From Peter Campion

Cairns News readers will be well aware of the Yes camp’s nasty behaviour during Albo’s campaign to implement the globalists’ desired change to the Australian Constitution – the Australian people’s contract with our (corporate) federal government.

We’ve seen the name-calling by the Yes architects and the recent assaults committed by the Yes workers in Cooma. The spitting incident by an academic activist – a “professor” no less – was abhorrent and particularly vile given it came from the side that totally believed in the whole Covid plandemic.

The dirty tricks include Yes campaign posters that are suspiciously similar in colour to the AEC’s official signage – especially for the portion of the voting population who are colourblind. Here’s the story of my recent experience with these signs and the AEC officials at the Atherton, Queensland, pre-poll centre.

As I approached the pre-poll, the first thing I saw was a Yes campaign side adjacent to an AEC sign. I dug out my phone and photographed them.

To my colourblind eyes, it looked like the AEC was directing people to vote Yes so I sat in the shade, brought up the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 on my phone’s internet browser, downloaded it, and opened it at S329.

329  Misleading or deceptive publications etc.

             (1)  A person shall not, during the relevant period in relation to an election under this Act, print, publish or distribute, or cause, permit or authorize to be printed, published or distributed, any matter or thing that is likely to mislead or deceive an elector in relation to the casting of a vote.

Armed with the photo and the Act, I asked the AEC queue supervisor if I might speak to the AEC pre-poll supervisor. I then sat down with the pre-poll supervisor and outlined my concerns. She conducted some research in her manual and came up with a complaint form (Form number AECEF274, “Issues and miscellaneous matters”), but hesitated over how to word it. I asked her if it would be easier if I was to write a short statement myself – which is obviously the right of any person in an interaction with a government official – and she agreed.

I, Peter Campion, wish to complain about “Yes” campaign A-frame signs positioned outside the Atherton pre-poll voting centre at 11.30am on October 3, 2023, which to my colourblind eyes, look to be the same shade of purple as the AEC’s official signage and therefore appear to be in breach of Section 329(1) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. To my eyes, it looks like the AEC is supporting the “Yes” vote and is encouraging voters to vote “Yes”. I would like the AEC to take urgent action wherever these purple “Yes” signs appear to remove them on the basis they are deceptive and do breach the Act. Apparently the form of colour blindness I was born with affects up to a third of all men. P.S., This is a form of discrimination against sufferers of a (mild) disability.

The pre-poll supervisor attached my statement to her form and thanked me. I asked when I would hear back from the AEC and when action would be taken if it was deemed appropriate to do so. She replied that these forms are normally handed in the AEC HQ at the end of the voting period. I said that was fine, but I’ll ring the AEC’s HQ directly to request speedier action than that.

Outside, I was relating the experience to the “No” camp workers, so they could use that information if necessary, when I saw an AEC official photographing the signs. Before I headed back to my car the “Yes” camp workers were changing to a pale pink sign.