Migrants all aboard the gravy train

Lyndsey Symonds responds to immigration policy and housing crisis

This is not an immigration policy of the type that a sovereign nation would have in its national interest. This is a Diversity Import and quota dictate of Foreign Entities – and I think we have a pretty good idea of what those might be.

No. Not the US ZOG – which is subject to the same dicta and also the United [Communist] Nations Global Compact on Migration open borders policy.

The Australian corporate pretender / stooge government is flying the Diversity in by the planeload and sending a whole fleet of happy helpers, lawyers, social workers to the tarmac to get them signed up to the gravy train. And they will be cherry picking.

‘Death to the Infidel’ on the immigration form is just fine. Yes Mr Jihadi, we do have a Halal food tax on Dar Al-Harb. K-Factor alert! Some of the Cultural Enrichment has already raped two of the happy helpers in the All Genders toilet block?

No problem. There is someone on the Welcome Committee who can get those boys connected with their co-ethnics and gang members.

What could go wrong?