Letter to the Editor

One person gets/spreads Disease, Bacteria or maybe disasters like floods, fire, Power outages, or train derailment, road closure and Woolworths or Coles New centralised processing facilities grind to a halt.Hundreds of supermarkets all over Australia could run out of meat, fresh produce and groceries.
*We need local butchers back in the supermarkets for quality fresh guaranteed supply of local Aussie meat.

*We need local Aussie produce back on the supermarket shelves.
*We need quality 100% Aussie made food.
Meat and produce grown in Far North Queensland is now transported to Woolworths centralised processing facilities then sent back to FNQ doing more than 3500km (It’s near rotten before we can buy it)

Any idiot can see Woolworths end game here.
A) Monopolize the industry.
B) Price control local small business.
C) Dissolve market enterprise.
C) Force contract control on suppliers.
D) Centralisation of meat and produce processing facilities and distribution.

In my opinion Woolworths & Coles BIG plan is exporting quality Australian grown meat and produce overseas and import substandard second or third grade meat and produce for Australian supermarket shelves.
(Pork is already over 70% imported from China, Europe and USA)

Aussie’s have been asked to help and support local Australian farmers for years and in return is this what happens?

It appears the health departments are asleep at the wheel. If you think Covid is bad wait until our food has disease and bacteria (Remember the frozen Nana’s berries made in China that Thousands of Aussie’s got Hepatitis in 2015 ! *In 2016 10,202 or 6.5% of Deaths in Australia had Hepatitis)

The government should be watching this closely but they are having to much fun spreading fear with this bloody Covid crap or climate change (ABC), always a diversion while big corporations are playing with Australian food supplies.

Did anyone notice that all the big Virtue signalling donors to our major political parties sush as Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings etc also government employees NEVER LOST A CENT DURING COVID, Some actually doubled or tripled profits and wages.

(Fair dinkum Aussie’s can smell a rat)


Jase FNQ