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Fierce Chechens mobilising two divisions to reinforce Russian troops in Ukraine

From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

Last week our forces came across an all-Australian saboteur group in the Izium region comprising 7 soldiers. Needless to say, they will not be returning to Australia, we know they were Australian special forces by their identifying documents. The Germans have unofficially entered he war, they now attend their own heavy equipment using them against the RF.

We now know that the recent Ukrainian counterattack in the Kherson region comprised most of those trained in Poland/UK and to a lesser extent France. We believe the counterattack comprised 20,000 personnel of Zelensky’s elite forces supported by NATO. These forces have taken heavy losses and continue to do so. The Chechens are mobilizing at least 2 divisions they will be at the front line soon many of these fighters will be from Northern Chechnya the RF considers the northern Chechens to be hardened fighters. Kiev has received a retaliatory response, three missiles sent into western Ukraine took down much of their power infrastructure Kiev experienced 18 hours of full black out.  

Zelensky’s regime is under extreme pressure his elite fighting forces are dwindling even though they are now forcibly recruiting women of fighting age. Ukrainian women can no longer depart the Ukraine the same conditions now apply to them as they do to the men.

For 2 days a group of Cossacks were surrounded by the Ukrainian/NATO forces in the Kherson region. They fought valiantly I lost five brothers in that fight our forces were able to reach them in time and push back the Ukrainians whom took huge losses. The RF commander pitied these Ukrainians allowing them time to gather their dead they spent 2 days collecting their fallen. The Polish hospitals are overflowing with injured and dying, the Polish locals are complaining that they can no longer access their own hospitals. In the last 24 hours our forces have taken back 5 kilometers of frontline in the north.

A dam on the Ingulets river was destroyed by the RF releasing stored water into the valley infested by the Ukrainian/NATO forces killing some of the forces and trapping a large portion of the residual which were destroyed shortly thereafter. Some of the militants crossing the river on pontoons drowned, turns out bullet proof vests aren’t the same as life jackets. In the meantime, the Ukrainians continue to drop bombs on Europe’s largest nuclear power station. China and Russia have united in destroying Western spy satellites, our S500 system are able to destroy low orbit satellites. 

The Americans are taking casualties the RF has taken down at least 10 of their instructors, multiple howitzers, one huge warehouse storing at least 3000 tons of NATO provided munitions (American tax dollars hard at work). I expect it won’t be long before they’ll be throwing rocks and insults in our direction.

Russia has stopped all hydrocarbon supply to Europe, with the exception of Hungry via Belarus and Romania whom has managed to hold on to its friendly country status. While all eyes were focused on the fight Russia quietly dismantled a portion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, this pipeline is now offline and no longer an option for the EU. In Germany the firewood has been bought out 2 years in advance locating trees suitable for firewood is becoming problematic.

The Pre-Baltic countries are feeling the effects of their ill-considered involvement. The transport corridors to these countries have been eliminated and they continue to scavenge the railroad selling the steel rail lines for scrap. The RF and Kazakhstan no longer supply Uranium to the US locating alternative sources will become problematic.

The Ukraine is in no position to protect Odessa, they simply do not have enough military. The RF is mobilizing 200,000 into the southern regions of the Ukraine. I expect we’ll take Nikolaevka followed by Odessa currently numerous naval ships are based off the coastline near Odessa.

In Mariupol Ukrofascists took 1000 civilians into the tunnels to use as a human shield and Russians buried alive in Lugansk

Cairns News Exclusive Ukraine Update 4

Three mercenaries, two British and one Moroccan were pronounced guilty by a DNR military tribunal.

The sentence was death by firing squad.

Another report from Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Upon the release of this news Polish border guards claimed more than 1000 mercenaries fled Ukraine in the first 14 hours.

Russian forces have decided Australian red beret corpses of those killed in action will no longer be transferred via red cross to their homeland. They will only be returned if a swap is offered. It is understood that some had served in the French foreign legion.

“We suspect that they may have been enticed by the offer of $2500 USD per every day spent within the Ukrainian territory,” Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko said through an interpreter.

“But conditions changed quickly and the money is for days fought and proof is required. If they are missing in action then they cannot claim their money.

“It is also notoriously difficult as they have no legal status for being in the war. The Ukrainian’s are suggesting the misunderstanding was due to poor translation.

“Previously we reported that the son of a House of Lords member was taken prisoner. His companion, another son of an MP attacked a Chechen reconnaissance team.

“It turns out they managed to kill a close personal friend of Lieutenant General Ramzan Kadyrov of the Chechen Russian Guard.

