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Military surveillance dirt boxes now in the hands of police

stingray-II surveillance

Military surveillance technology “Dirt Boxes” that can intercept data, calls and text messages from hundreds of mobile phones simultaneously, as well as jam transmissions from a device, according to documents obtained, are being used by USA Police and in the balance of probabilities Australian police.
stingray-2StingRay is a radio interception device when deployed forces mobile phones in a given area to connect to it instead of a legitimate communications tower. A computer attached to a StingRay allows investigators access to a trove of data from intercepted mobile phones, including call and messaging logs, geolocation data and handset information.

KingFish is a less-expensive, more-portable version of a StingRay. Some records indicate that while a StingRay is intended to be mounted in and controlled from a vehicle, a KingFish can be remotely controlled and even be worn by its user.

The StingRay and KingFish manufactured by Haris Corporation are sold as part of a larger surveillance kit which includes third-party software designed by Pen-Link, a company that makes programs for cellphone forensics, .and laptops by Dell and Panasonic.

Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Whistleblower like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden alerting us to government spooks spying on citizens that is a violation of the freeworld, now we have police services that are far from squeaky clean and unaccountable availing themselves of technology to spy without consequence.

With knowledge of person in Western Australia suspecting police were illegal spying on him and others set in place a network of sophisticated telecomunication traps to confirm or refute suspicions.  All 10 traps were sprung confirming illegal spying with a bonus find uncovering a compliant well known large national internet provider colluding information to WA Police that will be revealed from our source soon after the lines of red-herrings being planted by our source across Western Australia finds it no longer entertaining.

With enforcers illegally or legally harvesting people’s emails and SMS messages, information gathered will be legible unless encrypted. Today is the day to start encrypting?

How to secure you telecomunication

For messaging from PC,MAC, Tablet, or Smart-phones, the answer is a tidy high security free APP that is simple to use “wickr” (download )  that works like a personal sms platform encrypting automatically every transmission and leaves no meta file footprints. You can set it to hold messages from one minute to one week before shredding. It also can send pictures and files. 

Email encryption has until now been somewhat complicated for the average user. A Switzerland based email very high encrypting service called ProtonMail really has big brother locked out offering this service FREE, and again like Wickr it removes all metadata foot prints from transmissions. It is web-based (like Gmail and Hotmail but without any backdoor access to big brother) and capable of dealing with unencrypted mail or the option of sending encrypted mail to recipients that do not have protonmail service. There is a qualifying period to obtain an account that takes up to a month depending when server space becomes available –

Big Brother In Action


George Brandis Attorney General & Head Spook – Picture compliments of

With our Australian government, led by the Attorney General George Brandis, are introducing legislation for meta data retention by your internet service provider to hold for seven years, a process now abandoned by the rest of the world reflecting just how far out of touch our government is with spying techniques. These user friendly personal security tools for your email and messaging lock out big-brother along with any other prying eyes limiting the threat of identity theft.

Sending an email to anyone is like snail mailing a postcard, anyone can read it – sending an encrypted email is a locked box that only you and the recipient have the key to.

Law enforcers and security agencies have never had it this good since the incideous “Facebook & Twitter” were introduced to harvest millions of addicted users writings as they reveal everything daily saving governments $$$ in surveillance costs.

This picture shows how government agencies from anywhere syphon ALL telecommunication traffic into their databases to be assessed for WHAT?  – A very small percentage will be national security issues, the rest we would suggest is to protect their power base along with control of the people.

Internet Interception flow chart

Start using Wickr and register for ProtonMail today engaging family, business associates, plus friends to protect their personal space as you have done online.

There is a requirement for national security surveillance, there is no need for government mass harvesting citizens personal information, which does suggests flaws in their intelligence service or an agenda outside the security of the people.

“What do you think”

SOS-NEWS Investigation Team

Trust Me, You’re Not Weird

Reality TV show, Big Brother, recently returned to the small screen.

This time — after a four-year break — it appears on Channel Nine rather than Channel Ten.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the format, so I’ll explain it in brief…just in case you’ve been lucky enough to avoid this televisual abomination.

Earlier this year, more than 10,000 Australians applied to be a contestant on the show.

Most likely the application process involved writing a wacky letter and filming an even wackier video…to show the producers just how the applicant is outgoing, hopefully controversial, but most of all, conforming.

At the end of the process, the producers picked the winning applicants, who get to star on prime-time TV.

The reward? To be locked up with a bunch of other wacky funsters for an unspecified period of time. To wake up and go to bed when they’re told…to eat food what and when they’re told…and to do anything else demand by ‘Big Brother’.

Of course, it’s easy to say that Big Brother is just harmless fun. But it’s more than that. It also highlights a disturbing and growing trait among some people…

The desire to control and the willingness to be controlled.

Both are equally dangerous, because those who enjoy being controlled hate those who prefer individualism and freedom.

They hate choice. And because they submit to the controllers, they believe everyone else should submit too.

To them it’s only fair.

But the Big Brother applicants aren’t the only ones who enjoy oppression. But at least for them it’s voluntary. That’s not always the way in the real world…

It’s Not Weird to Want Freedom

Control and oppression is the whole game plan of statists and central planners. Their aim is to take power and money from your hands and put it in the hands of a godlike leader.

