Cardboard cut-out WEF clone and UK Prime Minister Ricky Sunak.

THIS is the face of the 2023 version of Orwell’s “Big Brother”, Ricky Sunak, Prime Minister of Great Britain. Sunak is not only a velvet glove fascist sending police to arrest citizens posting “malinformation”, he is a warmonger with his sights set on Russia.

Big Brother Ricky, a multi-millionaire money grubber member of the Conservative Party, is naturally a NATO stooge also. But he and his warmongering inner circle are in a tight spot because Warren Thornton, a former special forces man turned investigative journalist, blew up a stunt by Vlodymyr Zelensky and Justin Trudeau to get a Nazi veteran honoured by the Canadian Parliament.

US congressmen and senators have also stopped the latest round of funding for Ukraine. This might help explain the UK government’s extreme sensitivity about “disinformation” coming out of Ukraine to a well-connected ex-SAS soldier.

On the night of September 24th in the UK, when Thornton was discussing the war in Donbas on his Telegram channel with an eyewitness reporter, the UK police went to his house and arrested him under the 2020 Social Media Act for “spreading mal-information”. So Ricky and his goons were listening in.

Sunak, a characterless WEF graduate, tells us he’s defending “democracy” in Ukraine, when no such democracy exists there. And apart from elections, political freedoms are becoming a rarity in Great Britain, once considered the cradle of free speech, political rights and the historic rule of common and constitutional laws emerging from Magna Carta.

“We almost are in Great Britain, a Nazi state in terms of what the police can do to you,” Thornton told Alex Jones. He said he knew of other journalists in the UK who had similar experiences and some people had actually left the country to live in Russia.

On September 24th, other people listening in on Thornton’s interview said he suddenly disappeared from the conversation and efforts to contact him failed until the next day, when he called to say he’d been visited by police, who asked him to accompany them for questioning. He refused and was then arrested.

Thornton is not the first UK person to be investigated by UK police over “information crimes”. There have been a number since at least 2022, such as the case of Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox, whose alleged offence was posting a Progress Pride flag with a superimposed swastika.

Fox escaped prosecution but police confirmed they had been sent to his home to investigate the image shared online. Thornton also escaped prosecution but wants an apology from the police.

Thornton came on line a few days later to post a message saying his arrest was all about Trudeau hosting a “Ukrainian war hero” at the Canadian Parliament while Zelensky was visiting Canada for another huge handout after his failed US trip.

Yaroslav Hunka, 98, was hailed as “a Ukrainian-Canadian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians” and “a Ukrainian hero and a Canadian hero.” He was in fact a former member of the SS 14th Waffen Grenadiers, a notorious military grouping referred to by Himmler as “thugs”.

When this became public news, an outcry ensued and Trudeau was forced to “apologise” for the event while Zelensky scuttled back to his rat hole in the Ukraine, apparently with a $650 million cheque from Trudeau. Thornton says there is “no way” that Trudeau or his advisers would not have known Hunka’s background.

Thornton also said that Sunak and Grant Shapps, the UK Secretary of State for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (need we say more?) are doing the ground work for a much longer NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine.

According Greg Simons, an associate professor at Uppsala University, Sweden, propaganda is most effective when it’s simple and in this case the Canadian political leadership was using pathos, trying to stir up emotions and in the short term pathos always Trumps logos, or rational logic.

Speaking on Reality Check Radio with Paul Brennan, he said it was when “the heart gets going and the brain stops going and you can have things slide for a while and people will rejoice being screwed”. He also noted that the “apology” was not personally, but “for Canada” and the Speaker of the Parliament Anthony Rota, who resigned shortly after the incident.

“He’s created this collective guilt and he’s done what Pontius Pilate did and washes his hands of any individual responsibility,” said Simons. He went on to explain that Zelensky, despite Trudeau’s “little gift”, was now desperate, given that the US House and Senate stopped the latest round of funding to Ukraine, thanks to pressure from nearly half of the House Republicans.

Thornton has exposed a long list of crimes committed by the Ukrainian Azov Battalion Nazis against the people of Donetsk oblast (province) since the US State Department funded the color revolution overthrow of the pro-Russian Ukrainian government in 2014.