“Within a few days the Chechens caught up to the bulk of the mercenaries and 80% of them were killed but a few escaped.

“The English lord’s son managed to flee after the attack. Kadyrov has announced a vendetta upon the MP’s mercenary son.”

In Azovstal (city within a city) as was previously reported the RF suspected that others were still hiding below ground which was confirmed.   Many kilometres of reinforced tunnels large enough for trucks were found that the RF were unaware.

The area is under serious blanket security with all exit tunnel and tunnels leading to the sea have been blown up leaving only a few access points.

In one room filled with rotting corpses, it was noticed a door in the background had been recently sealed. “After opening the door four individuals were found within, apparently guarding sensitive material,” the Colonel said.

“These materials were collated and removed to DPR under armed escort.  There were enough supplies in the room to last the four months.

“I suspect the material that was recovered may be more proof that the US and their allies were preparing to infect Russia using biological methods,” Colonel Komiyenko said.

“While scouring the tunnels a dead NATO General was found with a bullet hole to the head. Perhaps he knew too much”

In the southern Donetsk region, the RF forces engaged the Ukrofascists forces in something akin to one-on-one combat. The Ukrainian forces comprised two tactical groups of roughly 2000 to 2500 fighters. The RF forces took some losses and pulled back; the Ukrainians followed.

At which time the RF struck in full force. The Ukrainian side was decimated. It is estimated that 10 percent of the original force was able to retreat. However, they retreated to a river where they dropped all weapons, many swam to the other side.

“The RF allowed the survivors to go free, some of the Ukrainians waved a thank you,” the Colonel said.

In another contact the Ukrofascists battalion called the Kraken, comprising two battalions each with roughly 650 people, lasted 7-8 hours (with a pause in between).

These battalions were decimated by 90%. At which point the Chechens moved into clean house. Then in another conflict the Ukrainian’s had six tactical units with 1200 per group which were decimated within two hours.

Colonel Komiyenko said a lack of fuel was seriously impeding Ukrofascist forces and it was only a matter of time before their transport ground to halt.

US Humvees have been sent to Ukraine forces

As finally reported in MSM, “Fuel supplies are becoming critical the Ukrainians are now taking fuel from other transports to fuel up by draining two pieces of equipment to fill one unit,” he said.

“In the last two weeks the RF have collected 2500 pieces of equipment such as transport and large weapons.

“Dedicated fields have been set aside for the storage of these items. When one transport is taken out, the remaining Ukrainians tend to drop their weapons and flee, particular when their transport is hit by artillery or air strikes.

“The Americans have provided hummers for their use, the interesting thing about the hummers is that they could be from an arid region as the windows are covered in plastic film(tinting).”

A thriving black market has emerged because of the large supply of American armaments to Ukraine and corrupt Ukranian officials have offered them for sale on the internet.

Consequently the US has said it is planning to undertake an audit of the weapons that have been supplied to the Ukrofascists, as it is impacting their global exports. The Emirates are being offered US made weapons at 80% discounts by Ukrainian traders.

 It has been suggested that in the next 2 to 3 months the price of oil may rocket up to USD$500 per barrel.  The Venezuelans have turned down selling oil to the US, French and the Germans. He pointed out the Emirate’s were in no position to sell either as their oil has been forward sold under long term contracts.

The RF noticed that there may not be enough Ukrainians left to fight but two days ago, the Polish government announced it is prepared to mobilise one million reservists when (President) Zelensky signed a document giving the Polish the legal right to enter the Ukraine and pick up arms against Russia.

“However, it is unclear how they plan to enter the Ukranian front because transport tunnels are sealed and the air space is controlled by the RF,” he said.

The RF had commenced using large long-range cannons firing 300kg missiles. In one shot it was able to level a drone control centre and in another hit a secret Ukrainian weapons storage facility

In Mariupol within the Azot industrial facility the Ukrofascists have taken 1000 civilians into the tunnels to use as a human shield.

In the same region the Ukrofascists had destroyed a large storage tank containing hydrochloric acid.

“The Ukrofascists committed another war crime of massive proportion which occurred in the Gastomil region west of Lugansk. It has been reported that 30 to 40 Russian POWs were buried alive,” he said.

“The RF fighters are being angered, even those wounded that are returning home for medical treatment are eager to return to continue the fight.

“The recent discovery by the RF was that the Ukrainians are using ceramic bullets like those used by the Americans in the Vietnam war.

“These have been totally banned by the Geneva Convention . These bullets when they hit the body they shatter, causing infection and a slow death.” #

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