SAS soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan

Dr Dan Mealey, a former SAS doctor who served in Afghanistan, comments on the persecution of Ben Roberts-Smith VC.

Anyone who values our Defence Force members, knows how important it is for anyone who has served in our Special Forces (including those accused of war crimes and their accusers) to remain publicly anonymous. 

This is to protect them, and their families, against Islamist terrorist cells and their sympathisers when our soldiers return from the wars that you, the Australian voters, sent them to. 

Read below for an example of Christopher August Elliott and Wesley Morgan (both bound by Commonwealth law), who dangerously identified the names of Person 5, Person 35 (and others) as well as their, photos, rank, service records, CVs, current workplaces and where their wives and children live. 

“Treason comes to mind, and so does firing squad,” alluded Dr Mealey.

”Elliott’s and Morgan’s gratuitously spiteful outing of our service members and their families, was endorsed in further commentary by Nick McKenzie, illustrating that their motivations are not to pursue justice through proper justice channels.”

These men have demonstrated a consistent attack on justice itself, with a breathtaking silence coming from our comfortable ADF officers and civilian authorities. Their silence has become so loud now, that it amounts to endorsement. 

What exactly will it take for our Australian civilians to wake up and realise our Defence Force has been fundamentally destroyed by incompetent leadership?

Two failed war campaigns; a long line of multi-billion-dollar acquisitions failures; impotent military legal systems and redress of grievance processes; 37 independent Task-Forces, Reports,  Inquiries, and a major Federal Royal Commission into the neglect and abuse of our military service personnel (1,600 of whom are dead)… and now the failure of our ADF officers to protect their own soldiers’ and their families’ identities from post-war terrorist reprisal…  …the writing is on the wall for poor Australia.

To think so many of our ancestors died in wars to protect us from foreign ideologies and wars; all of us now being let down by the current generation of ADF leadership incompetence.