And if you speak out against it, they’ll say you’re weird. But what’s weird about not wanting the government to tell you what to do?

What’s weird about not wanting to live like a battery hen in government-approved housing? Or not wanting the government telling you what to eat, when to eat, and what healthcare you should have.

And perhaps most of all, there’s nothing weird about not wanting to join a group that punishes success and rewards failure.

Those things aren’t weird. It’s just striving for natural human rights…the right to self-determination.

But while freedom is a natural right for each person, it’s also the enemy of central planners and maniacal leaders.

Why? Well, unless these people deny you liberty, the godlike leader doesn’t have any power.

Someone can only have power over you if they deny you the same power. That’s how all hierarchies work.

Sacrificing Jobs for Power

Take the trade union movement. Unionists love controlling others. But those who join trades unions aren’t always voluntary members.

Try working on a building site without a union ticket…or most other blue-collar jobs. If you don’t want to join a union, then get ready for violence, vitriol, or even unemployment.

You’re either with them or you’re against them. Think about it. Why do trade unions rarely negotiate a pay cut in order to save jobs?

The answer is simple. If everyone keeps their job but gets a pay cut, all the employees will hate the boss and the union.

But, if the union can keep wages high for some of the workers by sacrificing a few jobs, there’s a different result. Then only those who lose their job will hate the union. Those who remain will still pay their union dues and will still fight for the union because they’ve kept their job.

It’s all about having power, keeping power, and gaining more power.

The union movement’s great claim to fame — superannuation — is a great example.

The unions always claim that they’re working to protect the workers…that they care about your job and about your retirement.

But it’s not true. The truth is that super was never about looking after union members. It was never about caring for workers’ retirement. It was and still is about power.

The unions sacrificed higher wages for their members in favour of super contributions for one simple reason…

When wages go in to the workers’ pocket, the worker can save or spend it as they wish. That’s just how it should be.

But, that’s no use for an organisation that wants to control people. So the best way the union movement could get more control was to follow the lesson of government…

Unions Use ‘Muscle’ to Get Your Money

The government taxes you so it can control your money and your life. The more you have, the less you need to rely on government. The union movement simply copied this. But they couldn’t call it a tax because unions don’t have the power to tax.

So they had to come up with a different way to control your money and your life — superannuation.

The union movement conspired with the government to take money from your pocket and put it into the control of the unions. Not directly of course, but indirectly, through union-owned industry super funds.

It was an inspired policy that would help the government and unions have even more control over the economy and you.

If you don’t believe me and think I’m talking baloney, then check this out. It’s all here in an article from the Sydney Morning Herald from 28 September, 1989:

 ‘The Treasurer, Mr Keating, has urged the trade union movement to use the billions of dollars generated by superannuation over the next 20 years to increase its own industrial clout.

‘Mr Keating told [trade union] Congress delegates that the development of union-run superannuation funds would give the union movement “institutional muscle” to supplement its already substantial industrial strength.

‘He suggested that the additional clout could prove a potent weapon against conservative administrations intent on eroding the power of the union movement.

‘In a “hostile political environment”, unions could flex their institutional muscle in the financial sector instead of simply “passing motions in the trades hall”, he said.’

You see, it’s all about power.

And the only way to get power is by taking your money and using it to control you.

Your Money to Get Further Out of Reach

In the past I’ve warned that one day the government will make you ‘an offer you can’t refuse’. That is, it will say that if you give up all the assets in your super fund you’ll qualify for a brand new Super Age Pension.

That you won’t have to worry about rising and falling stock markets, or the risk of investing. Instead, the government will care for you in retirement.

And it will do it with the help of another bunch of vested interests — the financial services industry.

As the Australian Financial Review reported this week:

‘The superannuation industry, economists and actuaries have urged the federal government to increase the age at which superannuation can be accessed, to avoid a $1 trillion short-fall in retirement savings.

‘The Institute of Actuaries, CAP Australia [CPA Australia? Ed] and the Financial Services Council say the gap between the superannuation “preservation age”, now 60, and the age pension age, now 65 should be narrowed. The Grattan Institute argues both ages should be increased to 70.

‘The Financial Services Council says the collective shortfall in savings for the working population that will live beyond average life expectancy now totals some $1 trillion.

‘The vast majority of workers have not saved enough money for the 20-plus years they may now spend in retirement, leaving successive federal governments open to an extreme financial burden, Financial Services Council chief executive John Brogden said:

“Every Australian should be encouraged to the best of their ability to become a self-funded retiree and take pressure off the government,” he said. The FSC says the age at which retirees can access their super should be raised from 60 to 62, in line with the increase in the age pension eligibility age from 65 to 67 that is due to come into force in 2023. That would decrease the so-called “longevity savings gap” of $1 trillion by $400 billion, Mr Brogden argued.’

So not only does the government force your employer to take money from your wages to deposit into an untouchable account, but now vested interests are trying to make sure you can’t get your hands on it until you’re 70 years old.

But what about the idea that the ‘vast majority of workers have not saved enough money’? That may have something to do with forcing people to buy things they don’t need, such as health insurance. Or maybe it’s because the government taxes away one-third of the average worker’s income.

Bottom line: whether it’s governments, lobby groups or trade unions, they’re all trying to increase their power…at your expense.

My aim is to help you by turning the tables on the central planners to get back the power they’ve taken from you.


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