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Are these prominent Australians supporting Klaus Schwab’s global digital prison?


PATRIOTIC, freedom-loving Aussies have some questions for the swag of politicians and public figures who have direct and indirect associations with the World Economic Forum. Some are:

  • Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, WEF Young Global Leader (2021)
  • Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg, NSW, (YGL 2021)
  • Clare O’Neill, Victorian Federal Labor MP for Hotham, member of Emily’s List Australia, a political network that supports “progressive” female candidates for election. (YGL 2019)
  • Former Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow, WEF YGL and Fabian Society member (perfect match!)
  • Movie actress/singer Jessica Mauboy  (YGL 2021)
  • Future Super executives Simon Sheikh and Geraldine Chin Moody, YGLs actively supporting WEF aims and objectives under banner of so-called “ethical investment”
  • Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of “global city” Melbourne, senior roles in WEF partner KPMG
  • Diane Currie, chief planner, City of Brisbane, member WEF Forum on Future Cities Tomorrow and UN Habit Advisory Committee.

The questions: Do you back the World Economic Forum in their plan to use AI technology to censor so-called misinformation on the internet? Do you support the use of facial recognition technology to surveil Australians? Do you support the so-called digital ID system and the abolition of cash? Do you support the WEF’s so-called great reset system where people “own nothing and will be happy1”?

Perhaps you can put to rest, Senators and others, the strong suspicion among many Australians that the WEF’s Young Global Leaders are pushing the WEF’s so-called Great Reset agenda which will essentially make private property illegal and keep the population virtually imprisoned in a digital identity system which controls every aspect of life. You think that’s a conspiracy theory, no it’s an actual plan put up in plain sight on the WEF’s own web pages.

Australians would reasonably suggest that you put those suspicions to rest right now by disassociating yourself from plans to censor free speech and expression on the internet in addition to the diabolical digital identity plan and the endless vaccinations pushed by WEF partners Bill Gates, Pfizer and the

We know that Senator Bragg chaired of the Senate Select Committee into FinTech and RegTech, joined the class of 2021 Young Global Leaders as did pop singer Jessica Mauboy. What’s next Jessica, a run for the Senate or House of Representatives? Nothing like celebrity to propel one into political influence, hey Jess?

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