‘queen of Australia’ = fictional, and the GG is now a highly paid official with not a lot of power. Our courts act on maritime laws, instead of Common Law and our police are no longer a ‘service’ or work for WE the people but are govt puppets, now a police ‘force’.
    All Current Royal Commissions are invalid, as they do not have the Royal Seal, nor the the fact that since the 1986 Australia Act was brought in the govts, state & federal, no longer recognise the Crown.
    Current pollies CANNOT stop the majors. Many minor parties & independents have been told of treason committed against us & our country, with zero responses and NONE have said a word to YOU the people. ALL & EVERY current pollie is sitting in treason of our Commonwealth Constitution, as none swore the true oath of allegiance to the Crown, nor (know ??) adhere to our true Constitutional laws. Just WHAT have ANY of them, on their high wages, done for Australia??? A vote for ANY of them…is a nod to treason. Any new upcoming pollies that don’t adhere, will also be sitting in treason!
    The UN wants ‘well to do’ people to pay ‘emerging countries’ $$billions, so they can catch up to western countries = global wealth redistribution/equality…hence ‘climate change emergency’! Aussies will pay into the UN climate change coffers $52billion from 2018 – 2030. It’s all under the ‘UN Agenda 21 sustainability development’ plan, that WE were signed to in 1992. They want farmers off the land, and the masses into SMART cities. Under our Commonwealth Constitution s100, water cannot be kept from those who need it, nor used as a commodity. But…China, Coca-Cola, bottled water companies and some of our pollies own & have more rights to water…than our farmers = treason.
    Our treasonous govts have done nothing but cripple & bring OUR country down. They’ve sold us ALL out…they’re tearing it up & selling it off in pieces.
    Labor has destroyed us…the liberals never stopped them.
    They are UN/globalist puppets…shadow govts. They’re supposed to govern FOR us…NOT OVER us. State Govts CANNOT make laws that conflict with the federal Constitution.
    The TRUE federal CC is still there, it can only be altered lawfully with a referendum, it cannot be removed as it was written for us to protect us….It is indissoluble!
    It’s OUR Constitution & law over the parliaments, state & federal.
    The unlawful Australia act 1986, tried to make us independent of England. High treason, sedition and treachery to overthrow the country.
    WE the people are supreme, WE are sovereign and WE are the Commonwealth. NOT our govts. Getting our Constitution reinstated & upheld is up to YOU the people! WE are not independent of England. WE never left the UK lawfully with a referendum. Are WE still a colony?? Still unsure…WHEN was/is OUR Independence Day??
    ➡️ A case has been filed into the UK High Court re the 1986 Australia act that a referendum was NEVER held on, removal of the Crown & non adherence to our federal Constitution.
    WA govt, Governor and attorney general are the ‘first’ state served on 7/2/20.
    They were given 28 days to respond…and still haven’t.
    Filed by Rod Culleton/Great Australian Party(GAP) & crew. They are literally fighting on OUR behalf to get Australia back, when the UK courts re-open.
    (A register will be done of TRUE up coming pollies, and so far it’s still only GAP 😢)
    The Aussie indigenous group…OSTF are backing this case.


  14. Disgraceful


  15. I will not use any business that does not accept cash – if we all did this they would soon stop.. Sadly so many asleep..


  16. Jew world order


  17. michael kennedy

    total control nothing less ,we are scared to cough in public because there is a man made virus circulating that kills mainly the aged and the very vulnerable which are the very group that should be most protected but as we have seen over the decades are left at the mercy of the millionaire and billionaire aged care industry that neglect them to increase the profit margin . the scamdemic has shown us one thing “MONEY TALKS” and loud, blatant border favors for the cashed up complete with premier excuses . and now total financial control for the rank and file and we all know the cash underbelly will be alive and well with undetectable money movement for those with enough in the bank to be on first name basis with the bank manager. i will avoid using those that wont accept cash and i hope many others will even if i’m prepared to pay by card i will only do so at places that accept cash. the scamdemic is growing tentacles fast, where will it strike next ?


  18. YEP YEP YEP! Have been warning of this for a while now.
    And while devildan is behind closed doors in the closed down state of Victoria, is he implementing this change for Victoria?
    Look at it this way, he has the chinese technology to trace card transactions – and what’s the betting 5G towers are suddenly popping up all over Victoria.
    IT’S WHAT THE FED GOVERNMENT WANTS so there won’t be any ruckus from them.


  19. wont take my hard earned cash they loose my business, done it already and told them what i thought.


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